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Common Mistakes Plus Size Women Make While Dressing Up

plus size summer outfits

Choosing a perfect outfit every time according to your particular body type might seem challenging. Perhaps that is why plus size women often make fashion mistakes that do not help in achieving the look they desire. This article is all about pointing out these areas besides suggesting some trendy plus size summer outfits for you. 

Being plus size shouldn’t restrict your inner fashionista, but there are certain do’s and don’ts for every body type. Spring and summer seasons are all about lightweight, trendy outfits, most of which show your figure. Hence, the need to keep some points in mind to ensure that your outfit is comfortable and flattering.

Fashion Mistakes to Avoid for a Plus Size Woman

Every plus-size woman’s goal should not be to look thin. Instead, they should strive for a shapely outfit in the right fit that complements their body. Resist making the following mistakes when choosing your ensemble. 

Not Choosing the Right Sized Clothing

Always hiding behind baggy style clothes is only going to add a few extra pounds to your appearance. Whereas super skinny clothes pull and tug uncomfortably and show unsightly bulges here and there. Besides being comfortable, going for accurate-sized clothing will save you time and money.

Underestimating Good Quality Shapewear

What is beneath your outfit forms the foundation of your look. Shapewear makes an outfit lóok flattering while allowing you to feel comfortable. Be realistic while buying shapewear and get the accurate size. 

Wearing Fabric That Doesn’t Hold Volume and Shape

You should go for materials like cotton, linen, chiffon, denim, silk, or wool crepe that help conceal larger areas and accentuate the curves.

Donning Boxy Clothing 

A boxy silhouette is the worst choice for plus size women as it doesn’t help at all in defining a shape. Wear a belt to cinch your waistline.

Not Opting for Tailored Clothing

Good quality custom clothing should be your go-to choice, whether it’s for custom jackets, coats, shirts, or dresses. 

Wearing Horizontal Designs

Horizontal designs like broad stripes or wide chevron patterns make you look bigger than you are. Choose thin, vertical stripes instead for a toned look. 

Opting for Very Large Prints 

The larger the print, the bulkier you will look. Go for smaller prints or patterns instead, which look very nice on plus-size women. 

Frequently Going for Light Colors

Dark colors give a slimming effect. You can pair a dark bottom with a light-colored top. Wear dark colors at night and pastels or bright hues during the day. 

Wearing Narrow Necklines

Enclosed necklines of shirts and dresses like collars make your face look bigger. Give a proportionate illusion with boat-shaped or open doored collars. 

Wearing Low Waisted Bottoms

High waisted bottoms, such as jeans, trousers, and skirts are the most helpful when you need to cover a bigger midsection. Avoid low rise versions.

Pointed Toe Footwear

Shoes with pointed toes make your legs look shorter and chubby. That is the appearance you actually want to conceal, so go for round-toe footwear instead. Sneakers, mules, round toe sandals, and pumps are the best options for plus sized women.

Best Plus Size Summer Clothes to Avoid Any Faux Pas

Dressing up in suitable clothing is one way of owning and appreciating your body. You need to dress up in a way that your body looks proportionate. Shirts, tops, blouses, and lightweight outerwear with a cinched waistline and high waisted bottoms are examples of flattering summer clothes for plus size. 



When building a plus size wardrobe, go for shirts with darting to define your waist while giving enough room to conceal your midsection. It is recommended to wear shirts with the top two buttons undone for the v-line effect. Go for tops and blouses that cinch at your waist.

Be mindful of the necklines as you want to achieve a flattering look. V-necks are the top suggested necklines for plus-size women. Also, wearing longer tops and shirts is always a good idea to camouflage a flabby belly. 



You need to choose staples that will conceal thicker thighs and legs besides hugging your waist. The style of jeans most appropriate for this purpose is bootcut jeans, straight leg, or mom jeans. Opt for tailored trousers or flared pants. In skirts, you have an option to choose from peplum skirts, tulip skirts, fish skirts, or pencil skirts. 

Shorts are a must have for summers. You should go for high-waisted denim shorts or cotton shorts for cute summer outfits. Make sure your shorts are anti chafing. Otherwise, they will cause extreme discomfort in the hot weather. 

Plus Size Dresses

Plus Size Dresses

The most well-suited dresses for curvy women are wrap dresses. You can also wear pencil skirts & dresses, a-line dresses, or belted shirt dresses. Do not be afraid to go for maxi dresses, but avoid going for ones that are too voluminous. 



While spring and summer are for breezy outfits, you may need to layer up at times. There is a lot of variety when it comes to outerwear for plus-size women. You can wear boho style kimonos on your shorts outfits or layer your dresses and other casual ensembles with chic denim jackets. 

Blazers are highly suggested, as their structure helps complement the look. You can also opt for lightweight leather jackets for women for a stylish touch to your spring outfits. 

Plus Size Outfit Ideas to Accentuate Your Curves

Plus size outfits should draw attention to the narrow parts of your body while distracting from the larger areas. In the upcoming spring/summer season, you can flaunt your curves and look irresistibly hot in the following outfits. 

Plus Size Spring Outfits

Plus Size Spring Outfits

It is the time to delve into appealing prints, bright hues, and pretty flared dresses. Here are a few spring plus size outfit ideas.

  • Style a cute off shoulder red floral dress with camel t-strap heels and a camel colored handbag. Golden jewelry and cat eye shades would elevate this look even more.
  • Wear a chiffon army green v-neck top tucked in black high waisted joggers. A black crochet shrug will infuse a bit more style into this outfit besides giving a slimmer look. Or, you can go for a black blazer to make this a stylish semi formal outfit. Opt for black pumps with this graceful ensemble.
  • Go for a blush pink slip dress and layer it with a brown bomber jacket for a perfect spring look.
  • Another plus size outfit idea is to team up an orange ribbed top with a cowl neck along with white bootcut jeans. Turn it into an eye catching long coat outfit by wearing a light brown belted trench coat to the mix. 
  • Pair a light purple polka dot top with a black pencil skirt for another trendy spring look. 

