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Types of Bags- More than 100 Different Styles

types of bags

While it may be common knowledge that the two general types of fashion accessories are split into items that can be worn and items that can be carried. The latter, being a great way to add dimension to any look. Although accessories that can be carried may range from an umbrella to a cane or even a hand-fan. Bags are what really make a statement that can change with every ensemble. Available in different sizes, colours, textures and patterns, there is a bag for pretty much any everyday activity. 

Much like men’s leather jackets and the many different types of women’s outerwear, bags also go back a long way to prehistoric times when a bag was simply the length of an animal skin or hide that later evolved to include cotton or woven fabrics. As for the shape, there wasn’t any at the time, as the bag was simply rolled up from the edges inwards and held in place using strings and chords of the same materials. One of the big reasons why leather bags have thrived and evolved over so many years, if not more, is because of its ability to carry many loose items and materials that would be impossible to carry with two hands. 

Early Appearances: Bags for Men and Women

History of bags

Aside from written history that tells of bags for men and women in earlier times, art also sheds light on some of the early appearances of the bags that we are familiar with today. This includes the Waist Bag or even the Fanny Pack that has been found in hieroglyphs from ancient Egypt. Men going about their work during the day with a bag tied to their waists was common in those times. The Pouch Bag is another very common appearance in ancient times which people used to store their money. Perhaps the early versions of today’s wallets. 

Drawstring Bags were another type of bag used by women that carried intricate design and detail that was often handcrafted. Interestingly, people of the day stored their money in pouches that were commonly tied under their clothes for safe-keeping. Of-course these were placed in areas that offered easy access for the wearer. Perhaps of all the types of bags used in the past that we are aware of today would be travel bags and most especially suitcases. Again, these were available in different sizes and were made from various materials. So that was a brief look at the past and some of the first kinds of bags for men and women. Let’s jump into this interesting listing of the different types of bags for different occasions. 

Athletic Bags

Athletic bag

Also known as Sports Bags, Gym Bags and by default Duffle Bags. It’s anyone’s guess what these bags look like. Duffles of-course. One of the reasons why these names are commonly interchangeable though is probably based on function. While all these bags share a similar shape and design, what sets them apart are the sizes based on what they are to be used for. For instance, a sports leather duffle bag would be relatively larger in size especially if it is used to carry sports gear. The same applies for Gym Bags  which may be smaller in size as opposed to Sports Bags which is perfect for carting to the gym. 

Bottle Bags

Bottle bag

This one’s pretty self-explanatory. Bottle Bags are specifically designed to carry bottles. These may be used as gifts for others or for oneself. Bottle bags are available in a variety of materials from heavy paper to card and even fabric including leather. Bottle Bags are great for carrying bottles that can vary from water to alcohol or quite simply juice. Over the years, Bottle Bags have evolved to traditionally carry one to two bottles, depending on the size of bag. 

Net Bags

Net Bag

Similar to the point on Athletic Bags, Net Bags also known as Mesh Bags or even String Bags are constructed by using yarn, non woven synthetic materials or strands to form a net or web like structure with a solid plate like base. These types of bags are often used for grocery shopping, mainly dry or packaged items that will hold within this considerably stretchable bag. The best part of this type of bag is that it is reusable and can hold items in place for as long as needed. Provided the items are not small enough to fall through the net. To highlight the popularity of this style of bag, Net Bags are also used in homes as it offers great storage and durability. 

Saddle Bags

Saddle Bag

Traditionally used while horse riding, Saddle Bags are placed at different positions from the front to the side and even back of the saddle. Made mostly of leather, Saddle Bags are a bit heavier than most bag styles. Interestingly, there are different types of Saddle Bags such as Pommel Bags that are often found in the front of the saddle. Similarly, Paired Saddle Bags go on either side of the horse’s hips which helps the bag to stay balanced. Likewise, a Cantle Bag is a type of Saddle Bag that goes behind the saddle. Today, despite its equestrian links, Saddle Bags are quite the style statement for women and men alike. Quite notably, this would be one of the more popular types of bags for women while also being the same for the more fashion forward men. 



