Clothes are always inspired by major events, famous people, celebrities, and places. And like most modern men’s clothing items, aviator jackets are also the product of the War. Also known as flight and bomber jacket, aviator jacket was originally crafted in 1917 by the US Army for military pilots to keep them warm during the war.

You can identify aviator jackets through the raised warm collar, tightened cuffs, and closed waistband. The original leather flight jacket has now transformed itself into a trendy and essential part of a man’s wardrobe. The military aviator jacket is now worn casually due to its effortless charm and wearability. 

Stylish and Functional Outerwear

There are many different types of aviator jackets that you can wear. Call it flight, bomber, or aviator jackets, they are easy to style and great for both smart casual and street style

1. Aaron Brown Leather Bomber Jacket

Aaron Brown Leather Bomber Jacket

The outer layer is made of real goatskin with internal manufacturing done via quilted viscose lining for elevated breathability and softness. This flight jacket has a high neckline closing along with a zipper that ensures warmth and insulation. The aviator jacket has two pockets on the inside and four on the outside including frontal chest and side pockets. 

2. Ma-1 Aviator Leather Jacket 

Ma-1 Aviator Leather Jacket 

Made with real sheepskin, the Bomia Ma-1 Black Leather Bomber Jacket has a semi-aniline finish along with graceful stitching and quilted viscose lining. With a frontal zipper and a total of five pockets, the ma1 bomber jacket has a lot of room and storage. Sheepskin gives the jacket a matte finish along with smooth texture and increased breathability. 

3. G-1 Flight Jacket

G-1 Flight Jacket

Made with sheepskin leather, this jacket is lined with polyester and has a semi-aniline finish. The unique facet of this jacket is its beautiful shirt-like collar with removable fur. It complements the brown color but there are options for black and white as well. Elevate your fashion game with this highly flexible and gorgeous flight jacket. 

4. Ma-1 Military Flight Jacket with a Hood

Ma-1 Military Flight Jacket with a Hood

Available in four shades, the Hanklin Ma-1 hooded bomber jacket is made from nylon with a rib knit collar and removable nylon hood. There is also a frontal zipper to maintain warmth and provide high insulation. The cuff style is a praise-worthy job done by designers. The color green is a definite hit and is sure to catch the attention of anybody in your presence. 

5. B-3 Flight Jacket

B-3 Flight Jacket

One of the best men’s sheepskin jackets lined with a fully faux fur lining, the Francis b-3 black & white leather bomber jacket is fabricated with beauty and interest and numbered in the men’s best aviator jacket to become a definite favorite winter garment. A buckled collar to keep you warmed up, a zip liner in front, and waist adjustment straps to tighten the hem as needed. The addition of faux fur lining is simply exquisite. 

6. Bomia Ma-1 Blue Leather Bomber Jacket

 Bomia Ma-1 Blue Leather Bomber Jacket

This charming apparel is made using real sheepskin leather and forged proficiently with quilted polyester lining. The semi-aniline leather finishing has given a beautiful and decent look, perfect for casual and formal wear. It has two inside pockets while three are present outside. The rib-knit collar and cuffs give off an understated look that redefines its rugged look with simplicity. 

7. WW2 Olive Brown Leather Bomber Jacket

WW2 Olive Brown Leather Bomber Jacket

A blend of quality material and branded manufacturing, The Coffmen Olive Brown Men’s Leather Bomber Jacket is made with real sheepskin leather, making it one of the best aviator Jackets. It is finished with a burnish that has added a nice glare to it. The style is enhanced by the neat viscose lining that goes in the framework. And it is available in multiple colors. An incredible total of 6 pockets; 2 inside the Jacket shell and 4 outside the hem.

Evolution of Military Aviator Jackets

The silhouette and design of the aviator jackets have evolved over the years. Initially, aviator or flight jackets had tights cuffs and waist hem to fence up the warmth inside the garment. A high neckline made of wool collar further enhanced the heat and protected the wearer from the cold. 

There was also a zip line in the front of the jacket that added up to increased torridity. All these features of the aviator jacket made it the perfect attire for the cold weather.

Now, a more popular name for Flight Jacket is Bomber Jacket. A much more trendy and modernized version of the aviator jacket. 

Speaking of which, we at The Jacket Maker have ingeniously put together some of the finest raw materials to produce elegant pieces of apparel that speak of their signature style and quality themselves. 

Whether you’re looking for a2 leather jackets or an aviator jackets with fur  — The Jacket Maker has an option available for you. We hope you liked our best flight jacket list which includes g1 flight jacket, ma-1 flight jacket, and many others inspired by WW2 bomber jackets. 

Styling Ideas

Aviator Jackets can adhere well with denim, dress shirts, and casual T-shirts too. As they were initially made for fighter pilots, these jackets could be accompanied by varied styles and techniques. It’s better when you don’t have a lot of rules to follow.

You can also pair it up with jeans or pants and finely polished shoes. Whichever jacket style you choose, be sure to keep the rest of your outfit more straightforward and minimalistic. This will help you avoid looking too loaded up.


Why Did Pilots Wear Leather Jackets?

In WWII, pilots used to fly less advanced airplanes in comparison to modern-day technology. To reduce difficulty in high-altitude areas, the Royal Flying Corps in Belgium and France began wearing leather jackets as they were considered to be the heaviest material at the time. 

Do Air Force Pilots Wear Leather Jackets?

Under normal circumstances, Air Force Pilots have now switched to MA-1 nylon or nomex style jackets, sometimes even fleece. However, whenever they are posted in extremely cold weather conditions, they change the gear and wear the usual A-2 brown leather flight jackets. 

Are Aviator Jackets Still In Fashion?

Yes, aviator or bomber jackets are and will most likely always be in fashion. They were initially used by pilots in the War to combat extreme weather conditions. However, it became a full-blown trend after many Hollywood names wore the jacket in their movies. It is easy to wear and comfortable also. Despite having high functionality, these jackets are incredibly gorgeous to look at and paired opposite many different styles of outfits. 

How Do You Wear A Black Aviator Jacket?

It’s easy to wear a black aviator jacket. For example, you can keep it simple and laid-back by pairing it with a white or grey polo shirt and dark blue jeans. You can also wear it with an all-black outfit while maintaining the essence of a smart look. 

In Conclusion

There you have it — the 7 best aviator jackets by The Jacket Maker. As we said, they vary in style; some have a removable hood while some have fur, and the color range is also fantastic.