Popular Fashion Styles that You can Adopt and Impress Everyone

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The clothes you wear are an expression of your style, individuality and essence. Every fashion enthusiast’s dream is to find the right personal style to completely express their uniqueness. Set all worries aside as picking a suitable style just got easier with our guide to the most sought-after fashion styles.

Why is choosing your clothing style so important? Fashion is a form of art driven by individuality, and thus, requires special attention to detail. Once you are aware of your aesthetic, shopping for clothes becomes much easier and more convenient. 

The world of fashion is ever evolving, and it can take an eternity to choose a fashion style that sits right with you. In this article, we have created a guide to some of the top styles of fashion that you should consider before making a final choice. 

Popular Fashion Styles Through History

To fully understand the massive catalog of fashion styles, it is important to know the different styles of fashion. 


In fashion, vintage clothing represents an era ranging anywhere from fifty to hundred years. Some significant fabrics and patterns dominate vintage clothing, such as plaid bottoms and silk skirts. Colors played a considerable part in vintage fashion style, transitioning from neutral hues to striking neons over the decades. Popular vintage styles include shirtwaist dresses, petticoats and skirts that accentuate the feminine hourglass shape. Due to the vast range of clothing it offers, vintage is most often the go to style for fashion lovers.  


Punk style inspires freedom, aggression and individuality. It emerged as a subculture in mid 70’s that represents non-conformity of rules compared to the status quo. Inspired by the rock musicians of the 70s and 80s, punk fashion is characterized by a lot of leather wear accentuated by heavy metal embellishments and pops of color in sharp contrasts. You can find the punk rock stars honing spikes, chains and studs to make them stand out. Top must haves for punk includes leather jackets and latex pants, preferably in black. Although a little pop of color is also used from candy hues to deep colors mainly found in stripes or plaid, hair colors or makeup.  


The classic fashion genre is an umbrella term for many subgenres. It mainly focuses on wardrobe staples that have been the highlight of their time, such as trench coats, leather jackets, wide jeans and dresses. This can also include business casual outfits for women who like to be the boss at work. This fashion genre is appropriate for a wide range of outdoor settings, making it one of the most versatile ever to exist. 

Contemporary Fashion Styles to Make You Stand Out

Fashion style is more of an umbrella term; clothing styles can be understood as its subordinate that is only concerned with wardrobe staples specific to different genres of fashion. Below you will find eleven different categories of fashion styles that speak to your persona. 

Elegant Clothing Style 

Dressing elegantly doesn’t imply a boring style. It means choosing clothes according to your body type in classic fabrics and accessorizing your outfit wisely. Elegant style is more about looking all put together at your own ease, avoiding flashy accessories, loud makeup and eccentric clothing. 

It focuses on modest fashion and steers far away from extravagance. Elegant clothing style comprises classic wardrobe staples such as suede trench coats paired with neutral colored turtlenecks and formal plaid pants to seal the deal. This style is concerned with how the final look appeals to the eye rather than a single stellar clothing piece. 

Sexy Clothing Style  

Details like well fitted silhouettes, laces and ruffles are a big part of sexy clothing style. Due to the sheer essence of elegance, dressing sexy is appropriate for casual or street casual settings and in some cases a mix with athleisure. It’s all about building an outfit that appeals to the eyes and flaunts your best features. This can include your sharp collar bones or toned arms with the right amount of exposed skin. It features petite silhouettes and minimal accessories to divert all attention to bodily features.  

Unique Clothing Style

Unique fashion is any fashion that is not a common sight. Most women prefer dressing unique to stand out in the crowd and appeal to a mass audience. Ranging from ethnic styles to rebellious outfits, this fashion style is not for the faint hearted. Unique fashion requires attention to detail. As you are representing your individuality, hence more eyes are on you. It can include quirky details such as nontraditional silhouettes and artsy features.