Commonly used by students, hikers, campers and many others in need of ample storage, safety and durability. Backpacks, also known as Rucksack, Knapsack and Booksack, can be either a bag with or without a frame formation. Made of fabric as well as leather, Backpacks can be worn on the back with two straps that go over the shoulders to help keep it in place. Leather backpacks are ideal for those who not only require both hands but also stable balance. This bag style also makes for a great option for sports, travel, picnics and sleepovers.  

Shoulder Bags

Shoulder Bags

Perhaps one of the most used and well-known bag styles for women would be Shoulder Bags. Simply highlighting the fact that this type of bag is to be worn on one shoulder or on the forearm as of current trend. This bag does not have a distinct design or detail meaning that any shape of bag enabling the wearer to use it over the shoulder qualifies as a Shoulder Bag. Made of leather or any other natural or synthetic materials, Shoulder Bags can be used to carry personal items that may be daily necessities of every woman. However, there are other types of Shoulder Bags that are not gender specific and may be used for such activities as shopping. 



Mostly used by businessmen, lawyers and anyone belonging to a white collar profession. Briefcases are typically a hard body, box shaped, narrow bag. Featuring a handle for carrying, they are used to carry papers of different kinds and of various importance. These types of bags for men have also evolved over the years. Moving from a case to carry ‘briefs’ hence the name Briefcase to a bag style for men to carry such items as electronic devices such as tablets, chargers etc. Leather briefcases are traditionally made of different types of leather, vinyl, strong types of fabric, even thin metal and plastic. As opposed to the Briefcases of the past, contemporary Briefcases offer more storage, compartments, pockets or leather sleeves along with padding and yes even a shoulder strap if men prefer to carry them on the shoulder rather than by hand.

Laptop Bags

Laptop Bag

Not very far from Briefcases are Laptop Bags. These two types of bags initially shared a similar shape, size and structure. While the contents of these two bag styles are also not too different, it is important to note that the materials of Laptop Bags were traditionally nylon or polyester. Over the years, Laptop Bags began to be available in leather and today can be found in different colours, shapes and sizes not to mention many different materials and hardware. While the traditional style of Laptop Bags remain similar to Briefcases, many people prefer other types of bags that can serve the same purpose. To carry laptops and electronic gadgets and accessories. Hence, Backpacks made the cut as Laptop Bags alternative.  

Beach Bags

Beach Bag

These types of bags are specifically designed to carry personal items along with such things as towels, bathing suits, sun-tan lotion, glasses, books etc. There is no fixed design or size that can be linked to Beach Bags but they should be big enough to carry the items mentioned above. Most Beach Bags are made of canvas, while some other alternatives include polyester, straw or even nylon. Some Beach Bags have regular handles for carrying while other styles include a strap big enough to carry over the shoulder. Again, there are many variations of Beach Bags available and the best choice would be the one that serves its purpose the best. Based on personal preference. 

Drawstring Bags

Drawstring Bag

One of the bag styles to have a link to history would be Drawstring Bags. One of those types of bags that are not gender specific, these bags are made of lightweight material such as polyester, denim, canvas and nylon. The whole point of this bag style is to offer effortless storage, durability and ease. The fact that these bags do not have a rigid structure make them a great option for active situations. Held in place and closed by a drawstring that also serves as straps or chords that fit over both shoulders make it even better an option. Drawstring Bags are available in different colours and designs and also work well as a type of Beach Bag, Book Bag and Sports Bag such as those carried while cycling. Based on versatility, Drawstring Bags would be front-runners as they would be based on functionality and durability as well. 

Bucket Bags

Perhaps one of the more versatile types of bags so far, Bucket Bags enable you to store a sizable amount of items while still maintaining its shape and making a statement. You will find them in work spaces as well as school campuses just as much as you will see them in shopping malls and on the streets. Some of the first Bucket Bags were designed by Louis Vuitton in the early to mid-nineteen-thirties. Shaped much like a bucket, the early versions were initially meant for storing at least three or four bottles of champagne. Bucket Bags sure have come a long way! Haven’t they? 

