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Business Casual Style with Mini Skirt Suits 

mini skirt suit

If there’s anything we’ve understood, it is that we’re all obsessed with altering history with a modern twist and are ready to swap our closet staples for some conventional styles. As a result, the micro-mini tradition is back with full force. 

It is here to pop some fun elements into our wardrobe, but can we wear them to work? 

The simple answer is yes. The Spring 2023 fashion week introduced us to a wide range of revamped 90’s mini skirt suit collections that can be styled into chic business casuals. In addition, you could play with different silhouettes, shapes, and textures to liven up your 9-5 ensembles. 

So whether you want to wear it to an interview and make an impression or flaunt a mini skirt suit in an office event, we have everything you need to know. So go through the blog and get inspired by different ideas and trends that will help you rock miniskirts into grown-up fashion. 

Here are some excellent ideas to show how you can do that: 

Color Coordination 

The primary determining factor of any outfit is the color, and this holds even more significance when it comes to a mini skirt suit. An explosion of bright funky colors will be a big no-no when it comes to business casuals, while delicate pastels and solids can help you achieve that business formal look you’re aiming for. These are some of the colors that can never go wrong when styling a mini skirt suit for your office wear: 



There is something so powerful and classic about black which makes it the perfect color for any business outfit, especially for a mini skirt suit. Choose a crisp button-down with platform sides, and pair it with a deep black mini pencil skirt to finish the look. 

This black mini skirt suit will give you a polished look every office demands and is the best possible way to incorporate minis into your work wardrobe. 



If anything can beat an all-black, it’s a white mini-skirt suit which was all the rage at the runway, pulled off by different models. Put on a neat white top, pair it with a simple figure-flattering skirt and top it off with an elegant blazer. 

The subtleness of white combined with the sharpness of a mini skirt suit is the best way to style a business casual look, especially if you don’t want to take any risks. 



We get it if you’re done with black and white and want to add some color to your wardrobe. To embrace the mini skirt suit trend in full swing, go for a bright fluorescent yellow or coral orange to add that much-needed pop of color. 

The trick? Tone it down with an oversized, long coat that extends the hemline to create a calmer and relaxed look.

Dark and Deep 

Dark and Deep 

If you want to seize the mini skirt suit trend in all its glory, then choose a bold red mini suit skirt or go for a classic women’s dark purple mini suit skirt to amp up your wardrobe. While these colors are eye-catching and daring, they still have a sharpness around them that makes them office-appropriate. 

Ensure the cloth is not heavily textured and the print is plain and simple to avoid looking over the top. 

Type of Fabric

To flaunt a business mini skirt suit, it is essential to choose a suitable textile, and thankfully, you have a plethora of fabrics to choose from. We have skimmed it down to some primary materials that could help you rock that office outfit without compromising any dress codes. 

Here are our top fabrics that will make any piece of clothing look both fashionable and sophisticated: 


A tweed or “two-threaded” fabric is an excellent material if you want to style a mini skirt business suit first for corporate business. This fabric doesn’t require much styling either because it is chic, modern, and exquisite on its own. 

Combine it with a simple silk shirt and pair it with over-the-knee boots to make it look as sophisticated as it can get. You could also wear a tweedy fabric overall or a crisp blazer on top to finish off the look. 

Remember to keep the colors on the pastel side of the spectrum, and you’re ready to flaunt a modish tweed mini skirt suit at work. 


The textured herringbone combines recycled wool and cotton, making it highly suitable for an innovative and sustainable style. In addition, this fabric is a risk-free option and is popular amongst outfits for women for office. 

So style a high-waisted button-front mini skirt with a plain tucked-in shirt, and pair it with a Herringbone jacket and high heels to complete the look. Go for colors like olive green, beige, or even brown to enhance the fabric, and create a voguish outfit for work. 


If you’re looking for something that’s both classy and breathable, then there’s no safer option than a comfortable linen mini skirt suit. But, of course, you could partner it with a beautifully tailored blazer, a stylish watch, and a leather bag to complete a big board meeting outfit. 