Popular Clothing Style

It is not hard to determine which fashion style is most popular in today’s world. The age of social media has made it easy to pick a popular style and turn it into your aesthetic. Right now, the trending fashion style is the cozy hoodie under the blazer combination. Yes, it might sound weird, but celebrities have totally embraced this look. Also known as the “quarantine fashion,” this popular clothing style can be easily replicated to your needs. 

Cool Style Clothing

The cool style is often mistaken for laid black clothing, which isn’t true. The main focus of cool fashion is to avoid going over the top. It can include attires you would wear to a lunch date with friends or simple college wear. It is time to switch to a dressy casual look to embrace the cool fashion style. Fashion has become more complex, and this style is one of the many where you must make a swift compromise between casual and sexy clothing. 

Trendy Clothing Style

Trendy clothes aren’t limited to a specific guideline. It is hard to specify a single trend that will suit each personality. With changing seasons and fashion trends, the trendy clothing style requires a lot of keeping up with the times. You need to update constantly and keep a close eye on what clothing style is currently trending and how you can incorporate it into your aesthetic. Even if you are reluctant to follow a trend, paying attention to every detail is critical. 

Cute Clothing Style

Not all women tend to dress sexy. Some just want to look cute without a lot of revealing! Cute clothing style comprises baggy outfits such as girly frocks for a preppy schoolgirl look. Women can also opt for blouses and skirts with ruffles and bows for a more dressy look. However, cute clothing doesn’t mean gender stereotyping. 

Most often than not, women go for baggy outfits for a cute, timid look. This can include baggy pants with sweatshirts or tank tops, giving a relaxed and casual look for a quick run to your grocery store. 

Modern Fashion Style

This type of fashion style is a perfect blend of classic and modern silhouettes. In addition, you do not need to empty your pocket to embrace the contemporary fashion style. It only requires a few refined staples from your closet, such as blazers, leather pants, office shirts, and a modest pair of heels. The color scheme follows a neutral pairing of tops and bottom or a more nautical blue for business casual events. 

Biker Style

Also known as the “Vampirecore,” biker fashion style is inspired by real biker women who may not even be into fashion that much. It is deeply rooted into pop and punk fashion which features metallic accents over leather. Besides the traditional rock, biker clothing style also traces back to Y2K fashion due to its unique vintage nature. A few must haves for such clothing style is a black or white shirt, a classic biker leather jacket, and a studded pair of boots. 

Streetwear Clothing Style

Probably the easiest to pick, streetwear for women is commonly seen on social media these days. Most influencers and celebrities flaunt their chic style as they are photographed on the streets. This fashion genre consists of a lot of denim, basic tees, and jackets to avoid the fuss. If comfort sounds appealing to you, streetwear is your go to choice when picking the right fashion style for yourself. The streetwear ensemble features further sub categories such as edgy streetwear outfits and rock fashion.

Different Clothes Aesthetic

To incorporate different fashion styles in your daily wear, it is recommended to choose your clothing aesthetic. Classy boho wear to the beach or faded, distressed jeans on the street, are clothing aesthetics that you can’t miss. Another clothing aesthetic almost impossible to miss is the light academia, a collection of vintage and cute clothing styles. When combined with a strong fashion sense, the different clothing styles can become a game changer for you. 


What Are The Most Popular Clothing Styles?

The top fashion trends of 2023 amongst women is the elegant chic style.

What is My Fashion Style?

Your fashion style is completely individualistic and personal and can be any of the styles mentioned above or a combination of two or more fashion styles.

How to Know Your Fashion Style?

Finding your fashion style requires a lot of trial and error. Do not hesitate to try new or unique clothing styles even if the style description doesn’t fit you.

Final Words 

The biggest takeaway from the guide above is that you do not need to stick to any particular fashion styles to shape your wardrobe. Luckily, mix and match is not off limits for fashion lovers. Once you find your suitable style, blend it with other aesthetics to get the most of everything in a uniquely personalized way. 

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