Hobo Bags

Some of the early Hobo Bags were inspired literally by immigrant workers in the US who went about looking for work and lodging carrying on a stick a sack like bag. This initial shape and style trickled into the mainstream fashion industry as a similar slouchy, often shapeless bag with a handle. Contemporary versions of Hobo Bags are crescent shaped and are often made of leather, fabric or synthetic materials in different colors as well as prints and embellishments. 

Tote Bags

Large reusable bags that have handles parallel to each other and a pouch like silhouette. Tote Bags are an ideal choice for shopping, due to their reusable quality and the storage space they provide. The word ‘tote’ is said to have a German origin, that is Tüte. The early Tote Bags were made of sturdy cloth while others were made of thick leather. Over the years however, canvas, jute and nylon are also commonly used to make Tote Bags. Available now in a variety of colors, prints and designs that also include interesting detail and embellishments. Today, Tote Bags are given a great deal of importance in connection with saving the environment from excessive use of plastics, most importantly; plastic bags. Hence, Tote Bags make for a great eco-friendly alternative as well as a style statement simultaneously. 

Fringe Bags

Although there is no specific silhouette or style of Fringe Bags per say, this point draws attention to Fringe as an ornamentation used on any given bag. Fringe is a trim that is traditionally applied to the edges of bags and purses. However there are exceptions where Fringe is applied in totality throughout the purse or bag. Interestingly, Fringe was introduced as a preventive measure in the days before the introduction of hemming. To prevent a cut piece of fabric from unraveling, Fringe was used as a stylish alternative. Today however, this is used in many different ways to add some embellishment to bags and other items including leather jackets or suede coats. 

Pouch Bags

Linked as far back as Ancient Egypt, Pouch Bags can be found incorporated in many old pictures and artifacts that depict a bag or sack that an individual used to carry a small number of items. Pouch bags were used for carrying money, mail and in some cases ammunition. Traditionally made of leather, for men and women, Pouch Bags evolved to become a similar type of style as a drawstring bag. Although Pouch Bags are often smaller in size. They are commonly worn around the waist or for women, around the wrist. 

Basket Bags

Initially seen in market-places and on the beaches all over the world, Basket Bags aka woven bags are available in different shapes and sizes. Not to mention the interesting weaves they are available in, mainly due to it making it big in mainstream fashion. Today, Basket Bags can be seen everywhere, including high-street style photography. Traditionally made of dry-grass or bamboo, Basket Bags are available as Tote Bags, Satchel Bags and Handbags. What turned up the popularity of Basket Bags are the style choices of such names as Audrey Hepburn, Jane Birkin and Jessica Alba who were spotted carrying a variation of the Basket Bag. 

Envelope Bags

Inspired by the shape of envelopes, Envelope Bags are available in such designs as the simplistic single front flap clutch that often has a magnetic closure located at the tip. Other variations include the four flaps handbag that is a typical Envelope Bag as well as a style variation that includes two triangular flaps opposite each other. Again, the magnetic closure is often located at the tip. In some cases, having an inner zipper closure as well. Envelope Bags are found in different colors, materials such as leather or fabric as well as in prints that include stripes, plaid, florals or other. Some artsy designs also carry fictional envelope details such as stamps, addresses, airmail etc. 

Crossbody Bags

Initially called utility bags as they were used by fishermen, soldiers and lumberjacks to store tools and items of their respective trades. Crossbody Bags have just as much a rich history as the other bags discussed so far. To match its history, the evolution of Crossbody Bags saw different versions through the years. One version is a long single strap that goes across the body with a square or rectangular bag that rests on the side of the waist. This particular style was ideal for transportation of such items as mail and parcels which is why messengers used this for effortlessness and safety. Modern versions of Crossbody bags no longer have a distinct silhouette, mainly due to the crossbody aspect of this bag incorporated into other types of bags such as leather messenger bags, Backpacks and even Duffle Bags. 

