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How to Style Cute Tube Top Outfits?

Tube top outfits

The world of women’s fashion is agile, and it changes constantly yet classic anchors like tube top outfits keep everything in place. Not a day goes by without a new trend taking over everything and some other trend dying off quietly in the background.

This versatility can be great for discovering new styles getting out of your comfort zone. However, they can also make day-to-day outfitting a challenge.  

So, what do you do when following the hottest trends becomes impractical? Well, you return to the proven greats of all time, like the tube top. There are many different types of shirts and tops out there, each bringing unique benefits to your fashion arsenal. However, none of them are as effortlessly sexy and universally compatible as the tube top.

How to Style A Tube Top?

Crafting different types of tube top outfits can be quite a challenge if you have zero experience with them. They are one of, if not the most basic top out there. So, how can one craft black tube top outfits when a black tube top can be summarized as just a round black garment?

Well, the trick to tube top styling is to contrast their simplicity. Leverage its lack of detail and pair it with memorable clothes like flair pants, vibrant jackets, and short shorts. However, if you don’t want to dive headfirst into eccentric matched tube tops, don’t worry. These tops are so to-the-point that just pairing one over a pair of well-fitted jeans looks fabulous.

What to Wear with A Tube Top?

As we mentioned earlier, tube tops are universally compatible; at least for the most part. Which means that they will work fine with any pair of pants, jackets, coats, hats, or boots you can think of.

But just because it works doesn’t mean that it looks stunning. Luckily, there are a handful of items that work exceptionally well with tube tops, and most of them might already be in your closet. Take a look.


Jeans tube tops go together better than peanut butter and jelly, and this is not an overstatement. You can wear the same jeans and white tube tops outfit day after day, and it will never start getting boring. It is a simple outfit, sure, but this simplicity is its biggest strength. Plus, when you do need some variety, just add a single creative layer over the tube top, and you’re good to go.

Another way to add variety to this combo is to craft tube top outfits with different types of jeans. For example, a pair of bootcut jeans combined with a denim tube top form one of the most brilliant tube top outfits. On a similar note, putting a pair of boyfriend jeans in the same outfit like a black and white striped tube top will let you make you look like the cover model of a contemporary fashion magazine.

White Button-Ups

Tube tops are more than capable of taking center stage and being the focal point of an outfit. But work just as well as the detail of the outfit and not the focus. Case in point, a black tube top worn under a white shirt and jeans outfit. The buttons of the faired white are left open, and the tube tops are what bring everything together in the final product.

Leather Jackets

Leather jackets are the tube tops of outerwear in terms of being universal and an all-time great. So, it’s a surprise to no one that these two work so well together. Rocking black tube top outfits with leather bomber jackets is a stylish vibe that cannot be recreated with anything else.

Puffer Jacket

Staying on the topic of outerwear, we have the puffer jacket, and its amazing combo with tube tops is not very well known. The reason why tube top outfits with jackets work so well is due to the inherent contrast between a well-fitted minimal item of clothing and a fluffy jacket that looks like a small quilt with sleeves.

Tube Top Outfit Ideas

Now that you have some understanding of how tube top fashion works, it’s time to look at a few examples of the best tube top outfits. Let’s get started.

Black And white

Black And white

As the name suggests, the theme of this tube top outfit is black and white in a back and forth manner. Going bottom to top, we start with a pair of black strappy pumps, followed by a pair of white suit pants, then a plain black tube top, and a white summer hat to tie everything together.

Weekend Casual

Weekend Casual

Weekend clothing is all about being as comfortable as possible without compromising style. Tube tops are a goldmine for this category, thanks to their fantastic matchups against items like baggy jeans and cozy sweaters. A cute tube top outfit in this context would consist of a white tube top, a pair of ripped baggy jeans, and a thigh-high gray cardigan.

Urban Black

Urban Black

At its core, this is an all-black tube top outfit with one major alteration. It consists of black leggings, a pair of black high-top boots, and a black leather jacket. The twist in this formula is the white tube top that provides an excellent contrast to the otherwise all-black ensemble. Furthermore, wearing bright red lipstick will make this outfit more memorable.

Baddie Tube Top

Baddie Tube Top

Rocking a baddie tube top outfit is unlike any other shirt or top. If the tube tops were like everything else, then an outfit with blue jeans, a yellow tube top, white sports shoes, and a backward white baseball bass would be the prime example. Instead, the badass element of tube top outfits lies in the elegant clothing.

Subsequently, the best tube top badass outfit consists of skin-tight navy blue jeans, a black tube top, and a large flared shirt on top with its buttons wide open. The finishing touches to this piece of art are the light pink lipstick and wavy black hair.

