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Leopard Prints – Color Combinations & Incorporating Them In Your Wardrobe 

what color goes with leopard print

Leopard prints made a fashion statement in the 60s – you would see fashionable and modern women adorning the animal print in chic and modish ways. However, leopard prints had an unfortunate fate due to the perception that it wasn’t versatile enough. There was a sudden reemergence of the print in the Y2k fashion which was short-lived as well; people failed to use this print moderation, resulting in tacky clothing and poorly presented outfits. 

The good news is that leopard prints have a way of coming back. It’s still surviving because people have learned many ways to make it look stylish and timeless. You, too, can learn your way around it by simply adopting the minimalism theory. 

In this article, we shall uncover the different ways you can wear leopard prints and how it should ideally be an essential part of your wardrobe. 

Leopard Prints – A Fashion Faux Pas? 

The popular consensus is that leopard print is difficult to style. But how much of that is actually true? Is the print itself junky or is it the way people wear it sometimes? There are a few contributing factors that suggest why leopard print can look awkward at times – like, it could be two-dimensional and in neon tones. That sight is simply horrid for some. But in addition to that, leopard print is sometimes found on the most appalling fabric you can find. 

Due to the misunderstanding of this exquisite print, it has been labeled a fashion faux pas by many. We like to believe, it has evolved. How? By changing the rules of how you style it. 

Wearing Print In Moderation – A Leopard Take

By now you must be wondering if leopard prints are so tough to style, why are we beating around the bush and not conforming to the consensus? Well, that ideology is slightly misconstrued. Have you seen how much leopard print is existent in our everyday wardrobe? From bags to shoes to outerwear, leopard prints never really diminished – they are omnipresent and in moderation. 

Now comes the actual question: How do you use it in everyday clothes and still look classy and unique? There’s something exotic about animal prints; you feel immense power when you wear them. But styling leopard print can be hard – especially when you want to follow the minimalist ideology. 

Ever looked at the leopard print in your wardrobe and speculated what color shirt goes with leopard print pants? While there are so many colors that can go with leopard print, there is a bunch that you need to skip. Let’s get into the details, shall we? 

What Colors Go With Leopard Print?

Let’s circle back to the previous question: What colors can you wear with leopard print? Should you wear neon colors or are they a vehement no? From navy to sage to red and nude, there are countless colors that you can use to wear with leopard print. Some of these colors look flamboyant with leopard prints while others tend to dim its light. 

Ideal Colors With Leopard Print For Beginners

Ideal Colors With Leopard Print For Beginners

If you’re still not convinced about the dominance of leopard print, we would recommend you wear beige and lighter tones to match the intensity of the leopard print. For example, you can use leopard print as the centerpiece – a leather jacket or coat – and complete the look with a crisp white collar shirt and black faux leather pants. You can play with the white and use beige, cream, and brown interchangeably. Of course, you don’t have to go all out; replace a leopard print coat with a leopard print belt, purse, or even pumps. 

Bold Color With Leopard Print for The Advanced Fashionistas

Bold Color With Leopard Print for The Advanced Fashionistas

If you’ve already warmed up to the leopard print, it’s time for you to go ablaze. The perfect leopard print color is none – you have to create one. This comes with experience and countless fashion faux pas. The idea is to play and take risks. 

You can adorn a Fushia with leopard print. Leopard print goes well with earthy tones. From orange to red to green and navy, there’s room to play with each color. Keep in mind to keep the rest of the outfit minimalist and understated when you are going for a loud leopard print. 

Of course, you have colored leopard prints available but they aren’t your absolute best friends. In fact, you should be cautious of how you style them, even more than the authentic brown hues of a realistic leopard print. Here are some tips for you to sense what we’re trying to establish here:

  • Wear a leopard print trench coat with an olive green midi dress underneath the outerwear. Add a staple pair of rings in gold and complete the look with green stilettos. 
  • Go for a navy peplum top with black skinny jeans. Accessorize the look with a leopard print waist belt and matching pumps. Add a watch and you’re good to go. 
  • Choose a leopard print mini skirt with black stockings and knee-high boots in brown. A black leather blazer and a brown or tan crop top. Add a bunch of gold rings and the look is dazzling and ready. 
  • Keep it smart and chic with a pink jumpsuit with a leopard print bag and brown stilettos. 

What Solid Color Goes With Leopard Print?

Black and white are colors that go with everything. In fact, the best way to pair leopard print is by sticking to the basics. Black and white are solid colors that add balance to the loud intensity of the animal print. 

What Color Jewelry Goes With Leopard Print?

Whether you want to step out to grab a bite with friends or party late at night with your date, leopard print can give you the groove you need. Accessorizing leopard print here becomes a must – despite having to keep the look understated, a bit of gold and sequins is necessary. Thus, add bling to your look and design your outfit that it leaves room for sequence and gold jewelry. 

Leopard Print & Footwear

Leopard Print & Footwear

Now comes the final stage of dressing your leopard print. There are several colors of shoes that you can wear with a leopard print dress. From nude to black and brown, depending on the color of your dress, match the footwear. Although, it’s best to stick to warmer tones. Cooler tones are great if you’re aiming to dress retro and roll out an eccentric look. 


What Color Goes Well With Animal Print?

Animal prints are challenging to design an outfit around. And when in doubt, go back to basics and take out all the solid colors. Hence, black, brown, and white are your best friends. 

Do Yellow And Leopard Go Together?

Yellow and leopard do go together. Then again, that’s a combination only those, well versed with styling leopard prints for a long time, can pull off effortlessly. 

Does Pink And Leopard Print Go Together?

Pink and leopard print are great combinations. You can go ahead with different tones of pink and pair it with the iconic leopard print to look effortlessly stylish. 

Are Leopard Prints Tacky?

Contrary to popular belief, leopard prints are not tacky; however, the way you style them often ends up looking tacky. Therefore, it’s best to use solid colors with leopard print and avoid neon tones at all costs. 

What Pattern Goes Well With Leopard?

While it’s not impossible to wear print on print, especially with those that are trending. You have to be careful with the scale of the print or any difference in color that creates a layered effect in the outfit. For example a small scale leopard print in tones of brown paired with a medium scale print in black and white, make an awesome combination.


Leopard print is controversial due to its dual-natured attributes. It can quite easily look tacky but if used in moderation and in the right places, it looks absolutely stunning and modern. Thus, keeping in mind the basic rules will keep you from making fashion faux pas. 

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