How to Fleece up Your Outfit?

fleece jacket outfits

In case you missed it, big shearlings and fur jackets are the rages this season. If you’re not entirely convinced about teddy jackets, we suggest you go for the cozy fleece jacket outfit; they are the perfect culmination of swag and sleekness. 

The fashionable and trendy outerwear is found on every branded shelf; getting stacked up and sold out in a matter of days. Make sure you get snapped with a fleece jacket to mark the social media calendar and blend with the voguish and mod cliques

Before you jump on the fashion wagon, make sure you know exactly how to style fleece jackets. Figure out the material and its intricate features before adorning a fleece jacket outfit. Is it a better substitute for wool and leather? And more importantly, is it sustainable or not? Well, let’s figure it all out together. 

Ways to Fleece your Look 

fleece jacket outfit

Fleece is gender neutral which makes it one of the best winter fabrics out there. It is considerably easier to get it printed and dyed into multiple colors and tones. You can wear it for a flamboyant look or wear it down to uplift a rather dull outfit. 

Verdict: Fleece up this winter!

Fleece for All 

There are many ways for you to wear fleece jackets. Whether you’re a man or a woman, fleece is there for all. Check out some of the best ways to wear fleece jackets:

Fleece with Active Wear

fleece jacket outfit

Throw a bright fleece jacket over activewear red leggings and any plain t-shirt. Here, fleece jackets work as fashionable alternatives for jumpers and sweaters

Fleece Jacket With Dresses

fleece jacket outfit

There’s nothing chicer than fleece jackets paired with fluffy blouson dresses. You can add subtlety to your entire look and bring it together with warm-toned fleece jackets. Browns usually look great with black and pink; color blocking or color clashing would be ideal in this case. 

Fleece Jacket with Grey Jeans

fleece jacket outfit

Fleece jackets come in every color. Men can pair grey jeans with a black fleece jacket and a white polo shirt to stay warm this season.

Fleece Jacket with Oversized & Baggy Clothes

fleece jacket outfit

Fleece jackets are best worn with a baggy look. Thus, we suggest you go for beige or any neutral shade and link it with a matching fleece jacket. Whether it is distressed baggy jeans paired with an oversized cotton shirt and fleece, complete the look with chunky joggers. 

Fleece Jacket with Corduroy Pants

fleece jacket outfit

If you’re feeling retro and want to create an experimental look, there’s nothing better than corduroy pants or culottes with fleece jackets. You can wear a cropped fleece jacket or a cropped top underneath an oversize fleece jacket. Ankle boots would be most preferable for this outfit. 

Fleece Vest with Plaid Shirt

fleece jacket outfit

Men can wear a fleece vest with a plaid or striped shirt. This is your casual, dad outfit. However, pairing it with distressed black or dark blue jeans will complement your laid-back attitude

Fleece More Than Fashion

The quality of fleece that helps it stand out is in its timelessness. Not only does it complement the current fashion trend but it also comes with a package; warm, cozy, and extremely comfortable. Fleece, as we said earlier, is made from synthetic fibers making it highly breathable. 

Fleece Vs Wool

You may be surprised to know that fleece is preferred and rated over wool. Why? Because it is comparatively much lighter and has a softer texture. Wool, to some extent, is itchy. Not to forget, fleece is made entirely from wasted plastic and synthetic fibers which contributes to its eco-friendliness. And finally, fleece doesn’t insulate when it gets wet as opposed to wool. 

Is Fleece Sustainable?

It’s essential for us to speak about the environmental impact of the fabric we wear today. Fleece, under the radar, is made from non-renewable material and requires an additional layering of chemicals to windproof it. A coat is further added to make it water-resistant which isn’t exactly the best thing for the environment. 

But let’s not forget that in recent times, fleece has become an eco-friendly fabric due to the use of recycled polyester. This way, corporations save raw petroleum as well as energy. Yes, one cannot neglect the fact that synthetic fibers aren’t biodegradable which poses a major problem. Thus, despite being a safe option and a great alternative for wool. Fleece still has some setbacks. 


What is Fleece?

A man-made product that acquires its material from plastic instead of sheep; may come as a surprise since its surface is warm and fuzzy to touch. Not only is fleece soft and breathable, it is also 100% synthetic. This lightweight material evaporates moisture and blocks humidity. You will find fleece to be a great alternative to wool as the synthetic fibers that are used to produce this fabric are fast-drying and perfect for sportswear and winter clothing. 

What is Fleece Made From?

As mentioned before, fleece is made entirely from synthetic fibers. Essentially, these fibers are collections of polyester and are ultimately woven into a lightweight fabric. However, many corporations tend to enhance its natural texture and color by incorporating either wool, rayon, or hemp into fleece. The best thing about fleece is that it is eco-friendly and affordable

In Conclusion 

Thus, it can be concluded that a fleece jacket outfit is exactly what your winter wardrobe needs. Apart from being the best alternative for wool fleece, it is also warm and fuzzy. It is made from breathable fabric that is made from recycled plastic. Fleece up your wardrobe and wear it with different outfits. 

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