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Chic Soft Girl Outfits for a Femininely Cute Style

soft girl outfits

Among the numerous styles and aesthetics that were popularized on social media, the soft girl aesthetic too has been a raging trend. Soft girls are characterized by their projection of a traditionally feminine appearance. They do so by incorporating elements like pastels, frills, feathers and cute accessories into their outfits. In this blog post, we will discuss the nitty-gritty of the soft girl aesthetic, plus several soft girl outfits that you can try.

What is the Soft Girl Style?

We see many women dressing according to aesthetics like Cottage-core, Grunge, E-girl or Regency- core. Women with a knack for a delicate, feminine style often adopt the soft girl aesthetic.

The soft girl aesthetic is an amalgamation of trends from Y2K and 90s fashion, particularly button down shirts, mom jeans, tennis skirts and chunky sneakers. The soft girl style combines chic clothing in soft fabrics of varying designs in white or pastels. To complete your softie outfits, you can add delicate feminine accessories and a soft glossy makeup look. Soft girls usually go for butterflies, flowers and glitter as filters in their photos or details in their outfits.

The soft girl aesthetic is compared mainly to the VSCO girl style due to the use of pastels and similar cute elements found in both. However, it is the polar opposite of the e-girl, which is an edgy aesthetic using dark colors and that often gets mistaken as one and the same of the above.

Softie Aesthetic Elements

As the name implies, the soft girl style is all about looking adorable, sweet and feminine. Soft girls go for pastels, soft and silky fabrics, soft patterns and feminine details like frills, florals and feathers. 

The use of plaid is quite dominant in this aesthetic. Other patterns include rainbow and polka dots. You can find these girls wearing clothes with prints of clouds, angels, rainbows, butterflies or fruit on them. Soft girls love cartoon characters and also often opt for clothes with Disney characters or Anime characters on them. Of course, only if they complement this look.

The chic element is what can be found in pieces such as high waisted flare jeans, tennis skirts of all types and high waisted sweatpants. These pieces pair well with cute crop tops, baby tees, oversized sweatshirts, peter pan collar blouses and cardigans to name a few.

Outerwear for soft girls may include pastel colored leather jackets, overcoats, trench coats, cardigans, blazers and fleece jackets. 

Footwear, Accessories and Makeup

Chunky soled white sneakers remain the top choice for soft girls, but they also wear converse sneakers in white or pastel colors. Not to forget platform heeled sandals with dresses and skirt outfits.

Soft girls achieve an endearing look with pastel and white clothing and distinctive soft makeup. Soft accessories include rhinestone jewelry featuring butterflies or flowers, mini handbags and baseball caps. These girls love wearing cute hair clips. 

Makeup looks in the aesthetic features lots of blush, highlighter, gloss and shimmer. Soft girls usually draw butterflies, hearts and stars on their faces. 

Outfit Ideas with Most Popular Soft Girl Staples

While we have suggested soft girl outfits according to the seasons, soft girl clothing pieces can be styled in more ways than those mentioned above. Here is how to style our top picks for the soft girl aesthetic outfits.

Ribbed Tops Outfits for Soft Girls

Ribbed Tops Outfits for Soft Girls
  • How about a lovely tie dye outfit? Wear a pink and green tie dye slip dress over a cream ribbed top. To incorporate some style into the look, wear white platform heels. Create a soft girl inspired makeup look by drawing tiny stars near your eyes. A glossy eye makeup would look great with this outfit. 
  • Team up a white low cut ribbed top and pink sweatpants. Wear chunky white sneakers and a pink baseball cap with this look.

Cardigan Outfits for Soft Girls

Cardigan Outfits for Soft Girls
  • A white baby tee paired with yellow flared jeans is a nice way to nail the soft girl style. Layer the outfit with a pastel yellow cardigan and wear chunky white sneakers. You can carry a white backpack with this outfit if wearing it to the school.
  • Wear a pink and purple cropped cardigan with mom jeans in a powder blue shade. This simple but incredibly appealing look can be rounded off with white platform heeled sandals and a white mini handbag. 
  • Try teaming up a pastel orange cropped cardigan with high waisted mom jeans. Complete this casual attire with pastel orange converse sneakers and soft style makeup.

Pastel Sweater Outfits for Soft Girls

vPastel Sweater Outfits for Soft Girls
  • Don a faded blue denim romper over a light pink baggy sweater. Choose slip on denim sneakers with this outfit.  
  • Another way to rock the cute look is to wear a pastel rainbow sweater with raglan sleeves along with pink flared leather pants. Rainbow patch sneakers would match well with the outfit.