For your spring outfits, you can use lightweight cardigans, blazers, and even custom windbreaker jackets to layer your outfits. Vibrant jewelry and printed footwear will add the perfect spring vibes to your plus size ensembles. 

Slimming Summer Outfits for Plus Size Women

Slimming Summer Outfits for Plus Size Women

For trendy summer looks, a plus sized woman has multiple options for tops, bottoms, dresses, and other staples to choose from. Do not shy away from wearing light colors, and try to mix things up as long as they are giving a flattering look. Here are the summer outfit inspirations that you can try.

  • A yellow v-neck top with puffed sleeves paired with white tailored pants is a highly appealing plus size outfit. Pair it with a delicate neckchain and white sneakers, and you are good to go for a daytime gathering in summer. 
  • A simple summer outfit that will make you look incredibly stylish is a burgundy crewneck t-shirt with denim overalls. White sneakers will be the perfect choice of footwear for this look, and you can carry a cream handbag with this outfit. 
  • Pair a pretty off shoulder top with ruffle sleeves along with high waisted bootcut jeans. Wear trendy wedge heels with this outfit. This can be a cool going out outfit if you add accessories such as a straw hat and a golden watch to it. 
  • A light blue wrap dress paired with a white blazer gives a gorgeous appearance to a plus size body.
  • You can also try a long floral tunic with mom jeans for a laid back yet funky look. Round off the look with white sneakers, a white handbag, and ear studs in any color. 

Cute Plus Size Shorts Outfits

Cute Plus Size Shorts Outfits

Shorts and summer fashion go synonymous with each other, so why should the plus size fashionista stay away from them? To look attractive while wearing shorts, try these outfits.

  • Create a stunning black and white outfit by pairing a black peplum top with white denim shorts. You can also wear a denim jacket over this outfit and opt for black t-strap heels for a dressy style.
  • Blue high-waisted shorts with a frayed hem perfectly goes well with a white tank top. Wear a red and black oversized flannel with this outfit to add some color. Opt for black ankle boots to bring up the style meter reading of this simple outfit.
  • Team up a pastel yellow long tunic with black shorts for a quirky look, and wear strappy sandals for finishing touches to the outfit.
  • Create a boho-inspired look with dark wash denim shorts, a white crewneck t-shirt and a kimono. For layering, you can wear a denim jacket with this super cute outfit.

Summer Plus Size Fashion Accessories

Summer Plus Size Fashion Accessories

Styling for any body type is a game you can never ace without proper accessorizing. When it comes to choosing accessories for plus size, you need to look for statement pieces that will offer a visual distraction from the larger areas of your body. 

Wear chunky jewelry like large ear studs and hoops, statement rings, and necklaces that will define the shape of your neck. Thick bangles or bracelets also work well with plus size outfits. Stylish sunglasses in retro style or cat eye style are must haves for the sunny weather. 

Go for larger bags that will flatter your figure. It is a good idea to go for a bag that hangs below your thighs. When buying a new bag, check in the mirror whether it looks suitable while you are carrying it.  

Beautiful long scarves are an accessory that every plus size woman must have. When hung down, they give a taller and slimmer appearance. 

Lastly, keep a few trendy belts in your wardrobe. Belts are a blessing for plus size women as they instantly cinch your waist giving a shape to your mid section. Go for both wide and narrow styles for your outfits. 


How Should I Dress Plus Size in Hot Weather?

Firstly, choose clothing in lightweight and breathable material, like linen or cotton, to keep you cool. Go for light pastel hues for outfits during the day and darker colors for night. As you want to achieve a flattering silhouette, wear clothing that enhances your curves like wrap dresses, tunics, peplum tops, or jumpsuits. 

What Should You Not Wear if You are Plus Size?

Avoid wearing thicker fabrics as they make you appear even larger. Unshapely garments, shirts with a shorter length and straight cut, low rise jeans and skirts, and very bulky dresses do not define the waist to hip ratio. The same goes for boxy jackets and relaxed trousers and pants. 

What Colors Look Good on Plus Size?

It is a common notion that darker colors are for plus size women. However, you can also wear bright and pastel hues if you pair them with dark bottoms. Go for purple, brown, blue, and dark maroon colors for a slimming effect.

Do Prints Make You Look Fatter?

You should wisely choose prints and patterns as they play a vital role in making your look larger or slimmer. While all over small prints are considered suitable for plus size women, large scale prints and patterns will make your proportions look bigger. 

Wrapping Up

While putting together your plus size summer outfits, it is highly suggested to look for practical solutions that will complement your body and accentuate its plus points. Develop a body positive mindset and do not think that you can only dress better when you lose the extra pounds. Remember that getting dressed in an appealing way has nothing to do with looking a certain way. Even as a plus size woman, you can enjoy stylish clothing and come up with a personal style. 

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April 20, 2022 7:05 pm

Don’t agree with avoiding pointy toes shoes. I think rounded toes make you look stubby.

Ryder B
Ryder B
April 26, 2022 12:35 am

I don’t like the fact that a lot of the article is telling plus size women to cover their ‘problem’ areas. Wear what you want, whether that be horizontal stripes, bold prints, or god forbid bottoms that are not high waisted. What matters is that you like what you are wearing and you feel comfortable wearing it.