Nerd Outfits for Guys: Decoding the Nerdy Style

nerd outfits for guys

Who would have thought typical nerd guy’s essentials like black rimmed glasses, half sleeved plaid shirts, suspenders, and corduroy pants would be a sought after style trend? Gone are the times when being a nerd was synonymous with being uncool. We are laying down some super stylish nerd outfits for guys, which will prove why this style is so popular in contemporary men’s fashion.

The Contemporary Geek Look for Guys

The terms nerd and geek are used interchangeably. Both refer to guys who are passionate about academics, technology, sci-fi and comics. They like to dress simply in elements that are not considered style forward.

The crux of nerd style, which is all the rage these days, is to rock the cute and simple look confidently. It is definitely not a macho look, but more towards a clean and creative style. Mismatched essentials, slim fit or skinny fit silhouettes, and layering are the basics of this style.

To ensure your classy look while wearing typical nerd essentials, you must keep yourself groomed and maintain your physique. The typical nerd outfits look very stylish on men with a lean, fit body. 

boy wearing nerd style outfit

What do Nerds Wear? 

Here are some of the essentials that are big in nerd style for men.


T-shirts are the essential element of nerd outfits for guys. As these men like to wear t-shirts that display their interests, you can also get your hands on ones which clearly portray something that you like. You can wear t-shirts in white, black and bold colors. 


Nerd style is incomplete without jeans. It is the most convenient type of bottoms for most looks. Apart from jeans, corduroy pants, plaid and flannel trousers, and chinos are also suitable.


When it comes to the options for outerwear, the variety is immense. Apart from the baggy style denim and fleece jackets, nerd guys wear blazers, sports coats, various types of leather jackets, and polyester jackets.

Other options for layering are cardigans, V-neck sweaters, zipped hoodies and pullover hoodies.


Converse hightops in different colors are the classic choice of shoes, but you may also spot nerds wearing chunky sneakers. For dressier looks, dress boots and brogue shoes are suitable. 


One of the symbolic accessories of nerd guys are the black rimmed glasses. Besides, you can incorporate snap buckled belts and suspenders in your outfits. For bags, go with waist bags, messenger bags, or backpacks for an authentic nerdy feel. 

Nerd Clothing Ideas: How to Dress Like a Nerdy Boy?

If you want to hop onto the nerd style bandwagon as everyone else is doing these days, here are some outfit inspirations covering different styles. 

Casual Nerd Style Outfits

These effortless looks are perfect for back-to-school , plus you can also wear them for casual outings during the day time. 

White Casual Nerd Outfit

A plain white tee and cream colored jeans are a simple pairing that will let you win the style race on any summer or spring day. Wear your horn rimmed specs and choose your black and white converse sneakers for the nerd touch. If layering is required, use any of the best suede jackets for men to keep yourself warm.

casual white nerd outfit for guys

Black Casual Nerd Outfit 

Not a fan of white, don an equally simple yet classy outfit featuring a black t-shirt and black trousers. Wear a snapback or a baseball cap and carry a backpack for a nerdy feel. To layer this outfit, choose one of the best bomber jackets for men to ensure a classy appearance. 

casual black nerd outfit

Chambray Shirt Over Striped Tee

Striped t-shirts are a great option when you want to portray a simple nerd style. You can add a style element to it by layering it with an unbuttoned chambray shirt. Choose washed blue denims for this outfit and finish off the look with tan loafers. 

boy wearing striped t-shirt with a chambray shirt

Plaid Shirt and Beanie Outfit

Here is another casual look suggestion. Team up a nice plaid shirt with black chinos. Roll up your sleeves for a smart look, and put on a plain ribbed beanie. You can accessorize this look a bit with a large digital watch.

man wearing plaid shirt

Paisley Shirt with Corduroy Pants

While piecing together a quirky look with a touch of nerd style, go for a white paisley shirt and dark brown corduroy pants. Add finishing touches to this look with a black waist bag and brown boat shoes.

Street Style Nerd Outfits

Below are some voguish street style outfits for men who wish to adopt the nerd style.

Khakis with a Light Shaded Plaid Shirt

Want to look smart with elements that were earlier considered unstylish? Make the light shaded plaid shirt and khaki chinos your outfit choice. Wear brown trainers and a leather watch for the nerd impact. 

man wearing nerd style outfit with a plaid shirt

Polo Shirt Under a Cardigan

Remember that nerd guy in your class from your high school days? He used to wear a polo shirt underneath a cardigan, and that style is trending high these days. Wear a light colored polo shirt under a dark patterned cardigan. You can wear these over faded grey jeans in a slim fit style. Round off the look with casual boots in brown. 

