What is a Blouson Dress and How to Wear it?

blouson dress

When you go to buy a dress, choosing one among a vast variety of styles and designs is difficult. In this blog, we will guide you about the elegant and voguish blouson dress, which looks good on any type of body shape. It is a very feminine and graceful dress that fits at the waist with the help of a belt, elastic, or drawstring. 

The blouson (pronounced bloo-sawn) dress is a must have in every woman’s wardrobe. The fact that you can wear it almost anywhere proves the versatility of this garment. Let’s dive into the basics of what is a blouson dress and multiple ways to style it. 

What is a Blouson Dress?

If we define the blouson dress precisely, it is a dress with a cinched waist and slightly pulled out blousing material. The bodice of the blouson dress is a bit puffed up, making it appropriate for all body types. 

a blue blouson dress

The blouson dress doesn’t have an exact length and style. You can find a short blouson dress with a slim fitted hem, just like a pencil skirt, or a long blouson maxi dress. There are casual blouson dresses available, and there are highly formal ones fit for a wedding. 

To sum up, blouson is a style which can be found in any type of dress. However, it is a level up from other types of dresses due to its figure flattering style. For skinny women, it gives an appearance of a fuller figure. On the other hand, it enhances the curves of plus size women as well. It is the perfect attire to divert attention from a plump midsection.

How the Blouson Dress Originated?

The style of a fitted waist with a billowed blouse material started back in 1900. Blouses were designed with a drawstring in the hem so that they could be fitted. After that, the style was adopted for jackets, as seen with the first bomber jacket made for the US fighter pilots that had a cinched waistline. For women, the style became popular in dresses, with celebrities like Audrey Hepburn wearing blouson dresses in their movies. 

Fast forward to this era, the blouson dress is immensely popular among fashion conscious women. They know how this fashionable dress increases their feminine appeal and is a sophisticated garment.

How to Style the Blouson Dress

Wearing a blouson dress makes a woman look charming and attractive. It can be styled in multiple ways. You can simply wear it without pairing it with any other essentials. Or, you can style it with shrugs, jackets made with leather, polyester, fleece, or denim.

Depending upon the level of formality, you can team up the blouson dress with trendy accessories such as scarves, and belts. The blouson dress is versatile enough to be paired with any kind of footwear such as boots, stilettos, pumps, or moccasins. 

Here are the suggestions of styling multiple types of blouson dresses that you can try.

Pairing Blouson Cocktail Dresses With Long Boots

One of the most effortless ways to rock an outfit that mimics the mod fashion is to wear a red or pink blouson cocktail dress with black thigh high boots. This is a simple but absolutely classy look. 

If the fabric of your cocktail dress is silk, velvet, or satin, you can wear it to formal parties and even to a wedding. You can add a pair of flashy stud earrings to add some bling to this look and a chained black shoulder bag. 

two stylish girls wearing blouson cocktail dresses

If long boots are not your thing, you can also pair the cocktail blouson with black ankle straps and finish off the look with a blingy clutch. 

Casual Blouson Dress With a Trench Coat

Try dressing up in the Parisian style by teaming up a casual blouson dress with a dressy essential, like a  trench coat or a dark denim jacket.  

A casual blouson dress maybe a striped one in jersey, or a printed linen dress. Get one of those best trench coats in a bold color to pair with the dress. A wool beret, ankle boots, and a baguette bag are all you need to finish off the Parisian look.

You can also go for plain casual blousons in bold colors with a flared bottom and layer with a cropped denim jacket for that pretty girl-next-door look. 

Red Blouson Dress

Nothing makes you look more attractive than a red dress, and if it is a red blouson dress, it’s even better. Opt for a darker shade of red with tiny white polka dots and a plunging neckline to create a look that is highly captivating. 

A messy hairdo and minimal makeup will go well with this look. Choose black kitten heels for footwear. Complete the look with a delicate necklace and a black mini bag, and you are good to go for a dinner date.

woman wearing a red blouson dress

White Blouson Dress

If you want a simple look with a blouson dress, the best option will be to choose a white one with a surplice neckline. This dress will signify absolute elegance, even if you pull it off without much styling and accessorizing.

To keep the white blouson dress look uncomplicated, opt for minimal accessories like a silver neck chain and ear studs. Focus on the hairstyle and makeup instead and go for a dewy look. 

If you have got white gladiator sandals, they will go perfectly with this dress. Otherwise go for beige peep toes. This may be one of your best summer looks that is effortless yet perfect.

One Sided Shoulder Green Blouson Dress

Try a one shoulder short blouson dress in green color for an irresistible and refreshing look. The chiffon dress can be worn both formally and casually. For a formal look, choose a loose curls hairstyle, shimmery eyes, and dull gold t-strap sandals. If you want to wear this dress down, pair it with cream ballerina flats and a matching cross body bag for a casual lunch date look.  

woman wearing a green one shoulder blouson dress

Pink Blouson Dress With a Jacket

Jackets look quite chic along with the blouson style dresses. To create fascinating fall and winter looks, you can go for heavier jackets like leather, fleece, wool, or sherpa jacket. For some quirky spring and summer looks, you can go with denim or polyester jackets. 

A black polyester jacket over a pink lace blouson dress will make a fabulous outfit. The pink color of the dress gives a feminine touch, while the jacket adds a chic, stylish element to instantly uplift the look.

