How to Wear a Polo Shirt?

how to wear a polo shirt

Men surely are picky and feel like they should have clothing pieces that speak to them. They love having many types of leather jackets, denim jeans, and polo shirts so that they can sketch out their perfect look. Following the fashion trend is their first choice at least for some men as they want to look like a stud always. 

Men feel like their wardrobe is incomplete without some polo shirts with classy colors and great fitting. Polo shirts are an all-rounder, you can style them in any possible way and wear them to events just by pairing them with the right clothes. Also, you do not have to worry about the weather as it works well in all seasons. 

Most men might just take out a polo shirt on an everyday basis and wear it with whatever they can find, do not do that. Keep the value of the polo shirt intact. Wear it any or every time but do it well. Let us tell you how you can wear a polo shirt for any type of occasion. Before we do that it is important for you to know from where these shirts made their way. Moreover, you’ll get to know how polo shirts are treated in the modern world. 

Throwback to Polo Shirts 

Man wearing a vintage polo full sleeves shirt.

People do wear polo shirts but are not well aware of where the shirts came from. Polo shirts come from the polo game in the 6th century BC. The shirts came into being in the west, leading to what polo shirts are today. However, they have transformed themselves, and the earlier polo shirts have been quite different from that of today.

Vintage Polo Shirts

Vintage polo shirts had long sleeves with a collar made of thick cloth. It was usually made from Oxford cotton and had a button-down collar. However, these shirts were not comfortable for polo and thus the players stopped wearing them and started wearing tennis shirts. 

Retro Polo Shirts 

We all know that the 70s was a colorful retro decade. Even in this century the polo shirts were completely hyped up and were the people’s favorite. They loved wearing these shirts by pairing up with different clothing pieces. The shirts had retro collars and colorful patterns 

Modern Polo Shirts 

Since the time polo shirts have come into being, they never have seemed to leave. Men seem to wear them at every event. Some polo shirts have been introduced by famous brands too. Modern day polo shirts have three buttons down their collar, a streamlined collar with an open hem. However, it has its fitting at the arms, waist, and chest. You can wear it with a leather sport jacket, denim jeans, and sneakers. Quite basic but worth the hype. 

5 Ways to Wear a Polo Shirt

Polo shirts are stylish and all-rounder and thus there are many ways in which you can wear them. From being a street style to business wear, polo shirts have been through all. Here are some of the ways in which we think that polo shirts should be worn. 

Men’s Semi-Formal Polo Outfit

Model wearing a blazer over a polo shirt.

Polo with blazers? If we think about it, it is a royal combo when it comes to semi- formal wear. If you want to twist your look a bit and not wear button-down shirts for office, we feel like polo shirts are going to be a great fit. Take out your favorite polo shirt, it would be better if it is in a solid color. Pair it with chinos, khakis, or any formal pants, wear a blazer over your polo shirt to complete your look. Wear oxfords or loafers if you have to or you can also go for sneakers. 

Men’s Casual Polo Outfit

Man standing against the railing.

Days are long, running errands is tiring thus casual outfits for every day should be comfortable. We all know that there is nothing more comfortable than a polo shirt. You can always style a polo shirt with your most comfortable denim jeans and sneakers. To elevate your look more you can always slide over your very best leather jacket. Ta-da, this polo and jeans outfit would make you look like a handsome hunk. 

Black Polo Men’s Outfit

Man with tattoos on arms.

Smart casual outfits look the best when they are all black, a polo shirt included in the look would look extremely smart. If you are going on a casual dinner date or maybe a post-graduation party, we know how you can style yourself. Pick your favorite black polo shirt and take out black chinos from your wardrobe. You can tuck in your polo shirt in your pants and add a statement belt. Wear loafers, a watch, and do not forget to gel back your hair. 

Polo Summer Outfits

Man sitting besides a bag.

Dressing up in summer is one’s own bliss. There are so many outfits to style in so many ways that you are unable to track time. Well, polo shirts can be styled in a very alluring manner when we talk about them in summer. For breezy summer evenings, you can always pick a polo shirt with shorts, and then you can slide your bomber jacket over it. With it, you can wear white canvas shoes, add some leather cuffs to your hand. This look is going to represent you in summer and is going to be highly attractive. 

Polo Winter Outfits

Model with his one hand in his pocket.

Winters call for long sleeve polo shirts with winter jackets over them. You do not have to look all puffed with layering a lot in winters, you should be clever enough to pick the right warm clothes. Take out your long sleeved polo shirt, with it you can wear denim jeans, chinos, or khakis, depending on the event. You can wear a trench coat over your outfit, and go for suede or leather boots. The whole outfit would be good enough to keep you warm and will make you look stylish. 


Are polos business casual?

Yes, polos are business casual. They are made for the person to work with ease and comfort, thus they can be worn to work on an everyday basis. 

How to wear a leather jacket with a polo shirt?

Leather jackets are going to work well with any type of polo jacket. It won’t even take a lot of effort. Take out your jeans and polo shirt, tuck your shirt in your jeans and wear your leather jacket over it. You can wear canvas shoes, loafers or sneakers with them. This might be the most basic yet classic look. 

Does a nerdy look include polo shirts?

Nerd outfits do not have to be boring at all. When it comes to polo shirts they are the best clothing piece of a men’s wardrobe. So incorporating a polo shirt in a nerd outfit would be a classic twist and is going to look great. 

Should polos be worn for particular events? 

No. Polos can be worn at any type of event. You should know how to pair it with the right outerwear.  


Now you know how you can wear a polo shirt in 5 different ways. When it comes to styling any piece of clothing, an effort is very necessary. You should have the right eye to know what outerwear will look best with which one. With such an instinct you can take a lowkey outerwear and make it look extraordinary.

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