Dark Crewneck Sweater With Jeans

When in doubt, simply go for a crewneck sweater in dark color and pair it with beige trousers. Wear your low top sneakers and round glasses for this look. When the weather becomes cold, go for a classy black double rider leather jacket

nerd style clothing crewneck sweater

Windbreaker Jacket Over a V-neck  

V-necks are an integral part of nerd style looks. They are highly versatile, so you have an option to pair them with a variety of jackets. We have suggested a blue v-neck t-shirt, grey jeans, and a dashing black windbreaker jacket for this outfit. 

man wearing a black windbreaker jacket

Leather Jacket with T-shirt and Blue Jeans

A simple yet stylish nerd outfit would be to layer a plain black t-shirt and blue jeans with a black cafe racer jacket. To elevate the style quotient, add a pair of brogue boots into the mix, and you are good to go. 

Leather Jacket with a Scarf

How about rocking the winter appropriate nerdy look with a black turtleneck, a full grain leather jacket, and a scarf? Black jeans, a turtleneck, and a leather jacket will go together really well. A maroon wool scarf and your nerd style glasses will tie the whole look together.  

man wearing black leather jacket and a scarf

Trucker Jacket Outfit

The trucker jacket is another nerd style essential, so make sure you get your hands on one to build a variety of outfits. The one we suggest features a light pink t-shirt and charcoal grey jeans. The warm trucker jacket will give a contemporary spin to this simple look, and you can finish off the look with white sneakers. 

Turtleneck With Stonewashed Jeans

You will be amazed at how easy it is to pull this look. Just pair a black turtleneck sweater and grey washed jeans. Add in black ankle boots to complete the look. Don’t forget the nerd elements for this look which are oversized round glasses and a chunky digital wristwatch. 

nerd outfit with a turtleneck and jeans

Geek Outfit with a Pullover Hoodie

Prove that you don’t need a variety of essentials in a single look to appear stylish. Simply opt for a white t-shirt and a green pullover hoodie with bright blue denims to portray a charismatic look.

Smart Casual and Business Casual Style Nerd Outfits

It is not impossible to incorporate nerd style into dressier looks, such as the smart casual style and business casual style. Here are a few ways to show how you can do it.

White Buttoned Shirt with Suspenders

That same nerd from your high school used to wear suspenders too, and it is now that the fashion world has realized they actually look stylish. You can wear a simple white buttoned shirt and greyish brown slim fit trousers with suspenders. Besides keeping your trousers where they should be, suspenders provide a distinctive style. 

You can choose semi formal shoes with this look, such as black double monk shoes. 

man wearing suspenders

Long Sleeved T-shirt and Black Jeans with a Trench Coat

Here is another quick and effortless way to dress like a nerd. Put on a grey long sleeved t-shirt and skinny black jeans. Layer the outfit with a tan trench coat to add a refined touch. You can match a pair of ankle boots, and your nerd glasses are the only accessory required for this look.

Half Sleeved Collared Shirt with Flannel Pants

If you don’t want to put a lot of effort into your look, just don a half sleeved buttoned down collared shirt and grey flannel pants for a smart look. A pair of dark brown suede monks and a leather strap watch will round off this look perfectly.

man wearing half sleeved button down shirt

Checked Pants with Black Turtleneck

Checked pants and a turtleneck look good when worn together. It is the best outfit to choose when you want to show the world that a nerd can look handsome and sophisticated. Tie off the look with a snap buckle belt and converse high top sneakers 

man wearing plaid pants

Grey Blazer with Straight Jeans 

Show your nerd style at an event that has a business casual dress code. Pair a white dress shirt and grey straight fit jeans with a grey tweed blazer. Carry a geek style messenger bag to add final touches to your look. This simple and stylish look will surely get you attention.

Cream Collared Sweater with a Navy Blazer

Last but not least, on the nerd style meter. Team up a cream colored collared sweater and black jeans with a navy blazer. Dark brown suede tassel loafers will be the perfect footwear choice for this look. Pull your ensemble together with a grey scarf and brown messenger bag.

nerd outfits for guys business casual


If you want to dress up like a nerd, firstly, pay attention to your grooming. Keeping a decent hairstyle and well groomed facial hair will give you the typical geek look. Make sure your clothes fit your right, and don’t try to go overboard with the nerd flavor by keeping your styling subtle.

The nerd look was once looked down upon, and the only way to rock it is to do so with confidence. 

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July 18, 2022 9:15 pm

Good idea outfits, but I need recommendation for dark skinned guys like me