Round Bags

Also known as Circle Bags, Round Bags are available as either sling bags or clutches. Named after their distinct circular shape. Although the storage capacity of these bags are somewhat limited, with the exception of a few larger Round Bags, they are ideal for carrying smaller items that would include daily essentials. While some Round Bags are available in leather, many are made of different fabrics as well as some that have intricate detail which is why they may be used as part of a casual look as well as an elegant evening or formal look, should it have some form of ornamental detailing. 

Straw Bags

Straw Bags are historically known for their functionality rather than their fashionable qualities. Interestingly, these bags were used for storing food and water as well as carrying kids. Mostly made of raffia or bamboo, straw, husks or crocheted paper. Straw Bags are woven in unique designs that can serve different purposes including style and finesse. Traditionally, these bags had a sack like silhouette that allowed for appreciation of skill, craftsmanship and appreciation of design and detail. Today, Straw Bags are seen everywhere, including beaches and shopping malls, these bags are available in various different weaves, as well as a mix of tight vs loose weave and in different patterns.

Dilly Bags

Originating from Australia, Dilly Bags or Dillybags are an aboriginal type of bag used by women to gather, store and transport food. Woven from plant fibres, these bags are found in many parts of northern Australia. Today, Dilly Bags have reached the mainstream in bags that are currently being worn as satchels. Worn with a chord around the neck, these bags are traditionally oval in shape though newer versions are found in a wide range of shapes and styles. Featuring a natural element and an earthy vibe, this type of bag is a great pick for hippie boho style among others that involve a down-to-earth, close to nature vibe. 

Frame Bags

Frame Bags are traditionally used in sports and other activities that involve bicycling. Meant to fit perfectly, within your bicycle frame, Frame Bags are a great idea for storing extra gear and essentials when going on a ride. These bags have way more pros that make them a great addition to one’s must-haves. Including the fact that it helps in maintaining balance when riding as this bag lowers the bikes center of gravity increasing stability. Today, Frame Bags have evolved to suit different scenarios including camping and hiking. These bags can now store such items as a flashlight, tent pegs, water bottle, small food items, mugs etc. 

Phone Bags

Although these bags are a relatively new addition to the list of types of bags, Phone Bags are designed specifically to carry your phone. Available in different shapes and sizes better suited to the dimensions of any particular device. Not to mention color options and designs. Aside from the style and look of these bags, they also serve a functional purpose as being a protective layer for your phone. 

Field Bags

Field Bags quite simply are classic and functional daypacks that offer great storage and safety. Most of these bags are referred to as largpartments. As they include fairly spacious compartments that allow the safe storage of a laptop, gadgets, phones or other electronics. Not to mention other rather bulky items used in any given profession. The upside to these types of bags is the padding that ensures safety should there be any degree of movement. 

Tennis Bags

As the name suggests, Tennis Bags are primarily used for tennis or other similar sports such as badminton. Although these bags are designed to hold such items as rackets, boxes of tennis balls, towels, headbands, wristbands, socks, shorts and t-shirts etc. Tennis Bags can still be used based on any other requirements. Although the majority of Tennis Bags are made of nylon, probably as it is easy to keep clean, these bags can be used as a weekend bag or even a gym bag if the dimensions of these bags are better suited to the specific activity. Tennis Bags are available in different sizes, styles and colors. Although most professionals are more interested in functionality rather than appearances. The case is different for each individual. 

Hiking Bags

These bags are typically backpacks that are used by hikers and students. Hiking Bags are widely preferred over handbags especially when carrying heavy loads. Having to walk long distances or being unable to carry heavy weight for a long time makes Hiking Bags an effortless alternative. These bags not only offer great storage, they also feature smartly built compartments often with padding. Available in many colors and made from different materials, most hikers are also keen on water resistant Hiking Bags for their trips. 

