The 8 Best Aviator Jackets for Men

best aviator leather jackets men

Apparels have always been inspired by major events, famous people, celebrities, places, and sometimes throughout history. Like most modern men’s clothing items are derived from the classic times of war, Aviator Jackets are also a product of that age.

Fashion can come from any origin and can be made to say a lot without words. You can reflect your style and dignity to the world. That’s why class apparels are always taken into account before we can own it wholeheartedly.

Many of the modern outfits we see today in our closets and society were originally designed during the war times. Aviator Jackets were originally crafted in 1917 by the US Army for military pilots to keep them warm during the war.

A raised warm collar, tightened cuffs, and closed waistband were the prominent features of the aviator leather jackets. Later on, it got shaped into more fashionable ways and trendy looks and eventually became an essential part of the man’s wardrobe.

We see Flight Jackets being worn as a regular fashion item by men with pleasure. This garment is surely a favorite piece of many.

Best Flight Jacket

Due to its history and the primary reason, these Aviator Jackets were called flight jackets.

The flight jacket’s earliest layout and design was the stitching of wool in a leather enclosure’s insides. A lambskin aviator Jacket or can be made with sheepskin and fur too.

Tights cuffs and waist hem to fence up the warmth inside the garment. A high neckline made of wool collar further enhanced the heat and protected the wearer from the cold. It would cover most of the exposed skin from down the ears and neck.

There was also a zip line in the front of the jacket that added up in increased torridity. All these features of the aviator jacket made it the perfect attire for the cold weather.

Now, a more popular name for Flight Jacket is Bomber Jacket.

This classic age Jacket has a long, exciting history, and with the advancement of time and trends, this piece of garment has evolved into newer styles.

Attaining a modern look, it has notably become a regular fashion item for men’s casual wear. Over time, they have groomed themselves in the hands of creative craftsmen.

Speaking of craftsmanship, we at The Jacket Maker have ingeniously put together some of the finest raw materials to produce elegant pieces of apparel that speak of their signature style and quality themselves.

Our proficiency is evident from the products that we formulate with utmost value and prestige.

What are the Aviator Jackets?

A piece of winter apparel usually made with sheep or lamb-skin leather for the outer shell and finely tailored with wool or fur.
They were initially known as Flight Jackets or Pilot Jackets made by the US Army Aviation Clothing Brand in 1917.

It is primarily produced for pilots who were to take immense heightened flights in their fighter jets uninsulated. The warring area was exposed to open, harsh winters and, gliding through the highest clouds and above was a very strenuous task.

The open cockpits of those fighter jets in the time of bad weather and war made it necessary for the pilots to equip themselves with warm clothing that will keep them thawed all the way.

Now, these predominantly crafted clothing pieces have found their place in every men’s wardrobe. They are considered a must for formal outerwear and casual street style.

Our catalog is filled with innovatively designed articles for collecting the men’s best aviator leather jackets from which you can choose depending upon your style.

We believe in variety and that there’s something for everyone.

Here is a Complied List of Top 8 Best Aviator Leather Jackets

1. Aaron Brown Leather Bomber Jacket

Aaron Brown Leather Bomber Jacket

This jacket is undoubtedly among the best aviator leather jacket for men’s choice. Its outer covering is made up of real goatskin leather and internally manufactured with a quilted viscose lining. The high neckline closing with a zipper keeps the warmth of the body entirely sustained inside. The garment comes with a great feature of 2 pockets inside while 4 on the outside: frontal breast pockets and side ones. The quality of the goatskin is unmatched as it is 100% real in the making. It gives a lasting impression of aviator bomber Jacket.

2. Bomia Ma-1 Black Leather Bomber Jacket

The clean snuffed finishing of pure sheepskin real leather has shaped the jacket with heavy mastery. The work of graceful stitching of polyester lining adds a quality enhancement. The front is enclosed with a zipper. The Bomia Ma-1 Black Leather Bomber Jacket has 5 pockets, two of which are present in the inside of the shell.

