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What to Wear to a Casual Interview? 

Are you feeling overwhelmed about your job interview and cannot decide what to wear to this casual interview? Rest assured that you will make an enduring impression by following our guide on dressing up for casual interviews.

Of course, your professional skills and qualifications count, but your interview outfit also may significantly influence your job interview success. Your interview may not be a fashion parade but dressing up professionally for your interview speaks for your attitude before your words.

Over the past few years, we all have gone so comfortable working from home in our pajamas that dressing formally for an interview seems a daunting task for most of us. Therefore, we have curated this ultimate dressing guide to make this chore a child’s play for you. So, let’s dive in!

What to Wear to an Interview?

Gone are the days when a suit is the only appropriate outfit to wear to an interview. With the massive change in corporate culture, the dressing preferences have shifted towards a more casual side. So, if you want to dress up for a specific job, the trick is to research the company’s dress code and ethical norms and dress accordingly.

On the contrary, If you are out of time and cannot indulge in extensive research, a neutral-colored button-down dress shirt paired with contrasting black or brown pants and suitable workwear footwear will do the task for you. Moreover, wearing a few accessories like a wristwatch and a waist belt may add more to your casual interview outfit.

Tips for Styling Casual Job Interview Outfits 

Looking for some expert advice to win your dream job.? This is the place for you; here are some tips and tricks that will help you dress to impress your interviewer.


The first and foremost thing to keep in mind while styling for an interview is comfort. The distress in your outfit will reflect in your personality and body language and may cause you to lose the golden opportunity of landing that dream job.

The Right Fit 

The element that can make or break the vibe of any outfit is the fitting. If the fit is incorrect, you may adjust your outfit more often while losing concentration and confidence in front of your recruiter.


Choosing the appropriate footwear is essential. Look for footwear that complements your outfit and is comfortable to wear. Dress shoes with moderate heels will work well for interviews. Avoid wearing sneakers or athletic shoes.

The Fragrance

Avoid wearing strong fragrances to your interview. A pleasant and mild deodorant is best to shake off any body odor and keep you fresh while saving you from the embarrassment of wearing strong perfume.

Skin Exposure

While showing some skin is an excellent trick to grab attention, it is against workplace ethics. Avoid wearing shorts, mini skirts, and off-shoulder outfits to your interview. Instead, wear a blazer and full-length pants with your outfit for more coverage and to exhibit a lasting impression.

Hair Style

An appropriate hairstyle is one of the deciding factors for your overall look. Wear a sleek and tidy hairstyle to your interview for a casual professional look. 

The Appropriate Colors

When choosing the right colors, go for a dark tone blazer and bottom and neutral tops. Black, white, brown and beige are some classic evergreen colors to wear to an interview.

Interview Outfits for Women

More often than not, while preparing for our dream job, we often put aside the importance of wearing appropriate interview attire for women. Therefore, to help you choose the job-winning look, here are some interview outfit inspirations. So, let’s scroll down to dress and be the game-changer of your destiny with the right outfit choice.

Casual Outfits 

Casual Outfits 

Unlike most corporate firms, not many other institutions believe in a formal dress code. Therefore, you have to be very careful while choosing your outfit. After all, your outfit is what speaks for your skills before your skills speak for you.

For dressing up in casual job interview attire as a female, wear a pair of dark tone pants or a midi skirt with a neutral dress shirt and appropriate shoes. While wearing a blazer is optional, it may add instant sophistication to your overall outfit.

Formal Casual Attire 

Formal Casual Attire 

The formal casual or business casual attire is the perfect interview attire for companies with no specifically defined dress code. For a sophisticated and elegant dressy casual look, you can wear a midi statement dress or a blouse with simple skinny jeans and a blazer for a semi-formal workplace vibe. Moreover, a pair of heels and a few accessories will also work well with this dress code.

Job Interview Outfits for Men

Being a man, dressing up professionally for an interview is no less than an uphill climb, as there are not many professional clothing options available. So, If you are looking for some outfit ideas to wear to your job interview, try styling with these professional looks to land your dream job by creating an enduring first impression.

Smart Casual Dress Code

Smart Casual Dress Code

Smart casual is the most appropriate dress code to wear for a casual interview. It is basically a blend of formal and casual clothing. Combine some appropriate casual and business wear pieces to pull off a smart casual look. For Instance, you can wear a smart casual look by styling your corduroy pants and a polo shirt with a casual blazer and white platform shoes for your interview.

Professional Casual Outfits 

Professional Casual Outfits 

Professional casual is interchangeably used for business casual dress code. It is a semi-formal business attire that exhibits a smart look without compromising your comfort. Wear a simple dress shirt with a tie with washed denim and leather loafers for a winning professional, casual interview look.


How to dress for an interview?

Dressing up professionally raises your chances of winning a job. Therefore opt for an outfit with a sophisticated vibe. A business casual look with a dress shirt paired with corduroy pants and a blazer will work well for men. On the other hand, women can wear dressy casual attire like a statement dress or a business suit paired with a neutral color dress shirt and a blazer for an elegant workplace look.

What is a smart casual dress code?

Smart casual is an amalgam of professional wear outfits with elements of casual wear. For instance, you can wear casual pants like a chino or dark-washed jeans with a polo shirt and a sports blazer for cultured smart casual attire. Simultaneously, women can wear some sober-colored shirts and pair them with a workwear bottom and a few statement jewelry pieces for smart casual attire. 

What is the best color to wear for an interview?

Choosing the right color for your interview is as crucial as your outfit. The right color can make or break your whole attire. So, try to choose neutral colors for your interview attire and avoid bright shirts. In addition,  you can also opt for some dark tones like black, white, brown and dark blue to complement the neutral color shirts.

Can you wear printed shirts for a casual interview? 

Wearing printed shirts to an interview in some workplaces may be against the professional dress code. However, you can wear plaids or button-down shirts with dress pants and a tie for a professional interview look. In addition, wearing a blazer with this outfit is optional.

What is the limit to dressing casually for a casual interview? 

You can dress up casually, but showing up in sweats and a t-shirt to your interview is against professional standards. However, you can combine some elements of casual attire like chino pants and a sports blazer with a dress shirt and a tie or professional clothing articles to create a sophisticated casual look.


Preparing for an interview to land your dream job is always an overwhelming affair. But, the right professional attire can help you beat that uncertainty with an impactful first impression. For a casual interview, you can dress up in smart business casual attire by carefully combining formal and informal clothing elements into a sophisticated look.

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