Golf Bags

Golf Bags are traditionally used for storing and transporting golf clubs and equipment related to golf. These types of bags often have a metal frame and are made of canvas, nylon or leather among other different materials. The difference in dimensions, hardware, opening and way to be carried signal the subdivisions of Golf Bags that include carry bags, cart bags, staff bags as well as travel bags. Much like Hiking Bags, Golf Bags also feature compartments dedicated to certain items needed to play golf. 

Trunk Bags

Quite simply put, Truck Bags are what you need for any outdoor activities and adventures. This could be a weekend of camping with family or a trip to any destination by road. Ideally, Truck Bags come in handy when protection is required for cargo or luggage. Designed for all types of weather, more or less, Trucker Bags are waterproof and enable your necessities or possessions to reach from point a to point b in safety. Preventing any kind of damage or mishap during commute. 

Garment Bags

Also known as Suit Bags, Garment Bags are made of soft yet strong material. Designed for protection of garments and outerwear, as a means of storage or for transporting from one place to another intact. Suits, jackets and coats, basic apparel, gowns and dresses are just some of the types of garments often requiring a Garment Bag. This type of protection of garments can combat dust, water or any other element that may damage the garment when placed without a Garment Bag. 

Portfolio Bags

These bags are traditionally designed to carry, store and present the work and projects of professionals. Whether related to art, design, photography, architecture and numerous other professions that call for such bags where the work can be kept safe and secure. Especially for those somewhat delicate papers and details that need care during storage. Portfolio Bags are available in different sizes and shapes as well as colors. All based on the requirements of the user and the specified field of work. Some leather folio organizers are designed as cases while others are available as a makeshift folder with a zipper closure.

Rucksack Bags

One of the simplest styles of bags that has an equally simple and frameless shape are Rucksack Bags. Often made of fabric, this is a typical sack that is carried over the shoulders. Held in place by means of one or two straps. Rucksack Bags are also known as backpacks in modern day lingo and are used to carry practically anything. These bags are commonly used by hikers, cyclists, runners etc. One of the big reasons why Rucksack Bags are used so commonly is because they add stability through movement while also improving the potential to carry heavy loads that may pose difficulty when carried by hand. 

Belt Bags

Commonly referred to as a waist bag, Belt Bags are simply small sized pouch type bags that are held in place around the waist by means of a click type closure. Featuring an adjustable belt, these bags are great for carrying small or tiny items that may be lost in a bigger bag. Belly Bags, Moon Bags, Fanny Packs, Bum Bags are a few other names for this popular type of bag known world-wide. Belt Bags are made of fabric and often have a zipper closure. These bags are versatile enough to be used for just about any activity at any time or place. 

Foldover Bags

As the name suggests, Foldover Bags typically highlight a feature that may be found in different bags of various sizes. Typically similar to a tote bag, Foldover Bags enable the user to take full advantage of its storage capacity or simply use it halfway. The excess space at the top can then be folded over for better grasp when carried from place to place. Foldover Bags may or may not have smaller compartments within along with a handle that can be used to carry when filled to capacity. An adjustable strap is also available when these bags are folded over in which case the strap is used to wear over the shoulders. These bags are great for various activities and can be used in multiple ways. 

Cooler Bags

These bags come most in handy for camping, picnics, hiking or any activity that calls for carrying chilled items that require a cool atmosphere to remain chilled or frozen. Cooler Bags are used for carrying anything from chilled beers to sodas, water and in some cases even ice or ice-cream. There are different types of Cooler Bags available in different shapes and sizes as well as colors and made of various materials. Some Cooler Bags also have the capacity to carry an ice-bucket although these bags can be used in a variety of ways based on requirements. 

Box Bags

Mimicking the silhouette and style of trunk bags that go back to the nineteen fifties and beyond, Box Bags carry a nostalgic element aside of style and luxury. Box Bags have a very structured shape exactly as a box would hence the name. Box Bags however, were initially used to transport vanity items that women require especially when traveling. These bags may commonly have that box silhouette but are available in a multitude of designs, colors, styles and shapes. Sure, a box style may be square but can also be rectangular or even circular in shape and that’s exactly what Box Bags have evolved into from a contemporary take on this truly classic and luxurious statement piece. 

