Brown Outfit Ideas That Will Dominate 2022

woman wearing a light brown coat

Stylish women with a knack for fashion do’s and don’ts are very specific about the color of their outfits. It is a known fact that the colors of your clothes exhibit your personality. Also, not every color is meant for everybody, unless you know how to carry it with flair. 

Gone are the days when people avoided wearing shades of brown. Nowadays, Instagram feeds of popular celebrities and fashion influencers are flooded with trendy brown outfits. Nor Is it unusual to find alluring outfits in this color on the fashion runways.

Brown is definitely in vogue for the year 2021!

The Color Brown Stands For…

Whatever shade of brown you opt to wear, it will give off a warm, decent appearance. Women with an honest personality and a steadfast nature should go for brown as it perfectly portrays their true self. Brown is suitable for someone with a trustworthy, upright identity. 

One more significance of this color is that you can wear it all year round.

Bonus Tip: Wear a dark shade of brown to an important interview as it gives off a sense of reliability and approachability!

What Colors Look Good With Brown Clothing?

You can pair all hues of brown with almost any color, given you pay attention to the overall silhouette. Choose the fit and flow of the clothing essential according to your body type. Below we have laid down the basic ideas of what colors you can use to build a classy brown outfit.

Combining Two Shades of Brown

The Monochrome look with brown is something you can never fail to pull off. As the color has varying shades, from chocolate brown to the lightest tortilla shade, you can make appealing combinations.

You can choose a chestnut jumpsuit and layer a caramel coat over it, or you can opt for a dark mocha top over light brown palazzos. 

Coffee colored skirt with a tan cropped top creates a bold and chic outfit. Whatever shades you choose to pair, use black accessories to pull off an elegant look. 

Layering Colored Jackets Over Brown Outfits

A great idea is to pair different colors of jackets over simple brown outfits to add an eye-pleasing contrast. Black, beige, burgundy, and navy blue jackets make an appealing contrast with lighter shades of brown. Whereas pastel-shaded jackets go well with outfits in darker shades of brown. 

Layering Solid Color Outfits With Brown Jackets

To create some feisty looks, go for Fuschia, mint, yellow, or orange shaded clothing with brown leather jackets. These outfits look quite peppy and are perfect for occasions where you want to give off spunky vibes. Depending upon the season, you can choose to wear leather jackets or jackets made with denim, suede, or polyester.

Go for a turquoise pencil dress and layer a slim-fit brown blazer over it for a glamorous look.


White and black aren’t the only options that can make a decent contrast with brown. You can also go for a tan, olive, beige, cream, or even gold shades to build graceful neutral outfits. Some grey hues also work well with brown.

Brown Outfit Ideas to Bring Out the Glamorous Diva in You

Below are some outfit inspirations for the true fashionista who loves brown!

Brown Denim Jacket Outfit for a Chic Casual Look

For a relaxed weekend look, choose a brown denim jacket over a pink henley shirt and white jeans. Not only does this combination provide optimum comfort, but you can also dress it up or down by adding some stylish accessories such as ankle boots, a belt, a chained shoulder bag, or even a knitted scarf

The denim jacket is the perfect finishing touch for several casual outfits. If you choose it in brown color, it adds to the versatility. 

A casual look with a brown denim jacket and white jeans.

How to Wear a Brown Blazer to Build an Alluring Formal Outfit? 

When we talk about the most trendy outerwear for women, the versatile blazer cannot be forgotten. A brown blazer will come in handy for your corporate or business look. 

For instance, have a look at this double-breasted, blazer pant outfit.  It helps you create an office-ready look with minimum effort. It works with the slick black formal pants and white blouse perfectly. 

Throw in a black handbag and a stylish pair of shades to the mix, and a stunning formal look will be created!

woman wearing a black and white outfit with a brown plaid blazer

Aesthetic Brown Outfit Idea for a Captivating Smart Casual Look

Embrace the smart-casual looks with a catchy outfit featuring a classy brown women’s leather coats. Long trench coats are a great choice for women who wear plus sizes as it makes one appear leaner as well as tall. 

Black slim-fit jeans and a black sweater are the ideal choices for this outfit to create a catchy look. A pair of leopard print heels and a slick black handbag will add a nice finishing touch to this outfit.

woman wearing a brown trench coat and leopard print heels

Another idea for a smart casual look is to pair a brown pencil skirt with a beige top and black blazer. Complete this stylish look with a pair of long black boots.

Brown Outfit Idea for a Stylish Streetwear Look

The brown leather jacket is considered one of the streetwear staples, so we cannot go without mentioning a Street style outfit featuring one. A highly trending street look is pairing an all-black outfit with a well-fitting brown jacket. Go for a women’s biker or racer jacket for this look.

Depending on your personal style, you can go for a feisty look with a cropped top, ripped jeans, and chunky jewelry, or build a minimalist look by opting for slim-fit jeans and a plain black t-shirt. Do not forget to wear your shades to finish off the look with finesse.

streetwear outfit for women with a brown leather jacket

Brown Suede Jacket Outfit for the Perfect Spring Look

Spring outfits are all about vivid hues, prints, and flowy fabrics. You can wisely incorporate brown in spring outfits by using brown outerwear staples over your stylish outfits.

