Different Handbag Styles to Start Your Collection With

handbag styles

You can spot a trendy woman by her handbag choice! That being said, we can all agree that handbags are the second most trendsetting wardrobe item after dresses, and they can act as the weapon of your personal style.

Handbags are wardrobe staples that can’t be, or should we say, shan’t be used for only keeping your essentials while on the go. A fashion-forward woman knows how to incorporate a handbag into her ensemble in order to craft a powerful look. Therefore, your choice of handbag styles can make or break your outfit. 

We believe every woman has a collection of handbags in her closet. However, if you reckon your few bags can’t be considered a collection, then read on this article where we suggest amazing styles of handbags to start your collection with.

Shoulder bags 

A shoulder bag, as the name suggests, rests on your shoulders. Giving you the least threshold of the bag’s weight, the shoulder bag is most preferred by women amongst other types of handbag styles.

Wearing shoulder bag outfits is perfect for casual gatherings. This is the reason why such bag styles are available in various fabrics, colors, shapes and sizes. A classic example of a shoulder bag is rectangular in shape and crafted with leather. It has two long-strap handles.

It is also referred to as the everyday bag because it is spacious enough to keep all your belongings. It is functional and easy to carry while doing your daily chores. Most women feel comfortable when they carry this bag on their shoulders since it leaves their hands free. 

Tote bags

Amongst different bag styles, tote bags are the most capacious of all. It comprises one huge chamber without any closure. This specific feature of a tote enables the user to easily take out or keep in items while on the go. It is usually constructed using hard and tough fabric. It is durable and long-lasting. 

A tote bag outfit is ideal for beach trips. The large capacity of the bag helps in carrying change of clothes , sheets and other essentials. It can also be a part of resort wear for women over 50

However, the leather version of the tote bag can serve as a sophisticated option for the office. Women can easily keep large items such as laptops and large files in these bags.

Crossbody bags

Crossbody bags are among those types of women’s bags that can be easily rested on the shoulders. The best part of these types of bags is that they spare your hands so that you can carry other items easily.

As the name implies, these bags are designed with a long strap that crosses your body diagonally and falls at the hips. However, often these styles of bags come in short straps also which fall at the waist. 

All in all, these bags are comfortable and functional while being stylish. It can be your best travel partner for keeping essentials while having no pressure on the body. Also, if you are running errands along with your kids, a crossbody bag is just what you need.  

The Clutch

The clutch is most admired when we recall names of purse styles. It is an ideal accessory for date nights and formal gatherings. The charm lies in its minimalistic shape and size –  rectangle and small. These hand-held evening purses have easily detachable straps. 

Clutches can be beaded, glittery, with sequins or even matte. You can choose as per your liking and budget. The only limitation is the little amount of space they have, so you can only keep a few items.

As they say, good things come in small packages, similarly the clutch is the epitome of class and elegance. It adds a touch of glamor to your evening gown without any hassle.

Bucket bag

A bag in the shape of a bucket with a drawstring attached to the top for closure is called a bucket bag. The length of the drawstring may vary from small to long. This bag has a single compartment as compared to different handbag styles. 

The single compartment can be a blessing where you can keep plenty of necessary items. However, all these items will be lost in the depths of the bucket bag and will leave you rummaging the insides to take out the required item. We advise you to keep small organized pouches to avoid unnecessary clatter.

Bucket bags are available in sturdy leather for everyday strolls as well as in delicate embroidered designs for special themed-gatherings. 

Duffle bag

This barrel-shaped bag is a preferred choice amongst college students, gym-goers and moms on the run. The prime reason for its popularity is that they are practical, broad and spacious. They usually have a boxy and cylindrical design which helps in fitting lots and lots of items. 

Mini-duffel bags are a chic version of the standard duffel bag and can be carried everyday. These bags have two handles that are short and one longer handle that can be worn across the body. The longer strap is convenient if you wish to leave your hands free.

Generally, duffels are crafted from waterproof fabric which is easy to maintain and clean. Duffle bags are also available in leather. Many sporty-women bag types are not as reasonable as these gym bags.

Hobo bag

With different kinds of purses at hand, a woman can be easily perplexed when deciding which handbag to carry. The best choice should always be a practical and spacious shoulder bag. Hobo bags also fall into the same category. 

Generally, this type of purse style is similar to the shape of a bindle on a stick carried by hobos. Constructed into a half-moon shape, the hobo bag has a single handle and zipped top closure. A two-handle version with fasteners is also common.   

The fabric used to design these bags are soft and flexible, thus they tend to bend from the center when put down. 

Messenger bag

Earlier, messenger bags were used by bicycle couriers to transport mail and goods. So basically, these bags are a symbol of comfort and utility. They can be worn in a crossbody style freeing your arms for bike riding and other activities. 

Nowadays, the messenger bag is used as a means to carry documents, school supplies, files etc. It is durable yet stylish. You can take it for a walk or to run your daily errands. The most desirable feature is its large rectangular size which also contains multiple pockets.  

A messenger bag can be regarded as one of the best leather handbag styles for both men and women. It has long and thick straps for better grip with a flap closure on the front. It is the perfect gift for any conference swag.

Backpack bag  

Every student’s favorite bag, the backpack purse, is beyond doubt the best example of a hands-free practical bag. Having two shoulder straps, the backpack helps in evenly distributing the weight of your bag on your body. 

Technically, the backpack purses are designed as large-sized bags especially for students to carry books or for travelers and hikers to carry food, water and other equipment. It can be used to keep heavy items because of the double support provided by the two shoulder straps. 

Since fashion exists in everything, we must mention here that leather backpacks are available in many stylish varieties and designer looks. So go forth and grab a fabulous backpack for yourself!


Satchel is from the family of crossbody bags but with some more specifications. It is usually rectangular. The front closure is an envelope flap with buckle fastening on both sides and a single short strap. They have a purse type style that can be nominated as an everyday handbag.

Women who are always on the go will love to grab away a satchel in their busy routine. The size of a satchel is just precise enough to keep books. It is an easy-to-carry purse loved by all.

A leather satchel has written “chic business woman” all over it. You can hang it near your elbow for an elite style or hold its handles like a briefcase. Keep all your official documents crisp and secured with the zip closure on top. 

FAQs – Handbag Styles

What Type of Handbags Are in Style 2023?

All types of handbags tend to remain in style. A stylish handbag is a combination of your personal taste and the occasion you are going to. From shoulder bags to crossbody bags to simple hands-free bags – all handbags are minutes away from your need and charm. 

What Color of Handbag Goes With Everything?

The most popular color of handbag is pure black because it never goes out of style. It matches and complements almost anything and everything.

What Is the Most Popular Style of Handbag?

The most popular style of handbag is the shoulder bag because it is easy to carry and manage. It is also available in many designs, colors and fabrics.


It will be safe to conclude that no outfit is complete without a bag to match. And our advice is to never hesitate to experiment to try out what works best for you. The handbag styles mentioned above are practical yet fashionable for your collection. So what are you waiting for? Buy less, choose well and make it last!

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