If you could add only one piece of clothing to your wardrobe this 2022, let it be a classic, timeless blazer. Blazers are the perfect addition that can amp up almost any outfit, from formal to casual, and instantly put a look together. 

Moreover, teaming up the traditional Jackets or blazers with modern casual elements will give your conventional suit the exact modern twist it needs to look voguish and in style. There are numerous ways to tailor a trendy blazer outfit; however, keeping the color combinations in mind is vital. 

In this blog, we’ll discuss some dandy, aesthetic blazer pants color combinations that you can rock in 2022 on the fashion-forward streets around the globe. You can try these looks for corporate meetings, weddings, semi-formal events, and even parade them at parties.

So, here are some awesome blazer combinations for you to try: 

Navy Blazer with Khaki Pants 

If there’s one color that is ideal for blazers, it’s navy blue which works well with almost any other color; however, blue and khaki complement each other so wonderfully as they were designed specifically for each other. 

Pair a white base shirt or a traditional beige waistcoat with simple, light-textured khaki pants, and throw on a conventional, sleek navy blue blazer to anchor the entire outfit. Complete your look with deep brown or black loafers or Oxford shoes, and wear a stylish watch and shades as a complementing accessory. 

A Navy blazer with khaki pants is the look to beat and will look perfect for a formal corporate meeting or a semi-formal business lunch. 

Blue Blazer with White Trousers

Why let only the Italians have fun with broken suit combinations when you can easily slay them? Well-tailored white trousers with a sophisticated blue blazer is a bold style choice but will pay off. 

Pair a white button-down or a tonal waistcoat with a deep blue double-breasted blazer and classic white trousers to pull off an iconic sprezzatura. If it’s colder weather, you could introduce a leather jacket to the mix or add some color through a vibrant scarf or pocket squares. 

Finish off your look with black, dark brown, or oxblood shoes, and you’ll achieve that sense of nonchalance without going overboard. 

Green Blazers with White Pants 

Want to slay summer/spring 2022 in style? This season has no better blazer combination than green and white, especially if it’s an olive or forest green with the suitably textured material. 

For this look, go for tactile fabrics like heavy cotton twill or tweed in olive or forest green, and pair it well with white or cream-colored pants. Needless to say, you can always go for a high waist or pleats for bonus style points and add more depth to your outfit. 

Perk off the look with a beige leather or suede, or you could add some fun elements with olive and white sneakers for a more casual appearance. If you desire to stick to tradition, go for a pair of brown suede loafers, a foolproof option. 

Burgundy Blazer with Grey Pants 

If you want to impact, then a statement-colored jacket is your best friend, especially when that color is as rich as burgundy. This colorful top layer is ideal for embracing exuberant vibrancy, making it the perfect blazer combo for parties and casual events. 

Pair an iconic burgundy jacket with a classic, underrated grey pant that would complement the top without stealing the limelight. Instead of a buttondown with a tie, you could wear a high neck grey inner to add some fun and layer to your outfit. 

On your feet, opt for classic black or dark brown shoes to put the whole look together, and finish off with a nice watch or even a metal chain if you’re going a bit casual. 

Black Blazer with Beige Pants 

It is a formal, classic black blazer with matching pants bound to turn heads and make you the center of attention. A black and beige blazer and pants combo is a winner for any formal event and requires almost no effort. 

Just combine an off-white or light beige button-down with beige formal pants and complete the look with an ageless, black blazer. Then, of course, you could go open-collared for a more relaxed attire or add a little bow tie for a more refined look. 

Finish the look with some sleek pair of black shoes, a classic shiny watch, and put on your favorite black shades if its day time and you want to look more dashing. 

Brown Blazers with Denim Jeans 

Another rocking separate suits combination that is an iconic mashup of formal and casual is a brown tweed blazer paired with washed jeans. While it is a fun and stylish trend to follow, this look has enough sophistication to qualify for semi-formal events. 

