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Conquer The Boss Girl Fashion With An Oversized Blazer Outfit

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Oversized blazers are not new to the fashion scene – if you’re a fan of oversized clothing, chances are you already own an oversized blazer. With the passage of time, the oversized blazer has evolved into a chic garment that is a must-have in your capsule wardrobe. Back in the 80s, the oversized blazer had slouchy and long silhouettes. They were worn with baggy straight denims and different types of tops. 

After seeing a diminish in the popularity of this fashionable outerwear, like every other fashion cycle, oversized blazers made a return in 2019 – and have maintained their superiority and power over the last few years. These big jackets are fashion statements with eye-catching and modern cuts and accents. You can style oversized blazers for an instant upgrade to your regular outfit. 

If you’re hoping to explore your style and want to feel glamorous without putting much effort, it’s time to invest in a contemporary oversized blazer outfit. It is one of those items in your closet that exude confidence; a perfect investment for days you’re feeling low and demotivated. 

A Boss Lady’s Guide to An Oversized Blazer

An oversized blazer look is consistent amongst women who are confident and have a clear understanding of their style. Whether they are moderating a meeting or giving a speech or simply running errands at the grocery store, you will catch them wearing one of their best blazers – almost like armor. 

The oversized blazer fashion is popular within the community of women who run businesses and have a busy schedule to work around. The fondness for an oversized blazer comes from their personality – due to their on-the-go attitude and desire to look presentable at all times. The major contributor to this unanimous choice is the structure and features of the big jacket. You get mobility, flexibility, and comfort as well as a cosmopolitan and chic style.

Incorporating Oversized Blazer Outfit In Your Casual Street Style

A street-style oversized blazer outfit is a real phenomenon and it has no intentions of slowing down. From parking lots to the streets to the business rooms to casual lunches, and even on the airports, women are seen wearing oversized blazers everywhere. 

Due to their comfortable charm, blazers aren’t restricted to formal or semi-formal gatherings. You can see women wearing an oversized blazer over biker shorts as well as with tailored cotton pants. You will find the oversized blazer paired with a midi dress, and at the same time, the oversized blazer will be seen with jeans and skirts. It’s the most casual garment that takes seconds to transform into a formal outfit. 

Big Jackets For Small Girls?

An oversized blazer styling is for everyone. You could be tall, short, petite, or broader framed –  this garment is an absolute beast that compliments all body shapes and sizes. Big jacket outfits are actually ideals for women with smaller frames who are tired of feeling patronized. 

Adorn an effortlessly chic oversized blazer outfit to give yourself the boss girl vibe. Using an oversized blazer for layering will essentially add the alpha charm to your demeanor. It transforms your look from the “sweet little girl” to the “woman who can’t be messed with” in a matter of seconds. 

How To Wear An Oversized Blazer

How to style an oversized blazer? An oversized blazer outfit by structure is not hard to design and create an outfit around. It’s like a potato – it goes with all kinds of tops and dresses and can be worn in a variety of styles, and even weather conditions. Thus, it’s a fashion crime to not indulge in an oversized jacket every now and then. 

A fashionable garment that protects you from the chilly breeze of Fall. If you layer it with sweaters and turtlenecks, an oversized blazer will even keep you warm in the cold winter mornings. At the same time, an oversized blazer outfit is sizzling and aesthetically pleasing even in the warm, summer months. You could call an oversized blazer outfit an all-rounder due to it’s ability to look stunning in every weather. 

Outfits With An Oversized Blazer

Whether you are looking for a casual oversized blazer outfit or a snazzy piece that will match your spirit for a night out with friends, we have an oversized blazer outfit idea for you for every time you step outside. 

Oversized Beige Blazer Outfit

Oversized Beige Blazer Outfit

Wear an oversized beige blazer outfit with a striped cotton tee and white denim shorts. Ankle boots would complete the look instantly.

Oversized Black Blazer Outfit

Oversized Black Blazer Outfit

An oversized black blazer outfit would look ravishing with a sequenced silver dress and black stilettoes. The oversized blazer will add the missing spark. 

Oversized Leather Blazer Outfit

Oversized Leather Blazer Outfit

Leather blazers are popular and how. You can opt for an oversized leather blazer in maroon and wear it with faux leather pants in maroon, a knit crop top in beige and white sneakers. 

Oversized Brown Blazer Outfit

Oversized Brown Blazer Outfit

Go for an oversized brown blazer outfit – wear it with a brown pencil skirt and a sophisticated white collared button-down shirt. Complete the chic outfit with a pair of pumps that match the blazer. 

Oversized Green Blazer Outfit

Oversized Green Blazer Outfit

Green is dominating right now – you can wear the oversized green outfit with a tan pleated mini skirt and a red crop top. White sneakers would be perfect for completing the look. 

Oversized Navy Blazer Outfit

Oversized Navy Blazer Outfit

An oversized navy blazer outfit goes with matching tailored cotton pants and a pink graphic cropped tee in any neon color – we suggest pink!

Oversized Grey Blazer Outfit

Oversized Grey Blazer Outfit

Choose an oversized plaid grey outfit to go with warm brown chino pants and a solid white tee. 

Oversized Neon Blazer Outfit

Oversized Neon Blazer Outfit

Neon is tricky to play with – you can wear an oversized neon blazer outfit with neon yellow leather pants and a white cotton knot tee. 


Are Oversized Blazers In Style?

Yes, oversized blazers are always in style. 

Who Started The Oversized Blazer Trend?

Princess Diana was one of the first female trailblazers who wore oversized blazers to public events as well as for casual outings. She was the epitome of grace and intelligence and that’s where the garment inherited its character traits.  

Are Blazers Still In Style 2023?

Blazers are raging these days and can be seen on every fashion runway. 

Which Color Blazer Is Best?

Navy and black are some of the best colors for blazers. 

Can I Wear A Blazer In Summer?

Yes, you can wear blazers in summer as well as in winter and spring.


Wearing an oversized blazer is an easy trick to master smart fashion. It gives you the instant glow up and matches the domineering personality of women – especially when they want to feel empowered and strong. Wear an oversized blazer in blue, black, white, and brown made from different types of fabrics. Pair it with skirts, pants and shorts alike for a decent and polished look. 

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