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Matching Socks with Suits? Here Are The Top Rules to Follow

Socks with Suit

The sky will always be blue, the grass will always be green and men will always look dapper wearing socks with suits. We don’t make the rules. It is what it is. Wearing a suit is a power move. The fit, the cloth, the silhouette, it all just exudes confidence.

You see a man in a suit, you listen to what he has to say. The trend of men wearing heels and skirts is all okay but, nothing beats a well tailored suit. Scratch that. Nothing beats a good pair of socks with suits. 

Socks With Suits – The Duo You Need To Pay Attention To

Most people think that wearing a suit is enough. That’s where they’re wrong. The way you style the suit is what will set you apart. One of the most important aspects when styling a suit is picking the right pair of socks. Now, what does that mean? 

Down below we have mentioned 4 points that you need to keep in mind when matching socks with suits. 

Material Matters 

One of the top things when it comes to socks and suits is the fabric they’re made of. For example, summertime is all about breezy linen or mixed cotton suits. Now, imagine you pair a suit of this material with woolen socks. Doesn’t really make sense, does it? 

As a rule of thumb, get into the habit of matching the material of your socks to that of your suit. This creates a smooth-flowing outfit perfect for each season. So, wool with wool and cotton with cotton, got it? 

No Show, Mid and Knee Length Socks 

The length of your socks will define the finesse of your outfit. If we talk about suit etiquette and the gold standard, then mid-calf socks are the way to go. The ideology behind long-length socks is that when you sit, your trousers tend to rise a few inches. By opting for midi-socks, your legs will remain covered, creating a clean and polished look.

If you’re looking for something a bit more casual like wearing loafers with shorts or suits with loafers and no socks, then ankle socks are great options. They create the illusion that you’re sock-less further adding to the whole, cool, laid-back look.

All in all, it’s best to pick socks that are more mid-length or knee-high-length when it comes to formal suits and shoes. 

Match Your Socks To Your Suit

Wearing a navy blue suit with fiery red socks sounds good on paper but oh boy, in reality, it goes against all laws of formal wear. When it comes to sophisticated and polished looks we want to focus on creating a more cohesive outfit. So; for example; if you’re planning on wearing a black suit, black socks are the perfect addition. 

If you can’t find socks of a similar tone to your suit then you can always find a pair that’s darker than your suit. What this will do is create a subtle demarcation without grabbing too much attention. Remember, you don’t want people to see the suit or the socks, you want them to see the outfit. 

The Fit of The Socks 

Slouchy worn-out socks are definitely not something you want to pair with suits. You need to invest in high-quality, slim-fitting socks. These are kind of like spandex but, for your feet. These socks are essential if you want that crisp-dapper look. 

The Different Styles Of Socks 

Figuring out how to wear socks with a suit can be a task but once you get the hang of it you’ll be giving out advice like it’s no one’s business. Our main focus when it comes to socks is on the pattern, fit, and most importantly color of the sock. We’ve already discussed the fit of the socks above so now we’ll focus solely on the different colors and patterns. 

Solid Color Dress Socks 

Solid Color Dress Socks 

A type so classic it can never go out of style. Standard colored plain dress socks are the sock of choice when it comes to formal occasions and formal shoes. Black, gray, and navy blue are the top three picks when it comes to color choices.  These colors work with most outfits and so you’ll get a lot of wear out of them.

In absolutely no circumstance are you to pair your suit with white socks. A no-socks suit is still okay but white, athletic socks are unwelcome to this sophisticated soiree of colors. If you’re thinking of wearing a tuxedo then black socks are the way to go. Similarly, blue and gray suits work best with blue and gray socks respectively. 

Once again when it comes to the color of your socks you want to wear matching socks with suits. This creates a beautiful flow between the trousers of the suit and the socks, eliminating any demarcation. 

If for some reason you can’t, for example, find the exact shade of navy color socks with a navy suit then you can always pick a shade darker. This will add a bit of dimension to the overall outfit without taking away any attention. 

Colorful/ Statement Socks 

Colorful/ Statement Socks 

If knowing how to match socks with suits isn’t your cup of tea then how about you opt for something a bit more fun? Thanks to the ever-changing world of fashion, colorful socks with suits are now a thing. 

You can wear striped, printed, and even brightly-colored socks with suits if you want to. They do, no doubt, take away from the whole sleek look of a suit but then again, they add a fun element to an otherwise dull outfit. 

If you’re wearing a suit to a birthday party or wedding then a striped pair of socks or a colorful pair can be something you can try out. However, if you plan on wearing a double monk strap outfit then it’s best that you stick to the standard solid colors. 

Want to add color to your outfit but without it being too out there? Easy. Just match your socks with the color of your accessories. Say you’re wearing a light pink tie with a blue suit. You can easily match your socks to the color of your tie. In this way, the colors will complement each other creating a put together outfit. 

Textured Socks 

Textured Socks 

This is last on our list since it doesn’t really go with the vibe of a suit. Textured socks come in different materials like denim, leather, and wool. They look cool and have a fun texture but they belong more in the street style category. 

These socks are a decent option if you’re looking to switch things up a bit or if you’re planning on sprucing up a basic outfit like black shoes with khakis

No Show Socks 

No Show Socks 

Suits are generally worn with mid-calf socks that cover up any visible skin. Moving past this general rule is the world of no-show socks. These are the smallest kind of socks available and they end below the ankle. This creates an illusion of you being barefoot or wearing a no-socks suit. 

To pull off this look, you first need to have extremely well-crafted trousers. Next, you need to pick a more casual style of shoes like loafers. To complete the look, opt for an open collar, devoid of a tie. All of these details play a role in emphasizing the laid-back nature of the outfit. 

FAQs – Socks with Suits

What Color Should Socks Match?

Socks should match the background of your suit to create a dapper, cohesive look. If not the exact shade, then at least choose a shade darker than the suit to create dimension. 

What Are You Supposed to Match Your Socks With?

You should match the color of your socks to the color of your suit. Alternatively, you can match the color of your socks to the color of your accessories. This will create a flattering outfit.

Conclusion – Socks And Suits A Power Duo 

Whether you’re thinking about how to style combat boots or a suit with oxfords, the pair of socks you choose will play a significant role in the success of your outfit. The way you present yourself says a lot about you. A suit demands attention while a well-styled one deserves it.

This article covers all that you need to know about styling suits with socks. We hope that these guidelines help you kill the fashion game. So what are you waiting for? Suit up! 

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