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8 Popular Types of Men’s Purses and Bags: An Accessory That Makes or Breaks A Look

types of bags for men

A few decades ago, there were not so many men’s bag styles available other than those same old work bags. But, now it is a multi-billion dollar business with numerous types of bags for men at hand to suit your personality and occasion.

At some point in life, we all have complained about women having a variety of bags to match everyday needs, unlike men. However, what we don’t know is that there is a whole other world of bag options for men that is hidden from our eyes to date.

Therefore, here is a list of must-have types of men’s leather bags to enlighten your fashion intellect. So, let’s dig in!

How To Choose An Everyday Bag For Men? 

With so many stylish men’s bag options available today, it becomes difficult to choose the right bag to meet all your needs. Here are a few features you should look for while pinning down that perfect men’s everyday bag.  

1. The Bag Style 

Choosing the correct men’s bag style can make or break your look in a second. Here are key factors that may influence the choice of your bag style. 

  • Consider The Straps

Men’s bags come in a variety of strap options, i.e., single strap, double strap, and no strap folio bags. Deciding on the right strap style depends entirely on your style preferences and how long you carry the bag.

A comfortable double-strap shoulder bag will work if you aim to carry the bag for an extended period. However, you can also go for single-strap bags or purses for shorter periods. 

  • Avoid Feminine styles 

Certain types of bags have an identical women’s bag vibe. Therefore, always look for masculine bags with no heavy embellishments. A minimal bag with a signature leather finish is a safe choice to avoid any fashion disaster.

2. The Appropriate Color

The choice of color is crucial when buying a bag. Opt for a color that you feel the most comfortable wearing. It can be a black, chocolate brown, olive green, or chestnut leather bag. 

However, while choosing the color, make sure that it complements all your workwear and casual wardrobe. It will maximize the utility, making it a versatile everyday men’s bag.   

3. Material 

The material is the key to buying the perfect men’s bag. A wrong fabric choice can destroy your bag’s whole look.

Authentic leather bags are the most popular type of bag for men. They are the most stylish and durable of all the other materials and fabrics. They may cost a little more bucks, but they are here to stay with you for a lifetime. 

Wearing leather messenger bags and backpacks according to the occasion imparts a touch of class with a chic vibe.

4. Utility

Considering the utility or how you want to use the bag is crucial in determining the right bag style. For Instance, you cannot carry a messenger bag to the gym or at a beach; these bags are designed specifically for work wear. So, you will need to carry a tote or duffle bag to keep your workout essentials.

Different Types Of Bags For Men

Now that you know all the tips and tricks for buying stylish bags for men. Let’s move to the actual topic and find out various types of men’s bags that are an absolute wardrobe essential. 

Backpack / Rucksack

Backpack / Rucksack

Like men’s sneakers, men’s hype bags or backpacks are among the most desired men’s bag styles in the last decade.

Leather backpacks are the most versatile of the whole lot. Depending on your situation, they can be used as business casual work bags, outdoor travel bags for a weekend pursuit, or as training buddies for all your workout sessions at the gym.

Endorsed by every style, tribe, and culture, the old school backpacks; being an absolute men’s classic, are now a flourishing men’s bag style.

Tote Bag 

Tote Bag 

Standing at some point between a briefcase and backpacks in formality; tote bags are the most spacious smart casual bags for men. From your laptops and tablets to all your stationery and heavy books, tote bags can accommodate almost everything within their sleek design.

Whether you are an on the go professional photographer or at a weekly grocery run to the store, this street smart bag will cover you for all your professional and smart casual clothing needs.

The choice of material is crucial in choosing the right tote or men’s carry bag for the respective event. For instance, a nylon or leather bag would work for casual work days. However, a canvas is more suitable for shopping or gym purposes.

Briefcase Bag 

Briefcase Bag 

Initially designed for lawyers to keep their documents handy, with professional ethics in mind, a quality briefcase is a city man’s best buddy. The sleek and smart design with all the practical features makes them the premium work bag among all the other styles. 

While choosing the right leather briefcase style, pick the piece that goes with your professional attire.Therefore, go for the finest quality leather bag that matches the color of your footwear. It will suit well with most of your workwear outfits and last you a lifetime. 

However, before making a bet on the right piece, ensure the briefcase is spacious enough to accommodate all your work stuff, i.e., laptop, charger, file, and stationery.

Messenger Bag

Messenger Bag

Until recent times messenger bags were considered a boring bag style with a very old-school vibe. That is when designers came into play and did their magic by adding a few stylish, practical features into this obsolete design and turning them into a modern men’s style.

With all the modern aesthetics, this bag style is a decent option for daily commuters to carry their laptops, documents, and lunchboxes hassle-free. 

The best part is that you can now customize your bag according to your needs. You name it, from the old school style to creating a statement piece, a retro style sports bag to the finest quality luxury bag.

Duffle Bag 

Duffle Bag 

A cylindrical bag style with drawstring closure at the top, a duffle bag is perfect for carrying luggage and equipment in handy. This bag style is named after the town in Belgium where the bag fabric is made. A duffle bag being the most popular among sailors and marine workers is also called a sea bag.

However, these days most travel bags with somewhat similar features manufactured are called duffle. Such as a weekender bag made out of leather, but with a much smarter and sleek design than a duffle. 

The Folio

The Folio

A leather folio bag is perfect for people who like to keep it simple and minimal. This relatively small bag can effortlessly be tucked under your arm while keeping all your essential items like papers, files, tablets, cell phones, and small laptops.

These rectangular-shaped bags feature no strap design with neat edges, zipper, or folded flap closure is an intelligent solution to all your workplace problems. Add this elegant bag style to your professional attire for a sophisticated workwear look.

Whether you are up for a business meeting or a casual interview, this folio case is a nice bag to keep all your essential things safe without ruining your fashion game.

Men’s Cross-Body Bag 

Men’s Cross-Body Bag 

Cross-body bags, previously popular as bum bags, are more of a practical style to keep all your essential items like wallets, cell phones, and keys. However, they are not that spacious to keep a laptop or a tablet.

In modern times, these cross-body bags are all the rage. From tracksuits to fine tailoring, you can pair them with almost any outfit in your closet without compromising on style.

However, while pinning down the right Stachel man purse, focus on the dimensions. Choose the size that perfectly fits your needs and can keep in all your essential items without looking like a sack.

Gym Bag 

Gym Bag 

Whether you are a classic gym enthusiast or a first-timer, a nice and roomy man bag is crucial for all your workout sessions. This one bag can hold your towel, athletic shoes, and pre-workout supplements from your office directly to the training hassle-free.

While choosing the appropriate gym bag, make sure to buy the one with different compartments for your shoes, clothes, food, and drinks to keep the smelly stuff separate from your edibles. 


There may be numerous types of bags for men available, but choosing the right one to match your needs is a  difficult task. However, selecting the right men’s bag style in a versatile color and durable material can take you a long way. 

If you are into business professional bag styles, briefcases, or messenger bag styles would be a perfect fit. However, backpacks or totes are a decent choice for casual men’s everyday bags.

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