The outfit suggestion below features a beautiful printed dress in deep shades. You can use a jacket made with suede leather to layer this type of dress to protect yourself from the moderately cold weather of spring.

Delicate jewelry is the most suitable accessory for outfits like these, so go for a beautiful pendant in a chain and drop earrings.

floral print dress with a brown suede jacket for women

Another spring outfit idea is to team up a pleated brown skirt and a white ruffled blouse to create a girl-next-door look. Match a pair of nude heels with this outfit.

Brown Outfit Idea for a Flawless Summer Look

Who says the color brown is only good for cold months? Take a look at this outfit below. A lightweight, loose sweatshirt in deep mocha color looks great when paired with a chequered brown skirt. It is a prime example of a minimalist outfit that exudes style.This outfit is a practical option for women with petite frames as the loose sweatshirt and short skirt suit such body types. 

brown chequered skirt with a full sleeved sweatshirt

If the weather is too hot, go for a light brown button-down shirt with blue jeans for a cool, casual appearance.

Brown Outfit Suggestion for a Fabulous Fall Look

Next up, is a fall outfit inspiration, including the color brown in a stylish way. For instance, you can go for a black flared skirt and a short grey blouse with a cropped leather jacket in a brown color. This figure-flattering combo works great when you wear it in the chilly weather. 

Go for a long-neck chain, black wristwatch, and brown strappy heels to take this outfit even higher on the style meter.

girl wearing a short black skirt and a brown cropped leather jacket

Brown Leather Dress For a Stunning Winter Look

Winter is the perfect time to add brown clothing essentials to your outfit. It gives off the warmth and comfort much needed for the harsh cold. All top clothing brands have a wide collection of brown outfits in their winter collection so that you can choose from a diverse variety of clothing in varying shades of brown. This brown leather coat with a fur collar is a hybrid between a fur coat and a long trench coat. Without adding any other form of clothing, you can pull off this outfit gracefully just by adding minimal accessories.

brown leather trench coat for women with a fur collar

A Brown sherpa jacket is also a popular choice for women. You can wear a black jumpsuit and put on a voguish sherpa jacket over it. Opt for a pair of black pumps to complete this fashionable look.

Playing with Prints and Brown Hues

Contemporary fashion bloggers are often seen wearing different prints and pairing them with brown. This shows that brown works well with most prints. 

You can safely pair brown clothing essentials with animal prints such as snakeskin, leopard print, or tiger print. Or, you can wear dresses and tops in paisley and floral prints, and wear brown accessories with them. Prints like chevron, plaid, or houndstooth also look quite attractive with light and dark brown shades.

The Versatility of Brown Accessories

Brown accessories are a versatile option, especially if you want to build a capsule wardrobe. Not only are brown handbags extremely useful, but brown shoes, belts, and scarves also pair very well with outfits in neutral and solid colors.

You can also add brown shades to your collection and get your hands on unique brown accessories such as champagne-colored bracelets, brown leather strap watches, or brown hats. These accessories will come in handy when you are in doubt about what to match with an outfit. 

Do’s and Don’ts of Building Brown Outfit

  • It is best to avoid too many colors when layering a brown outfit.
  • A Black and brown combo is perfectly acceptable, but avoid using too much black.
  • Never wear a black belt over a brown outfit.
  • Blue denim (both dark and faded) works very well with brown tops.
  • Shimmery makeup looks appealing with brown outfits, but make sure you keep it light.


What Colors Match With Brown Clothes for Ladies?

You can choose pastels shades of pink, green, blue, yellow, and grey with brown clothes. If you love solid colors, green, yellow, orange, or Fuschia are the best colors that you can use along with brown. Or, when in doubt, opt for safe, neutral shades like beige, black, white, or dull gold.

What to Wear With a Dark Brown Skirt?

We suggest you go for a white button-down shirt or a white chiffon blouse with a dark brown skirt for a graceful look. You can also go for light-shaded tops and blouses made with flowy fabrics.

Can You Wear a Brown Shirt With Black Shoes?

Yes, you can. Black shoes go well with every outfit. And so is the case with a brown shirt. Make sure to go with a lighter shade of brown for pants.

Can You Wear a Brown Leather Jacket with Black Shoes? 

A brown leather jacket is a highly versatile staple, giving you the freedom to match it with any color. Black shoes are definitely a good choice if your outfit features a brown leather jacket. 

Can You Wear Brown Boots With Black Dress?

For a captivating, sophisticated look, brown boots pair well with a bold black dress. The look is perfect for the 2021 fashionista who wants to portray herself as a gorgeous diva. You can opt for any length of boots, such as knee-length boots or ankle boots. 


Brown outfits have the perfect tendency to make you look fabulous, whether it is a laid-back look or the currently raging smart casual look. Either go with our suggestions mentioned above or opt for unique combinations to create a personal style with the color brown. Needless to say, you can elevate any look by choosing accessories wisely.

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