3. Arigin G-1 Brown Leather Bomber Jacket

If you are a “fur fan,” then it is truly a remarkable piece presented to you. The gorgeously crafted fur and leather have given the jacket a distinctive blend of beauty. The outer covering design is made with real sheepskin and masterly finished with a smooth polyester lining. Different color options and fur makes it the best leather jacket. Multiple pockets are present on the outside of the jacket as well as on the inside. Unquestionably, this is one of the best aviator leather jackets for men to enhance grace this season.

4. Hanklin Ma-1 Green Hooded Bomber Jacket

Fashioned with high-quality nylon and fancied with zip lining, the Ma-1 Flight Jacket is sure to attract not only yours but everyone’s attention. Its branded cuffs style has given it a nice creative look, and it will also serve to preserve the warmness inside. The Jacket will not just keep you cozy but will make you look more fashionable and trendy too.

5. Francis B-3 Black and White Leather Bomber Jacket

When leather shows around with fur, you know it’s some excellent artwork in play. Crafted with real sheepskin leather for the shell and lined with a fully faux fur lining, the francis b-3 black & white leather bomber jacket is fabricated with beauty and interest and numbered in the men’s best aviator jacket to become a definite favorite winter garment. A buckled collar to keep you warmed up, a zip liner in front, and waist adjustment straps to tighten the hem as needed.

6. Bomia Ma-1 Blue Leather Bomber Jacket

The Bomia Ma-1 Blue Leather Bomber Jacket charming Apparel item has been produced using real sheepskin leather and forged proficiently with efficiently quilted polyester lining. The semi-aniline leather finishing has given a beautiful and decent look, perfect for casual and formal wear. It has two inside pockets while three are present outside.

7. Coffmen Olive Brown Leather Bomber Jacket

A blend of quality material and branded manufacturing, The Coffmen Olive Brown Men’s Leather Bomber Jacket made with real sheepskin leather, making it one of the Best aviator Jackets. It is finished with a burnish that has given it a nice glare. The style is enhanced by the neat viscose lining that goes in the framework. And it is available in multiple colors. An incredible total of 6 pockets; 2 inside the Jacket shell and 4 outside the hem

8. Eaton Black Suede Bomber Jacket

Made of goatskin leather with a smooth suede finish and lined polyester, the Eaton Black Suede Bomber Jacket has 4 pockets with a button styled closure. Get ready for leveling up your style game with this trendy piece of clothing. It’s knit-rib collar and cuffs style sustains warmth around the body with a decently fashioned design.

Styling Ideas

Aviator Jackets can adhere well with denim, dress shirts, and casual T-shirts too. As they were initially made for fighter pilots, these jackets could be accompanied by varied styles and techniques. It’s better when you don’t have a lot of rules to follow.

You can also pair it up with jeans or pants and finely polished shoes. Whichever jacket style you choose, be sure to keep the rest of your outfit more straightforward and minimalistic. This will help you avoid looking too loaded up.

Concluding Our Thoughts

Now that you know the specifications of the Best Aviator Leather Jackets for men, you can embrace the one that suits your manner. Not only are these jackets extraordinarily comfy and warm, but aviator or bomber jackets are also great for casual wear around town, for events, outings, and street style. Inspired from the classic times of world war, this piece of apparel holds history, master craft, and elegant design in itself. This outerwear piece is definite to help you make a strong and impressive image in terms of design and quality anywhere.


1. What are pilot Jackets called?

Pilots Jackets were initially designed for the Pilots of American fighter jets during World War 1 by the US Army Aviation in 1917. The pilots had to take immense heightened flights in their uninsulated jets. Their jackets were called Pilot Jackets or Flight Jackets. Pilot Jacket men’s are the modern-day Bomber or flight jacket.

2. How do I clean my Leather Bomber jacket?

Don’t throw it in your home washing machine or spinner. That will damage the leather or the shell’s quality. Always have it cleaned by a dry cleaner. In that way, it protects the jacket from getting damaged or spoiled.

3. What’s the best way to store the Bomber jacket?

Hang the jacket on a clothing hanger to protect the leather covering from any spoilage. Leather gets flawed if bent sharply or stored in a compressed state. Don’t stretch or fold acutely.