The 15 Best Winter Jackets for Men in 2023

“Winter is coming” along with the best winter jackets for men. We all know how hard it can be to choose men’s winter jackets. From leather, all the way to bombers and quilted jackets, all these options make the process of selecting and picking insanely tiresome and frustrating. 

However, this should not stop you from getting your dream jackets. After all, a good winter jacket is a crucial part of every man’s wardrobe, and we know the ecstatic feeling that people get when they see themselves in the perfect jacket. 

Men’s winter jackets have always been a source of fascination and a way to let your imaginations run loose and impress your peers. However, with the current fiery-paced style market, the design and trends change on the get-go, and you need to be aware of what piece ensures style, functionality, and durability. 

But before we do that, we need to know what is the best time to buy a winter jacket that you can get the right balance of good deals and availability of styles. Without further ado, let’s begin!

When is the best time to buy a winter jacket?

The answer to this question is subjective, but we have narrowed down the three usual time frames and their pros and cons to get an idea of what would be the best for you. 

Before winter

If you’re not a “trendy” person and don’t particularly care about what shades of colors will be popular this year, then buying a men’s winter jacket two-three months before the winter season can be quite rewarding. Usually, big brands have “early winter sales” in these months, and they provide you with a wide variety of men’s winter fashion essentials at very reasonable prices. You can choose freely without worrying about the price. However, the downside is that the styles and colors are from last year; they are out of style, with just mundane choices rather than trendy ones.

During winter

Most jacket purchases happen when winter hits, and people rush to the malls and brands to get their desired jackets that they saw in some TV show or a designer’s ramp walk. All the trendy colors, cuts, and patterns make it to the malls in no time. 

You have an unlimited range to choose from and become “all the rage” this season. On the other hand, the prices are at their peak. A good winter jacket can start anywhere from five hundred to thousands of dollars at these times. If you’re on a budget, this might not be the best time.

After the winter

We call this the lucky phase. At these times, stores and brands clear their racks for the summer collections. In doing so, most if not all brands launch “winter clearance sales ” in an attempt to get the most out of this season. Now, if you’re lucky, you might find your desired style and color at a staggeringly low price. 

Otherwise, people only have access to dull and unpopular options left out because all the good ones are already gone. In essence, you can consider this phase as a “high risk and high reward” type of situation.

Whatever time frame fulfills your requirements go with that. We believe that the jacket lovers should make whatever purchase they want at any time of the year they want and not go bankrupt while doing so. 

Here at The Jacket Maker, we provide you with the best winter jackets for men made with the best quality raw materials, such as our most popular full grain natural leather.

 Now that you have decided when you are going to get your desired jacket. However, before you do that, it is always best to know which jackets are the best according to popular and expert opinion. 

Whether it be men’s hooded winter jackets or business winter jackets, the following questions will help you make a choice.

What are the best winter jackets for extreme cold?

Here are our picks for the best winter jackets for extreme cold based on popular and expert opinions:

The leather jacket

black and white leather jacket

Yes, you guessed it right! Popularized by Hollywood movies such as “rebel without a cause” and “the wild one,” the leather jacket has become the staple for men’s best winter jackets. This jacket gives the ultimate “bad boy” look to any outfit you have. While doing that, it also ensures that your body is warm and protected from the harsh winter elements.

Here are some of our most popular products:

1. Alberto Shearling Brown Leather Jacket

brown winter leather jacket for men

 An excellent first option if you decide to go to the leather jacket route. The Alberto Shearling Brown Leather Jacket gives the traditional leather jacket a stylish twist with its tilted middle zip with its rich black or milk chocolate color, shiny finish, and fur-lined collars lapels. It provides the jacket with the double-breasted look that we all love. 

2. Alpine Brown Fur Leather Jacket

men's winter leather jacket

A highly stylish and might we say a statement, the Alpine Brown Fur Leather Jacket screams diversity and individuality. Its lavish stained dark brown color, light brown seams, fur-lined cuffs, and collars give this a unique feel like nothing else. While showing your fun side to your friends like other casual winter jackets and family, this jacket keeps you insulated.

3. Evan Hart Fur Brown Leather Jacket

fur brown leather jacket for men

A classic leather jacket with a slight twist, the Evan Hart Fur Brown Leather Jacket will fully satisfy your thirst for a winter leather jacket. The jacket is available in a luxurious and rustic brown color. The minimal but defining fur collars give this jacket an edge over other simple leather jackets while keeping it accurate to its original form.

