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Bucket Hat Outfit Ideas That Don’t Make You Look Tacky

bucket hat outfit

Headwear provides both aesthetics and functional benefits to its wearer but it is also the most underrated part of fashion. This gives you a great opportunity to alter the trend with the right bucket hat outfits.

Traditionally, the large majority of outfits do not include any headgear. Even the ones that do have a matching hat, don’t put any emphasis on it and often keep it optional. Luckily things are changing. All kinds of hats are coming back in style, and the bucket hat is one of the most prominent examples of this.

A Brief History

Bucket hats started their journey as a purely functional item. It was mainly used by Irish farmers and fishermen for protection against the sun. It stayed this way for a very long time. Then the 90s rolled around, and bucket hat became a fashion essential.

Everyone from major celebs to your everyday joe was wearing one. Unfortunately, then it became a part of the uncool 90s dad outfits at the start of the 21st century.

Current Situation

In short, bucket hats are back in style, and they’re on a steady upwards trajectory. Every day more and more people are making them a part of their fashion arsenal. Even celebs and supermodels are getting in on the trend.

One thing that is completely different from the 90’s bucket hat craze is the modern diversity. We live in a world where every person is encouraged to express their unique personality, and clothing is the right method of self-expression for many.

So, the modern bucket hats are a lot more diverse in their designs, colors, and patterns than they ever were. This is great for the fashion side of things as well, since more options in hats equal a better chance of finding the perfect hat for a certain outfit.

Not Looking Tacky

While the fashion world is starting to integrate it, headgear is still very niche. Even the more popular hats like the fedora or trilby are relatively uncommon in the wider fashion industry. This obscurity, unfortunately, presents us with a number of challenges. The first of these challenges is finding a way to not look tacky when wearing a hat.

Bucket hats, in particular, are heavily associated with fishing in the west. So, trying to convincingly wear them as a fashion item is not an easy task. But it is difficult, not impossible. You can still make a bucket hat part of your everyday look; you would just have to put some time and effort into it.

Items That Fit with The Bucket Hat

The easiest way to incorporate bucket hats into your routine fashion is to approach this issue from the opposite side. Instead of finding a bucket hat that you like and then trying to fit it in with the entirety of your closet, you only wear the bucket hat with the items that are proven to work.

This way, you completely skip the risk of wearing something that looks awkward with the hat. Besides, most of these compatible items are most likely already in your closet.

Here’s a list of some of the best clothing items to pair with a bucket hat.



If you want a bucket hat combo that just works with zero hassle, then look no further than a pair of jeans. A pair of blue bootcut jeans combined with a blue denim bucket hat is a killer casual combo. Finish the outfit off with a crewneck t-shirt, and you can rock this look almost everywhere. Swap the t-shirt out for a well-fitted tank top, and the same outfit transforms into the ultimate summer ensemble.

Another iteration of this black bucket hat outfit would be with a denim bucket hat and a pair of black boyfriend or mom jeans. Keep the shirt white for this one as it will contrast better against the black.



Staying on the topic of bucket hat outfits for summer, how about a bucket hat combo that works for the beach. All you need is a pair of thigh-high shorts and a colorful Hawaiian shirt. Top it off with a white bucket hat, and you have the perfect men’s beach outfit. Even ladies can rock the same outfit with some alterations, the main one being a bikini top instead of the Hawaiian shirt.

Cotton Button-ups

Cotton Button-ups

There is a lot of variety when it comes to men’s and women’s shirts. However, not all of them look equally good with the bucket hat. Some like the flannel have their own charm and could work in certain situations.

But, none of them is a better match for the bucket hat than a colorful cotton button-up. A short-sleeved version of these shirts combined with a pair of khaki chinos is a fine spring outfit on its own. Now top it all off with a brown bucket hat, and the resulting outfit is a sight to behold. It has the perfect balance of being interesting and having a mature sense of style.

Fleece Jacket

Fleece Jacket

Let’s shift our gears and focus a bit on the other big season, winter. The cold season is adored in the fashion world for its layered outfits that are as cozy as they are stylish. Among the many winter uppers to choose from, the easiest combo is definitely with the fleece jacket.

A great example of such an outfit would consist of a pair of blue jeans, a burgundy sweater shirt, a dark gray fleece jacket, and a matching bucket hat. You can wear a normal summer bucket hat, and it would be fine. Or, you can go a step further and opt for a fluffy Sherpa bucket hat.