The Perfect Print 

By far, we’ve discussed a wide range of options to achieve a simple mini skirt suit, but what if you want to carry a printed silhouette? That’s not an issue either, as some “grown-up” prints will instantly elevate the look and make it more office-friendly. 

Here are some of the prints that you could go for: 

Heritage Checks 

Adult prints such as houndstooth or heritage checks are an instant getaway for a distinct, witty business casual style and a great addition to women’s mini skirt suit sets.

You could pair a simple mini skirt with a structured suit jacket in checks to pull off this androgynous styling. Incorporate colors like brown, beige or nude shades to extenuate the look and make it business-appropriate. 

Patchwork Prints 

Tap into the 70’s aesthetic with bright patchwork patterns, yet make it qualify for a mini skirt business suit by pairing it with a stoic houndstooth jacket. 

If you want to add a conservative twist to this graphic print, pair it with a polo sweater, an oversized jacket, or some long boots. Of-course, you could also tone it down with light-colored patterns to keep both fun and sophistication hand in hand. 


There is nothing more ladylike than a fabulous floral print, and incorporating it in your minis is the perfect way to flaunt an edgy grown-up vibe. 

You could wear a floral slip dress with a jacket or pair your high-waisted printed skirt with a simple white t-shirt and a dull grey blazer for a more modern look. Finish the look with tall combat boots or sleek high heels to put together the right ensemble. 

Team up your Mini Skirt with 

The right accessories and matching of different silhouettes can make or break your outfit. We’re providing you with a list of popular styling combinations that can help you flatter an effortless yet sophisticated office look. 

Here are a few ideas: 

T-shirt and Oversized Blazer 

T-shirt and Oversized Blazer 

One popular combination has been teaming up a casual cotton tee with a polished short skirt and an oversized blazer with structured shoulders. You could pair this with ankle boots to rock a comfortable yet elegant office attire. 

Tall Boots 

Tall Boots 

If you’re not big on revealing skin, yet want to wear a mini skirt suit, then the length of these tall leather boots will provide a winning compromise. This will offer a proportionate balance to the short hemline of the skirt, elongate your legs and make the attire look office-appropriate. 



A pair of hosiery or leggings ensures that you’re not exposing too much skin and is a great way to look more professional, especially at a workplace with stricter dress codes. Opt for skin-colored or dark stockings without patterns for a more subtle approach. 

Leather Jacket 

Leather Jacket 

Another great way to keep the formality of the mini skirt intact is to wear a ravishing leather skirt with a comfortable top and finish it with a nice leather jacket to create a refined look. Leather is a luxury and will help elevate a simple mini to a more posh business level. However, make sure your workplace has a flexible dress-code before going for leather. 


What are mini skirt suits?

Miniskirt suits consist of mini skirts, a top, and a blazer or jacket on top to give a more business casual appeal. It is usually made from office-friendly fabric and colors to suit the workplace. 

Are mini skirt suits semi-formal?

While skirts are an essential element of semi-formal clothing, a mini skirt suit made from the suitable fabric with the right accessories can qualify as formal. Even still, it is most popularly considered semi-formal. 

Can you wear a mini skirt suit to a job interview?

Yes, you can wear it to a job interview provided you pair it with suitable accessories and clothing, such as a knee-long oversized blazer or long boots. 

What is the protocol for mini skirts in the workplace?

Many companies are okay with mini skirts. However, this depends on the dress code of your particular workplace. Even still, pencil skirts are preferred over mini skirts if they are not styled properly. 

What skirt length qualifies as a mini? 

Mini skirts range between 10 inches to 20 inches and have a hemline far above the knee. 


If you want to conquer a bold, classy fashion style and add a fun element to your work wardrobe, then a mini skirt suit is the thing for you. Just make sure you style it with the right accessories, keep the textile and color in mind and match it with complementing silhouettes.

These were just options that we narrowed down for you. You can also pair these skirts with other outerwear accessories and become a trendsetter. 

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