Safari Bags

Safari Bags have quite a wide range that is often based on shape and size. Covering safari backpack bags to safari trunk bags as well as safari messenger bags. Each available for a specific requirement related to safari. What is common among all the types of Safari Bags is the color palette that is often in earth tones as well as the impressive storage capacity not to mention compartmentalized features. Interestingly, these bags are now used for multiple reasons aside from strictly safari. Made of tough leather, as well as materials that include synthetic and water-proof fabrics, Safari Bags are quite big on making a statement. 

Bowling Bags

These bags are mainly used for carrying bowling balls as well as bowling shoes and other equipment. This totally depends on the size of the Bowling Bag being used. Historically Bowling Bags were used quite often as bowling was once a hot trend for families. Although it still remains the same, it is not essential to have a bag strictly for bowling. Bowling Bags much like the previous point we made, are available in different sizes and made of various materials including but not limited to leather. These bags can be hand held or strung over the shoulders. 

Bracelet Bags

Bags that are of a small or manageable size that can be worn on the wrist is the general idea of Bracelet Bags. These bags can be as small as a coin bag or in a size that isn’t too heavy to carry on a person’s wrist. Interestingly, while original versions of Bracelet Bags were designed specifically for this purpose, later and more contemporary models have it as a feature alongside regular handles and straps. This allows a person to use Bracelet Bags as a regular bag as well. Furthermore, building the popularity of these types of bags to a whole new level. 

Boston Bags

Historically, Boston Bags were referred to as any type of handbag or overnight bag that had short handles. Many seem to think this had to do with the fact that women living in New York during the eighteen hundreds carried more ornate and delicately designed bags unlike their Boston counterparts. These women carried more practical looking and functioning bags which is how the name was formed. Today, these bags are typically a travel bag that also serves as a basic utility bag. Having an oblong shaped bottom and a tapered or folded top, Boston Bags often have two handles. 

Muff Bags 

Going back to history and in some parts of the world today, Muff Bags are traditionally designed for warmth and style. Although the earliest versions had little to do with storage and more to do with keeping a person’s hands warm, Muffs as they were once called are a piece of fur that has been sewn to shape a tube. This has an opening on either hand from where a person can place their hands. Much like other types of bags, Muff Bags have also evolved to serve a more functional purpose than simply keeping one’s hands warm. Today, Muff Bags are also found on the handlebars of bicycles that help cyclists or motorcyclists on their rides.

Musette Bags

Shoulder bags that are made of either canvas or leather and are often lightweight are referred to as Musette Bags. A name given by the French, these bags are also called Bonk Bags, a name mostly used in the UK. These bags are used to store small portions of food and drink that can be grabbed by racers when competing in a race. Once these bags are grabbed and temporarily placed over the shoulder, are later placed into the racer’s jersey’s back pocket and bottle cage. Historically though, Muskette Bags were also used by soldiers as well as travelers. 

In modern adaptations, these Musette Bags have found a new role, accommodating the diverse needs of athletes and casual users alike, often being customized to match the design of their custom jerseys, enhancing both functionality and style.

Accordion Bags

As the name suggests, Accordion Bags take inspiration from the musical instrument ‘Accordion’. Hence the name as well as the silhouette of bags designed in the likeness of this renowned music piece. Not only are Accordion Bags small enough to carry around everywhere quite effortlessly, they exhibit a fun and interesting aspect of style and uniqueness all thanks to its distinct shape. These bags feature compartments as well as a strap that is often adjustable according to need. Over the last few years, Accordion Bags are now available in an impressive range of different colors and various sizes. 