Pair this outfit with black chunky boots and a stylish black crossbody bag. 

a lace blouson jacket with a jacket

Yellow Blouson Dress With a Slit

Feel like dressing up in a tempting way? Get yourself a yellow blouson dress with a voguish belt and thigh high slit. The dress is enticing enough to look great on its own, but you can go for a black shrug or a silk scarf to add a graceful touch to this dress. The footwear options for this dress are a pair of black platform heels or cone heel sandals. 

woman wearing a yellow blouson dress

Long Sleeve Blouson Dress

Getting inspired by vintage fashion, you can go for a modest blouson dress with long sleeves and a turtleneck. It is up to you what color and fit you choose for this type of dress as any color that you select will give you an elegant look. The sleeves cinched in waistline and the neckline may be ruffled for an added retro feel. 

When wearing a long sleeve blouson, choose small hooped earrings, straight hair, and subtle makeup to increase the appeal of your dress. 

a blouson maxi dress with long sleeves

Blouson Maxi Dress With a Fur Bomber Jacket

Build a comforting yet stylish winter outfit with a blouson maxi dress and a fur bomber jacket.

A bomber jacket with fur elements looks fabulous and adds luxe to the outfit that you pair it with. When teamed up with a blouson maxi dress, it will give a ravishing look that is hard to ignore. 

You can select the dress in a darker shade like blue or maroon and the fur jacket in a neutral shade like beige or brown to create an eye pleasing look. Add a quilted purse and suede ankle boots to the mix, and you are ready to grab everyone’s attention. Make sure to match the accessories with the jacket’s color for a consistent look.

blue printed blouson dress

Styling a Blouson Formal Dress 

As explained above, you can get the blouson dress in a formal style as well. You may have bought a beaded blouson dress or a fully embellished blouson gown for an upcoming party or a wedding. Remember that less is more when styling a formal blouson dress. There is a chance of making a faux pas if you try to dress up too much.

If your formal blouson dress has already got blingy detailing on the sleeves waistline or hemline, there is no need to go for lots of heavy jewelry. Keep the look graceful by wearing intricate jewelry. Choose teardrop earrings and a delicate wristwatch to accessorize the outfit. Make a nice hairstyle that complements your dress and keep the makeup subtle. 

Opt for a pair of stylish stilettos and a matching envelope clutch to complete the stunning diva look. 

Styling a Patterned Blouson Dress

Blouson dresses with appealing patterns can give you a beautiful and enticing look. You can buy a dress in short or long length with varying patterns such as chevron, paisley, floral, or even a plaid pattern. 

To style the blouson dress with a pattern, try to go with footwear and handbags in plain, neutral colors to bring out the dress’s appeal even more. You can pair a denim jacket with these dresses as well.

Wearing a Blouson Dress Over 40

Who says that the following fashion and dressing up in style is limited to a certain age bracket? For mature women, the blouson dress will add even more elegance to their look. Pair your dress with other graceful essentials to create looks that will get you many compliments.

A great idea would be to build a classy outfit with a pink blouson maxi dress and a black leather jacket for mature women over 40. Use accessories such as a splendid wristwatch, pearl earrings, statement rings, and long necklaces to add finishing touches to this look. 

woman wearing a black leather jacket over  a blouson dress

The Blouson Jacket

It would feel incomplete to talk about the blouson dress and not discuss a bit about the highly popular blouson jacket. To give a brief intro, blouson jackets have a typical bomber jacket design that has a secured waist. A buckle, ribbed knitted material, drawstrings, or elastic can be used to cinch in the waistline of the jacket. 

Blouson jackets are available in a wide variety of materials such as leather, polyester, fleece or linen, and are popular in men and women alike. 


Are Blouson Dresses Flattering?

Blouson dresses create a flawless silhouette due to the fact that the area just above the natural waistline is fitted. The blousing material that hangs, as a result, camouflages the problem areas while drawing attention to the neckline, hem of the dress instead. 

No matter what your body type is, you will always look gorgeous and a class apart while wearing a blouson dress. 

What Do You Wear Over a Spring Dress?

You can enhance the appeal of your pretty spring dress even more by layering a classy leather jacket over it. Or, you can also choose a denim jacket. Make sure the jacket you choose fits you well and complements the color and style of your dress.

What Qualifies as a Blouse?

Blouses particularly have a very feminine appeal to them. They are tops that are loose fitting and with or without a button closure. Also, they are either in a pullover style or have a zip at the back. Blouses for women have a variety of necklines. The blouses are of the same length as shirts.

You can wear blouses over jeans, skirts, shorts, and various types of pants for flattering looks.

What is the Difference Between a Blouse and a Tunic?

The basic difference between the blouse and tunic is of length. The tunic is longer, while blouses are shorter, ending at the lower waist. You can wear any type of pants, skirts and shorts with a blouse, whereas the tunic is best suited with jeans or fitted pants.

Can a Man Wear a Blouse?

In contemporary fashion, blouses are typical for women’s wear. Although, in some cultures blouses refer to shirts for men. Furthermore, if we refer to the term blouson in menswear, you will also know that it is the another name for a leather jacket.

Wrapping Up the Blouson Dress 

Wearing the blouson dress is definitely the best way to look glamorous. We have laid down several outfit ideas for your inspiration. You can choose any of them that is appropriate according to the occasion.

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November 8, 2021 1:03 am

I just bought the most gorgeous beaded blouson formal dress. This article helped me decide on the accessories and reassured me that the fit was correct. Thanks