Leather Jacket

Leather Jacket

Leather jackets are the most popular piece of outerwear in the world, and it is easy to understand why. They are super versatile and work with everything. Suffice to say; they are a great match for bucket hats as well.

A shiny black jacket combined with a black and white striped t-shirt a pair of blue jeans is among the best urban outfits. You can take this already legendary ensemble a step further by adding a red velvet bucket hat into the mix.

Printed T-shirt 

Printed T-shirt 

As we discussed earlier, bucket hats were extremely popular back in the 90s, and you can emulate that retro look with a printed t-shirt. A black shirt with a giant colorful print on the front is ideal, something that resembles the old metal and rock shirts. Combine it with a pair of black loose-fitting jeans, and you have the perfect retro outfit.

All it needs for completion is a black and white checkered bucket hat and a pair of retro sunglasses. This is also fairly reminiscent of the ever-stylish LA fashion.

Denim Shirt

Denim Shirt

A bucket hat and denim shirt are a better matchup than you might think and is also one of the most liberating. You can go simple with a light blue denim shirt with a black skirt and dark blue denim bucket hat. Or, you can get more stylish by treating the denim shirt as a jacket and rocking it over a pastel sweatshirt.



Don’t forget that bucket hats are not just a fashion item, as they also provide excellent protection from direct sunlight. They are the hats you want to wear if you’re going outside. So, what better outfit to pair it with than the one that perfectly represents going out and being active?

A combination as extremely simple as a gray sweat suit and gray bucket hat is a major improvement over just wearing the sweat suit on its own.

Time to Experiment

The items we listed above are a near-perfect match for bucket hats. Crafting bucket hat outfits ideas with these as a base doesn’t require much effort and the end result looks fantastic. However, these are not the only items that look good with a bucket hat, far from it.

So, now it is your turn to experiment with craft bucket hat ideas. You can just start combining random items from your closet with a bucket hat and see what fits. But, a much better idea is to use the items we listed as a starting point and deviate from them to find your own style.

For example, we know that regular leather jackets look stunning with a bucket hat. You can take this knowledge and swap out the men’s leather jacket for a leather winter coat or a leather vest to see if they work just as well with the bucket hat or not. Do this with a handful of items from our list, and you will have a personalized arsenal of bucket hat fashion in no time.

FAQs – Bucket Hat Outfit

What do you wear with a bucket hat?

Bucket hats are more versatile than they look and will work with a lot of different things. You can wear them with button-ups, t-shirts, and shorts in the summer. On the other hand, leather and fleece jackets, trench coats, and woolen sweaters are a great match for bucket hats in winter.

How do you wear a fur bucket hat?

First of all, fur bucket hats are only good in the winter or at the end of fall. Any hotter and will look completely out of place. With that out of the way, you can wear a fur bucket hat with other furry items like winter coats, furry shoes, and furry scarfs. Another way to wear fur bucket hats is to contrast them with shiny leather clothing and long leather shoes.

Are bucket hats Cool in 2022?

Yes, they are extremely cool. They are starting to get back into the mainstream, with celebrities and fashion models adopting them more and more. It won’t be long before you’d see these hats everywhere.

What kind of hats are trending?

The popularity of hats and headgear, in general, is on the rise. Bucket hats, fedoras, trilby hats, and summer hats are all getting more and more attention with every passing day. Among these, the popularity growth of bucket hats is in a league of its own.

How do you know if a bucket hat suits you?

There is nothing much to know about as it most likely does. Bucket hats are very generous when it comes to compatibility, and they suit people of all gender, ages, and body types. If you’re still not sure, try experimenting with the outfits you wear underneath the hat, as that will have a large impact on how the bucket hat looks on you.

How to match a hat with an outfit?

You can create this matchup based on a number of factors. The simplest approach would be to go by color and play with different shades to find the right pairing. Or, you can take a more detailed approach by choosing the same color but with different types of fabrics. For example a black cotton top will look great alongside a black denim hat. 

Final Words

Hats are coming back into style, and bucket hats outfits are at the forefront of this emerging trend. These might look simple at first, but the process is incredibly intricate when it comes to styling bucket hats. The best part about these hats, however, is that they can be a part of both your summer and winter wardrobe.

Additionally, as long as you’re wearing the right outfit with hats, they will fit a wide range of situations. You can wear your bucket hat to grocery shopping, when hanging out with friends, to the beach, or even when chilling in your own backyard.

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