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Here Are 5 Pants for 5 Different Body Types [Guide]

types of pants for women

There are different types of pants to suit every female body shape and type; understanding your body proportions is the key to acing your style and everyday outfits. We’re all guilty of having hundreds of boards and pins saved on Pinterest serving as inspiration to style different types of pants for women; paired with leather jackets, blazers and multitudes of shirts

However, the clothes you see models wearing on the streets and social media may not be ideal for your body. The best way to understand this philosophy is to know that you must dress for your body type, not against it. Hence, selecting garments that flatter your body is crucial and the fashion gospel that will make your look polished and immaculate at all times. It may be difficult at first but easy sailing once you grasp the basics. 

Dressing For Different Body Types

Dressing For Different Body Types

The rule of thumb to dressing for your body type is to stop judging it. Make peace with the knowledge that the genetics and skeletal structures are behind your body type. Of course, you may modify the shape of your body by changing your exercise regime and balancing your hormone levels, but the actual shape isn’t something you can alter or change. 

Here’s what you can do: Dress for your body type by understanding your body. Take measurements of your shoulder, waist, bust and wait. Once you have the information, you can pick out clothes that compliment your body type. It is especially difficult to find pants that don’t make you look out of shape and bulky. In fact, choosing the wrong type of pants can even make you look short and stubby. 

There are different types of pants for women — bootcut, straight legged, boyfriend jeans, mom jeans, sweatpants, ripped jeans, and a bunch of other jeans that keep coming in and out of style — and not all of them are a perfect fit for your body type. Finding the right fit is what will eventually help you look your best. In this article, we will be dissecting the different types of pants for the top most common body types of women. 

Pear Shape Body Type

Pear Shape Body Type

Pear shaped or triangular shaped body is of someone who has a considerably wider lower half and a narrow upper body. In order to dress elegantly for this body type, you must emphasize and draw attention to your upper body. If you have fuller hips and narrow shoulders, select boat necklines and brighter colors and prints to wear on your upper half. It’s best to avoid long shirts or cropped tops. 

As for the bottoms, take a firm look at the details while choosing pants for this body type. Go for mid and high rise pants as they accentuate the waistline and make it appear slimmer. You must also avoid too much embroidery or detailing on pockets; flat pockets are your best friends as they deviate the spotlight by flattening the entire area. The best pants for pear shaped bodies are bootcut and straight legged pants, ideally in darker colors and shades. They flatter the curves and add length to your legs. 

Hourglass Body Type

Hourglass Body Type

The hourglass body is the one that is propionate from hips and shoulder with a waist that is tiny and well-defined. The best way to dress for this body type is to accentuate your waistline and highlight the slimmest part of your body. Despite being equal from hips and shoulders, many find that this one is a particularly busty figure. What you can do here is avoid wearing turtlenecks or any other tops with high necks and instead opt for boatneck. In addition, avoid wearing baggy clothes as they could give you a knobby appearance. 

As for the pants, choose pants without pockets or at least the ones with angled pockets as they work in your favor by flattering your body. The next important aspect of pants is selecting the one with the right fit and shape from the legs. For example, opt for pants that accentuate your waistline; high waisted jeans with belts and thicker waistbands will highlight your small waist. The good news is that women with hourglass bodies can wear all types of pants, but it’s the wide-leg and straight leg pants that bring out the best in them. Not only do they add height to your build but also make your legs look more toned and thin. 

Apple Shaped Body Type

Apple Shaped Body Type

Also known as the round body type, the apple shaped body has a larger upper half with great legs but poorly defined hips and waistline. A common misconception that people with this body type live by is that they choose baggy and oversized clothes. The basic principle that can change their fashion game is by avoiding embellishments or untailored outerwear. 

Include bomber and biker jackets that are tailored according to your measurements; fitting is crucial, not too tight and not a size over. As for bottoms, go for pencil skirts and straight leg jeans as they will define your waist and make your legs appear taller and more defined. Furthermore, a mid rise or high rise will give the illusion of a more balanced body and shape. 

Rectangle Body Type

Rectangle Body Type

The rectangular body type is the one where you have an equal size of shoulders and hips, however, your waistline is not well-defined. To dress for this athletic body type, you should play around with belts as they will draw attention to your waistline and reduce the rectangular shape of the body. Furthermore, choose clothes that are body-hugging as they will accentuate your curves. As a matter of fact, even loose fitting pants are your best friends. 

Go for mid-rise jeans with belted jackets and softer fabrics. Try pleated pants or plants with lines on them as they will put the spotlight on your slim waist and make you appear leaner and taller. 

Inverted Triangle Body Type

Inverted Triangle Body Type

People with an inverted triangular body type have a larger upper half with smaller waist and hips. What this means is that you need to add shape and structure to your bottom half. And it goes without saying that you must avoid boat necks, straps or big patterned tops. On the contrary, select pants that add muscle to the lower half of your body. Wearing wide-leg pants and skirts are highly recommended. Boyfriend jeans are also ideal for this particular body type. 

What Are The Different Types Of Pants For Women?

There are many different types of pants for women. All of the pants are defined by their material, silhouettes and cuts. There are pants that are tight at the bottom and there are pants that are tight from the top and some even in the middle. Pants are differentiated on the basis of their rises: mid, high and low rise jeans. 

And when it comes down to design and styling, you have bootcut, ripped, skinny, straight leg and wide leg pants. There are sweatpants, plaid pants, pleated pants, cargo pants, and whatnot. The trend that is currently buzzing includes mom jeans and boyfriend jeans because of their effortless functionality and chic style. You can go ahead with basic black jeans or a black faux leather pants — depending on formality, occasion and personal preference. 


What Types Of Pants To Wear With Boat Shoes For Women?

Go for ankle length skinny jeans to wear with boat shoes. Add a white blazer or any other casual outerwear to give your look a proper finish. 

What Are Loose Pants Called?

There are many names for loose pants; from sailor to flared and wide leg pants, you can go for whatever name you find easy to recall. Those pants were actually really popular at the time and can be paired with different types of tops and jackets. 

What Are Baggy Pants Called?

Mom jeans and boyfriend jeans are often labeled as baggy pants because of their effortless and loose cuts. But the main purpose of baggy pants is to improve mobility without making it seem too oversized and saggy. 

Do Wide-Leg Pants Make You Look Fatter?

If someone with a round body wears wide leg pants, it might make them appear heavier than they are. However, if someone with a rectangular or inverted triangular body wears the same wide leg pants, they will look taller and leaner. 

What Body Type Do Mom Jeans Look Good On?

The versatility of mom jeans is that all body types and shapes look great on them. However, it’s best if people with a round shaped body avoid it. 

What Body Type Looks Good In Wide-Leg Pants?

Wide leg pants look great on women with an athletic figure; thus, rectangular and inverted triangular shapes are best for these garments. 

Wrap Up

It’s easy to discriminate against your own body type by wearing pants that don’t flatter your body. However, it takes a few minutes of your time in actually addressing the issues and finding a solution. Thus, measure your body and figure out what your body type is and then find the best pants that flatter that particular body type. Trends will come and go but it’s best to stick to some everyday staples that will comfort you and help you look your best at all times. 

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