Soft Girl Skirt Outfits

Soft Girl Skirt Outfits
  • Go for a pink midi skirt in a floral pattern and team it with a baby pink off shoulder gypsy top. Complete this super adorable outfit with a pair of white platform sandals. 
  • You can also try an eye pleasing combo of a purple and brown plaid tennis skirt and a white cropped t-shirt. Wear a pastel green shrug over this outfit. Light brown ballet flats would bring the whole look together.
  • A pretty floral tube top makes a great pairing with a pastel green skirt. We suggest layering a white ribbed cardigan over this outfit. If you are unsure how to round off this look, go for comfortable white sneakers.
  • Put together a pretty attire in a few minutes by wearing a white smock top with a purple frilled skirt. There is nothing such as too much frill for a soft girl, so layer this outfit with a matching frilled shrug. Opt for white slip-on sneakers and a white mini handbag to finish this look. 

Soft Girl Outfit with Flared Jeans

Soft Girl Outfit with Flared Jeans
  • A simple, no-fuss outfit to ensure a lovely look is to wear a white front tied t-shirt with flared jeans. Get one with butterflies on it for a pretty look. Side braids, butterfly hair clips, and sneakers with shimmery patches would give the perfect soft girl touch to this attire.

Looking for additional soft girl outfits to wear according to the season? We have got you covered!

Seasonal Soft Girl Outfits

When you choose to be a soft girl, you need to upgrade your wardrobe with season appropriate staples. For the warm days, go for pastel crop tops, lightweight skirts and cute accessories. Sweatshirts, cable knit cardigans, and corduroy pants in light colors would give you stylish outfits- soft girl style for the colder days.

We have got you covered with soft outfit suggestions for the whole year. 

Soft Girl Spring/Summer Outfits

The light colors, soft, breathable fabrics, and loose fitted clothing of the soft girl aesthetic goes well with the summer fashion. You can put together chic summer outfits in the soft girl style in the following ways. 

  • Don a cute pink pencil dress with a strawberry pattern. Accessorize it with a small red handbag and a red bucket hat. This adorable look is perfect for a lunch date.
  • You can also wear a floral maxi dress with a smocked bodice. A white cropped shrug and white trainers would complete this lovely outfit.
  • A short denim skirt with a green frilled hem looks lovely with a green off shoulder ribbed top. Add some more charm with rhinestone studs and cute hair clips. The choice of footwear with this outfit can be sneakers with pastel patches. 
  • Simply team up a powder blue baby t-shirt with high waisted flare jeans for a quick summer outfit. 
  • Opt for a rainbow striped dress and a matching bucket hat to nail the soft girl style in the hot weather. White mary janes would complement the ensemble very well. 
  • Create the perfect soft girl look with a sky blue pleated skirt and a white t-shirt with clouds and rainbow graphics. A white headband would add cute vibes to this outfit. Choose pastel blue converse sneakers to complete the look. 

Soft Outfits for Fall/Winter

Use stylish cardigans, soft jackets, leggings, and sweaters to build winter outfits like a soft girl. Layering with pastel clothing is an excellent way to stay warm and cozy. Although you can opt for any color you like, we suggest you pick pastel versions of orange, green, mustard, and blue for the cold weather. 

  • Team up a purple and beige tie dye sweater with off white corduroy pants. Opt for chunky white sneakers and a white beanie to finish this soft look. 
  • Pair a rainbow striped turtleneck with a yellow tennis skirt and leggings for a unique look. Choose black mary janes with this ensemble.
  • Another idea is to don a buttercup yellow t-shirt with a cream oversized blazer and white leather pants. Platform heels matching the t-shirt will look perfect with this outfit. 
  • Wear a cream polo shirt under a light grey v-neck sweater to stay cozy on a cold day. High waisted jeans would be the right choice for this look. You can round it off with black and white converse sneakers and a cute braided hairstyle.


How to dress like a soft girl?

If a girl wants to adopt the soft girl aesthetic, she can opt for pastel clothing pieces like baby t-shirts, sweatshirts, and cardigans. She can also go for Y2K, and 90s inspired elements like crop tops, mom jeans, plaid shirts, and skirts. White chunky sneakers are the characteristic footwear of the soft girl style.

How can you identify a soft girl?

If a girl portrays her love for cute things like glitter, hearts, and butterflies, she probably leans towards the soft style. Her hyper cuteness, innocence, and preference for pastel colors also reveal that she is a quintessential soft girl. 

What’s a soft girl aesthetic?

The soft girl aesthetic is a trend that emerged on social media, with girls wearing cute outfits in pastel colors and pretty accessories. The essence of the soft girl aesthetic is ultra-feminine style and innocence that defies the other edgy, unisex aesthetics. 

How can I look cute and soft?

Try wearing light-colored button-down shirts, sweatshirts, and tops paired with tennis skirts, flared pants, or sweatpants to nail the cute and soft look. Braided hairstyles, adorable hair clips and jewelry, and glittery, glossy makeup can help you add the desired cuteness to your look.

Wrapping Up

If you have read the blog post till the end, you probably know what the soft girl aesthetic is all about. It is basically the style of gentle girls that opt for cute things and wear pretty outfits to define their femininity. You can try dressing up like a soft girl with any of the above-mentioned outfit ideas that use soft girl elements with style. 

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