Pink and White

Pink and White

Pink outfits are the pinnacle of cuteness. However, pink is not a very stable color on its own. This is also why rocking an all-pink outfit feels so weird. So, to neutralize the pink, we introduce a white tube top into the mix. White shoes are also a great companion to the tube top if you want the pink to be even more muted.

Tube Top Dress

Tube Top Dress

What do you get when you mix tube tops with standard pencil dresses? Well, you get the most figure-flattering dress in the history of women’s fashion. Its tight-fit designs combined with the floating aesthetic makes it one of, if not the, sexiest dress out there.

The best part about a black tube top dress, for example, is that it is trivial to style. All you have to do is rock it over a pair of high-heels, and you’re on your way to a fashion show runway. Wearing a jacket with this dress can also add an entire new style of clothing to your arsenal.

Mistakes to Avoid When Styling Tube Tops

These are a few of the most common mistakes women make when styling tube tops in their day-to-day lives.

Wearing the Wrong Bra

Tube tops are independent of the shoulders and neck, so wearing a regular bra under them is not a good idea. However, the solution to this problem is not a bra with “invisible” straps. Those clear plastic straps are quite visible, and they are also very comfortable. Instead, look for strapless bras that are designed from the ground up for tube tops and strapless dresses.

Hiding It Too Much

With the exception of fancy tube tops, most are just plain and have a single color. So, it is quite easy to start thinking of tube tops as undershirts on a subconscious level. This will lead you to style in a way that hides the tube top, like under a shirt or a cropped hoodie. This is a massive mistake and should be avoided.

Despite their simplicity, tube tops have enough energy to carry entire outfits on their own. So, whenever you wear them, try to show them off. For example, if they are under a shirt, open the front buttons.

Playing Safe with It

Tube tops are one of work with almost anything you can think of. This universal compatibility gives you the opportunity to experiment and craft unique outfits without much effort. Not taking advantage of this opportunity is a grave mistake that will come back to bite you when the only tube top outfit in your arsenal consists of a white tube top and blue jeans.  

Frequently Asked Questions – Tube Top Outfits

What do you wear with a tube top?

Tube tops are on a similar level of versatility to leather jackets and blue jeans. In other words, they work with almost everything. This is especially true for the yin and yang of tops, the black and white tube top. That said, there are a handful of items that are exceptional with tube tops. The items on this list include jeans, dark leggings, leather jackets, puffer jackets, suit trousers, white button-ups, open-front hoodies, shorts, A-line skirts, and high-top leather boots.

Are tube tops still in fashion in 2023?

Yes, they are still in style in 2023. In fact, they never really went out of style completely. Their popularity was starting to dip a little in the last couple of years. But, they are back, and they are back big time by getting featured on the cover of fashion magazines and becoming the top of choice for many celebrities. In other words, you have no reason to worry about questions like “are tube tops in style?” for now. 

Are tube tops out?

No, tube tops are not out. They were low for a couple of years, but they have bounced back bigger than ever.

What pants go with tube tops?

If you don’t have much time to style and just want something quick, then nothing works better with tube tops than a pair of blue jeans. However, if you can spend some time on styling, rocking your tube tops with suit trousers, short shorts, and plain leggings is a great option.

How to wear tube tops in the winter?

This depends heavily on the intensity of winter. If it is just starting to get cold, rocking a tube top under a warm winter coat is the best idea. You can close the front when you’re out in the cold and open it back up once inside. On the other hand, if it is cold enough to snow, then the ideal placement for tube tops is as a middle layer. For example, say you’re wearing a winter t-shirt under a warm shearling jacket. In this situation, wear the tube top over the warm t-shirt. The trick to pulling this off successfully is to opt for tube tops that have a vibrant color and noticeable pattern.

What to wear over a tube top?

Tube tops are like a blank canvas that welcome a large number of jackets and outerwear without any issues. You can rock your tube top with jackets like a sleeveless puffer or leather biker without any issues, or even have the choice to go with long coats and other interesting outerwear. 

How do you style a tube top dress?

Tube top dresses are quite eye-catching on their own and don’t need much to make your outfit stand out from the crowd. That said, the knowledge of how to style tube tops won’t be everything in this case either. For tube top dresses, it is best to choose plain shoes with a focus on comfort alongside style and also include a scarf, or some other neck jewelry to make the outfit feel complete. 

Final Words

Tube tops are one of those life-changing items of women’s fashion. Understating how to wear a single black tube top gives you the knowledge necessary to pull off almost all the different colors and patterns.

Plus, their exceptional compatibility is there to give you a whole playground of fashion to experiment in. Put together; tube tops are one of the most powerful tops out there. Understanding their use will add hundreds, if not thousands, of unique outfits into your fashion arsenal. Tube top outfits will also completely alter the way you style in your day-to-day life.

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