Kiss-lock Clutch Bags

These bags are traditionally small and compact sized clutches with kiss-lock closure. Often used for storing coins, change or tiny items. Kiss-lock Clutch Bags are now available in many different sizes and featuring various designs. However the initial bags continue to be the same in size as well as look. Often carried on its own or placed into a bigger bag. Contemporary styles feature a detachable shoulder strap made of leather or a chain if it’s a dressier piece. Much like the type of strap, these bags are now available in different fabrics, leathers, even canvas and synthetic materials. 

Makeup Bags

There isn’t a distinct design or shape that can be identified as Makeup Bags. However they are portable and come in handy when you need your makeup and cosmetics on the go. True, Makeup Bags tend to be compact and may have the storage capacity for just your essentials, other versions of these bags may allow more storage for many other items other than your makeup essentials. Some Makeup Bags offer very simple and basic storage compartments while others have multi-functional compartments that allow more storage. Much like any other type of bag, these bags also come in various colors, designs and shapes as well as sizes and are made of different materials. 

Sleeping Bags

As the name suggests, Sleeping Bags are meant for sleeping in. Used mostly in such situations where one has to sleep outdoors. This could be while camping, hiking, climbing or even hill walking. Sleeping Bags are an insulated covering, typically quilted and lightweight, for a person to sleep in. Featuring a zipper closure that goes all the way up to the neck or other type of closure to keep the person warm and comfortable. There are currently five types of Sleeping Bags. Quilted as mentioned above, as well as rectangular, barrel shaped, double sleeping bags, mummy sleeping bags and elephant foot sleeping bags.  

Bermuda Bags

Typically round or oval shaped handbags that have wooden handles and a unique quality that involves the ability to change the fabric coverings. A great idea for creative minded people who are interested in carrying a new look every day. Bermuda Bags are available in many impressive colors, prints and even textures. A fun element to add some visual interest to a person’s daily look. While the size of these bags are similar, they can be carried as a clutch as well, simply because of the cute and compact size they have. 

Zip-around Wallet Bags

Continuing on with the small and compact look, Zip-around Wallet Bags are also pretty sleek, streamlined and yes compact as well. Often rectangular in shape, these bags are mostly made of leather, real the better, as well as feature simple compartments and zipper closure that goes around the dimensions of the bags. Stylish as well as functional, these bags are great for storing important documents and papers especially needed when traveling. 

Coin-purse Bags

Coin-purse Bags also known as coin-purse pouches are specifically made for carrying coins and in current times, small items. For many these bags would be the masculine alternative to Kiss-lock Clutch Bags but not necessarily gender specific as these bags or pouches can be used by anyone. Often made of leather or fabrics, these bags may have a draw-string closure especially in cases where the coin-purse is a pouch rather than a bag. For bag versions, zipper or other types of closures are mostly featured. 

Rolling Suitcase Bags

These bags are great for travel as they offer style and function that make for a must-have for all. Rolling Suitcase Bags are available in various shapes and sizes but carry a common feature among all the varieties. This being the inclusion of small wheels that enable the user to roll the bag comfortably when walking. The handles are another interesting feature that are adjustable according to need at the time. Rolling Suitcase Bags are also available in a trunk bag silhouette that further ensures all your possessions stay in place and in one piece while in transit. 

Doctor’s Bags

Typically referred to as medical bags, Doctor’s Bags are portable and are used by physicians or other medical professionals to transport medical supplies and medicines from one place to another. Initially Doctor’s Bags were only made of leather and featured an opening at the top with split handles within the design. Today, these bags continue to be made of quality leather although there are exceptions in which case faux or other synthetic materials are used. Modern versions also include additional pockets, pouches and zippers as well as hook and loop open.

Winding up this Post

It goes without saying, that while there are indeed many different types of bags, each for a specific purpose or occasion, it is apparent that every bag through history, has undergone many changes to achieve the position that they do to stay relevant today. Whether it is a backpack or a shoulder bag, a tote or a clutch, perhaps even a bracelet bag or a laptop bag, it’s difficult to imagine a world without any of them. Especially given the fast-paced world we’ve come to accept and roll with on a daily basis.

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