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Neon Outfit Ideas for the Summer 

neon outfit ideas

Summertime is all about relaxing and letting out your true colors. Both metaphorically and literally. What is the perfect way to kick-start Summer you ask? Neon clothing. The bright and bold colors effortlessly flatter the heatwaves and create a vibrant aura.

When you want to remember something, you highlight it. Well, highlighters are made of neon colors and when you highlight text with them, you remember better. Similarly, if you go out wearing neon clothing, your outfit will be unforgettable. 

The Do’s and Don’ts of Neon Fashion 

Everything about neon fashion is bright, energetic, and exciting. The colors are impossible to miss. There are however, some do’s and don’ts when it comes to neon fashion. 

  • Do –  incorporate neon accessories to spice up a dull outfit 
  • Don’t – wear neon on neon. You want to be memorable not a colorful mess 
  • Do – wear a neon top with a muted bottom 
  • Don’t – pick neon colors that don’t flatter your skin tone

Neon Outfit Ideas 

These fluorescent-hued colors may be intimidating at first but, once you know how to pair them, you won’t stop gravitating toward them!

Down below are a few different ways you can incorporate neon into your wardrobe. 

Start With Accessories

 You can test out the waters with the whole neon trend, by trying out neon-colored heels/bags or both. These accessories will be the center of attention when paired with a basic outfit. This way you can get a taste of the neon trend without getting too overwhelmed.

You can keep it chic, by pairing black jeans with a white tee. Add neon green heels to elevate the whole look. Alternatively, you could for a denim on denim look and top it off with matching yellow heels and a bag. Blue and yellow make an eye-catching combination, yet the overall look is subtle. 

Neon Tops 

The sun may have the heat covered, but that doesn’t mean you can’t shine. A neon yellow crop top paired with blue jeans can unleash your inner sunflower. The denim balances the brightness of the top. You can pair it with plain white sneakers for a chill look or stilettos for a party look. 

Brunch with the girls? Go for a playful yet sophisticated look by pairing a neon yellow top with beige paper-bag trousers. Complete the look with white heels to become the main attraction. 

Need a look that can go from day to night? Try pairing a green, strapless neon top with a black leather mini skirt. The playfulness of the neon top makes it great for the daytime, while the black leather skirt mimics the night. Alternate from flats to heels and your look is complete. 

Neon Trousers 

Think ‘Kim Possible’ but neon pants instead of camo ones. For the ultimate summer look, pair a black cut-out, sleeveless top with yellow neon, cargo pants. Finish off the look with a pair of sneakers and sunnies. The overall look is fun and lively without being too much.

For a more body-flattering look, neon wide-legged trousers pair amazingly with white. The two colors will look stunning against your sun-kissed skin. 

Neon Skirts 

Got a summer party to attend? Black and neon yellow will make for just the outfit. Opt for a structured, a-line, yellow skirt and pair it with a black lacy top. The structured skirt against the daintiness of the lace will create a soft yet bright look. 

A blacktop when paired with a neon blue skirt looks exceptional. Add a pair of knee-high boots and you’ll have a look even ‘Elle Woods’ (from Legally Blonde) approves of.

Office looks can get boring so why not spruce things up with a neon pink pencil skirt. Balance it out with a simple white button-down shirt. This outfit will get everyone’s attention, and might just be the reason you get your overdue promotion. 

If your style is more on the edgier side then try and pair a graphic tee with a neon-colored maxi skirt. This look is effortlessly cool and the best part is you just need one skirt. You can pair it with multiple shirts, creating a new look every time.

Neon Blazers 

Winter is all about leather blazers and layering up while summer is the exact opposite. The heat forces you to wear clothes that are light and breezy. A simple tank and denim shorts make for a summer-appropriate outfit, but it’s too simple. To make things more interesting, pair it with an oversized, neon green blazer. The result? An extremely cute summertime look. 

If trousers are more your speed then you can pair an oversized blazer with matching trousers. Keep the whole look sleek with a ponytail and a pair of heels. 

Neon Athleisure 

Streetwear is all the buzz right now and neon clothing is a huge part of it. Neon works incredibly with athleisure outfits. The neon colors capture the whole sporty vibe. When it comes to neon and sportswear, there are hundreds of styles to choose from. 

Neon tights and tie-dyed crop tops make for the perfect gym look. You can cover up with a white linen shirt or just keep it casual and rock your athleisure wear. 

Black shorts and neon tops are what we like to call the ‘It-Girl Streetwear’. Black is one of the best colors to pair with neon. It provides a canvas for the neon to shine against.

You can even go all out with matching neon tops and leggings. The secret to pulling off the outfit is confidence. Wear it like you mean it!

Neon Dresses 

Little black dresses will have to wait for winter. Neon dresses are taking over. There are so many different styles and colors available. Body con dresses are having a moment right now and when you pair them with neon, the final look is extraordinary. 

A body fit, neon yellow dress paired with high-heels makes for a hot summer number. It’s an easy and foolproof look. 

Other styles include a neon orange, off-the-shoulder dress that can be perfect for a night out. It’s a modern twist to Greek clothing and is just the dress for summer. 

A neon skater dress paired with a gold belt and heels can be perfect for a summertime party. The gold hardware creates the illusion of a more upscale outfit. Also, it looks stunning under the sun. 

Neon with Patterned Prints 

Neon works surprisingly well with prints. The prints just have to balance out the brightness of the neon. Create a vibrantly-dangerous look by pairing a neon ribbed top with a leopard printed skirt. Complete the look with boots or heels. 

Polka dots and neon is another eccentric combination. This one can be a hit and a miss but if you manage to pull it off, it is sensational. Pair together a black polka dot blouse with a neon orange skirt and add on black accessories to finish off the look. 

Neon Two Piece Sets 

They don’t call it ‘Hot Girl Summer’ for no reason. Summertime is all about competing with the heat. Which makes two-piece sets a summer staple. They are comfortable, lightweight, and fashionable. With all that being said, they are also extremely sexy. They show the perfect amount of skin and are body flattering. You can dress them up or down and can wear them anywhere. 

The two most common sets are, a top and skirt or, a top and a trouser. Whichever one you opt for you should remember one thing and that is to keep accessories to a bare minimum or just skip out on them. The outfit is already so powerful it really doesn’t need any help. 


What do you wear to a neon party?

There are a whole bunch of neon outfits that you can wear to a neon party. If it’s a casual thing then a neon cropped top and shorts/jeans are great. If it’s a bit more formal then neon dresses or jumpsuits are great options. 

What colors does Neon go with?

Neon looks amazing when paired with basic colors like white, black, khaki, and brown. Neon on neon also looks fabulous. Specifically speaking, neon green looks amazing with pink, neon yellow with blue and neon orange with purple.

What decade was neon popular?

Neon was popular in the ’80s. It was everywhere from clothes to accessories. Oversized neon shirts and tights were extremely popular. 

Is hot pink flattering?

Yes, hot pink is flattering. Pink in general is a universally flattering color. Hot pink looks the best on olive skin and brings out natural pink undertones of the skin. 

Summertime Madness 

The warmer months are a time when you can reinvent yourself. No more hiding behind trench coats or puffy jackets. Whether you are plus-sized, average, or a size zero, it’s time to feel comfortable in your skin. Neon clothing is a fun way to express yourself. Get out there and take it up a notch!

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