4. Forest Double Face Shearling Jacket

winter shearling jacket for men

If you are looking to spend something extra in your quest for the best leather jacket, the Forest Double Face Shearling Jacket will not let you down. Now, this is what you call a heavy-duty jacket. The jacket has an impeccable full grain natural leather shell and a thick fur interior that keeps you warmly packed in freezing temperatures. The jacket’s defining features are its buckles, which along with the rustic brown color and extravagant fur, make you feel like a stylish men’s winter jacket king—a Vi-King.

The Bomber Jacket and Its Types

Black Leather Bomber Jacket

Men’s bomber jackets took the world by storm when it came in 2015. Everyone who knew about it had to get one. As a result, the jacket became a staple for casual winter jackets with its relaxed and trendy finish. The best feature of the jacket was its widely ranged diversity in manufacturing and styling. Quickly making its way even to that waterproof jacket market, the bomber jacket showed just how diversified it could be. 

Here are our picks for this design:

5. Nashville Quilted Windbreaker Jacket

windbraker winter jacket for men

Now, this is what you call a proper bomber jacket. The Nashville Quilted Windbreaker Jacket has a quilted center frame and stylish fabric arms for that staple bomber jacket look. In particular, our high-quality YKK zippers give this great functionality and a unique look. The jacket is available in a navy-blue color with which you can’t go wrong. Dress it up or dress it down; this option will give the diverse range of wearability you need.

6. Francis B-3 Distressed Black Leather Bomber Jacket

Black Leather Bomber winter Jacket

You thought we were done with leather, didn’t you? You can never get enough leather! However, believe it or not, the leather is not the feature that shines the most, but the overall design is. The Francis B-3 Distressed Black Leather Bomber Jacket design kills two birds with one stone and gives the bang for your buck, combining the bomber style and the leather richness. 
The fur lining gives you an affluent feel, while the defining bomber pockets ensure the trendy feel.

7. Zack Green Bomber Jacket

zack bomber jacket for men

We know you were wondering where this jacket is, so we saved the best for last. One of the best winter jackets, the Zack Green Bomber Jacket is what you call a textbook bomber jacket. Some things never get old. 

This jacket has a minimalistic sophisticated design; however, it differs from the crowd because of its stunning color. This jacket is guaranteed to last many outings and do it in a comfortable and relaxed manner. The jacket is light in weight but heavy in style. It is at the forefront of affordable winter jackets for men.

Windbreakers and their types

Nyle Quilted Windbreaker Jacket

We all love the trusty old windbreakers, don’t we? Everyone needs a windbreaker jacket to seek refuge from the harsh winter winds that rampage any city, depending on where you live. 

The windbreaker jacket does just that. As a result, it is one of the best winter jackets for extreme cold. Its quilted structures keep you insulated while the outer resistant surface prevents any moisture from getting in. 

However, the problem with such jackets has always been a lack of attractive designs. But thanks to our exquisite craftsmanship, that has become a thing of the past. 

The following are our best picks:

8. Bo Quilt Windbreaker Jacket

Men's Quilt Windbreaker Jacket

Available in navy blue, the Bo Quilt Windbreaker Jacket is the perfect windbreaker jacket with its quilted interior, which means that it has individually placed pockets of insulation, which are apparent in its uneven surface. 

This jacket is heavy duty and stylish at the same time. You must get the fit right with these jackets. We ensure that with our craftsmen that tailor every inch to your needs. Furthermore, our high-quality stainless buttons complete the looks attractively.

9. Nelson Quilted Windbreaker Jacket

windbreaker winter jacket

Similar to the previous one, this jacket serves all the functions of a windbreaker jacket should. It’s breathable, warm, and flexible. 

However, the Nelson Quilted Windbreaker Jacket has a much more structured look with its buckled collars and oversized pockets, giving it a trench coat type look. If you’re someone who usually wears formal attire, then this will suit your style.

10. Alps Quilted Windbreaker Jacket

men's hooded winter jacket

Combining the warm nature of the windbreaker and the bomber jacket’s stylish design is not an easy thing to do. However, in the Alps Quilted Windbreaker Jacket, we see it done spectacularly. When it comes to insulated hooded jackets, we see cheap designs and materials. 