Go for a well-fitted, crisp earthly brown blazer and combine it with light or dark-washed denim jeans for a more rustic casual look. You could layer this look with sweaters and scarves for a more vintage fall look or pair it with a candid white shirt for a more clean-cut style. 

This blazer and jeans combo is a statement, so pair it well with matching shoes to complete the whole look and rock this outfit in style. 

Grey Blazer with Black Pants

Grey and Black is the classic love story every suit combination wants to show off, and it’s still trending even in 2022. So go for these colors if you’re willing to contemporary aesthetics and still make a statement wherever your go.

For this look, pair a deep black or a simple white button or roll neck with black pants, polish off the look with a textured grey blazer like those made from Donegal wools, or try putting on plaid or herringbones to add some excitement to a simple look. 

Make sure the blazer is slim-fitted, and try charcoal or gunmetal grey if you want to appear dressier. Finish off the look with shiny black boots or suedes, a smartwatch, and a knit tie if you wish. 


While color combinations are great to follow, they might get a bit complex, especially if you’re a fan of traditional monochromatic blazers. However, one-colored suits are a great way to seal the deal and make an impression, especially for business events. 

You could try these popular one colored jacket pants combinations, which are a foolproof outfit option for any occasion: 


If you want to embrace those macho, masculine vibes and be the party’s black panther, who’s stopping you? Pair a crisp black button-down shirt with a simple black blazer and formal black pants to tie the whole look together. 

You could be innovative and roll up your sleeves or go for an open-collared shirt to add some modish elements to your outfit while keeping the elegance intact. If this is too black for you, pair your blazer with a white, blue, or even red shirt to add that contrasting element and depth to your look. 

Finish off with black suedes, boots, or even loafers and rock any event in complete style! 


Whoever thinks white is too bland or straightforward for a suit needs to rethink with this classic monochrome white blazer and pant combination. It’s simple, classy, and everything you need to make a clean, robust impression. 

Grab your everyday white button-down, team it up with formal white pants and throw on a classic, slim-fitted white blazer to complete the look. You can always add a contrasting tie or pocket square to add some color to your outfit and still slay this monochrome appeal. 

If you want to add some color via shoes, tie, or even an inner shirt, then pair white with black, brown, or blue for that refined look perfect for any formal event. 


Another signature monochrome suit form is a grey blazer and pants, a winning compromise between black and grey, perfect for formal and semi-formal events. 

Team up a light grey inner or vest with a checkered or structured grey blazer and complete the look with grey pants or slim tailored trousers. Do not be afraid to go for dark grey or charcoal suits; they will add more depth to the look and make you stand out immediately.

You can trade the grey inner for a white or black one to add a bit of contrast, or go for a colored tie and shoes to add vibrance to your entire look. 


Nothing looks better than a deep green blazer combined with a similar shade of green pants if you genuinely want to flaunt a vintage aesthetic and be a show stopper. Go for olive, forest green, dark green, or even pastel green to pull off this monochromatic look in style.

Pair a toned-down green or cream button-down with an olive blazer and formal plants for this outfit. You can also go for a beige roll neck and pair it with a forest green blazer and pants for a more rustic, vintage vibe that will be a winner for sure. 

Complete the look with dark brown or black shoes, a statement watch, and wear a metal chain to embrace the casual modern elements. 


2022 is all about welcoming innovative ideas, trends, and colors to the men’s wardrobe, which is why monochrome pastel suits are all the rage, and we’re here for it. You can look equally dapper and dashing with a light-colored suit, and sometimes, even better. 

Go for pastel lilac, lavender, or even teal blazers, pair it with similar colored pants and use a light inner to anchor the whole look. If you wish to add more diversion, go from printed inners or stick to a simple white one for a more refined look.

Next, add a metallic tie or a slightly darker pocket square to add some vibrance to the look, and you can easily rock this statement at weddings or prom. 

The Bottom Line 

This was our fair share of some of the best blazer pants combinations you should try in 2022 since we’re finally able to enjoy all those formal and casual functions and need something extra trendy to rock these events. So which one of these combos will you add to your wardrobe? 

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