Our “direct to customer” approach makes it possible to deliver the top-quality product at 1/4 the market price. You can get this piece in its evergreen navy color provided at your doorstep at a jaw-dropping deal. 

Now that we have discussed the staples let’s discuss the trendier styles. Nowadays, it is hard to determine what’s in fashion and what isn’t, but in particular, we see statement pieces such as men’s hooded winter jackets to be bright in color and different in design.

This fact begs the question:

Which jackets are in style?

Style can be subjective for many people, but you know that these will definitely be in style when it comes to specific clothing designs and colors. As a result, we have narrowed some of our articles of clothing for your convenience.

11. Terry Blue Winter Jacket

men's blue witner jacket

The color, the style, the design, and the fabric. Each aspect of the Terry Blue Winter Jacket yells fashion and style. This, especially with the current trends of color blocking, is in style where a central statement piece is the main focus. This is sure to be stylish for this season.

12. Furcliff Black Leather Coat

furcliff black leather witner jacket

At the last Met Gala, we saw that extravagant styles were everywhere. However, extravagance requires careful structuring, or else you might look overdressed every time. 

Think of the Furcliff Black Leather Coat as an exquisite show of affluence but balance it with neutral compliments, and you will stand separate from the crowd. Besides, fur never goes out of style, right? 

13. Borges Gray Wool Blazer

men's wool winter blazer

When it comes to an impressive business winter jacket, it is quite difficult to decide what’s formal because the lines get blurred quite often. 

However, the Borges Gray Wool Blazer is sure to meet your business requirements and make you look stylish simultaneously. Dress it up with a tie or dress it down with a tee-shirt; the options are pretty much all open.

14. Hanklin Ma-1 Red Hooded Bomber Jacket

hooded bomber witner jacket for men

 It’s popping colors that range from salmon-red to olive green make this item the perfect jacket for spring. When it comes to insulated hooded jackets, this jacket is sure to be at the top of the charts. 

The light fabric and comfortable design make the Hanklin Ma-1 Red Hooded Bomber Jacket the most pleasant for people who travel light.

15. Sheriff Brown Suede jacket

men's brown suede winter jacket

A clear example of what comes to mind when we talk about stylish winter jackets for men. The Sheriff brown color paired with the impeccable suede fabric is a perfect example of what we mean when we say we strongly believe in discovery and expression. 

Such pieces are hard to find, but we allow our customers to practice their expressions and imaginations when it comes to such pieces. 

As a result, we see works such as the Sheriff Brown Suede jacket that combine diversity and sophistication. So now, after answering all these crucial questions, we come to the final and perhaps the most important one:

Which jackets are the best in winter?

Well, that is up to you to decide. Your living environment and occupation’s nature will tell you the best winter jackets for your personality.

If you live in London, where the rains are quite frequent, temperatures drop below the freezing point. It would be best to look for a waterproof winter jacket for men, i.e., windbreaker jackets such as those mentioned earlier. 

Similarly, you might be from New York, where you might wanna look for men’s stylish winter jackets to buy for yourself or for a loved one so that it leaves a lasting impression. 

You can always go for evergreen outwear like our sheriff brown jacket or even get custom jackets for yourself. In the end, it all comes down to the nature of the lifestyle. Your outfit speaks volumes, and we help you do the talking. 

You thought we were going to leave like this without even giving you ideas for best outfits? Of course not! 

The Following Are Some Ideas to Help You Design Your Jackets:

Keep it simple

A white tee-shirt, dark-washed denim, and black boots go a long way, especially when it comes to dressing in jackets.

Dress it up

Don’t remain under the impression that jackets are mostly casual. Let your imaginations run loose and mix and match. In particular, you can pair a tie, shirt, and a pair of loafers with almost anything. 


Mix and match. Currently, the style industry is going head over heels on concepts of color blocking and monochrome outfits. Do the same by layering clothing pieces of similar color tones as the central component’s style, or go the opposite route by highlighting the central element, your jacket, and keeping everything else simple. 


We hope you have enjoyed reading the article like we did while writing it. Remember to get inspiration from your surroundings. An impressive outfit is always a combination of personal taste while simultaneously complimenting the surroundings: weather, trends, etc. And finally, Good luck!