13 Chic Looks with Tote Bag Outfits 

Sometimes the fashion world makes absolutely no sense. They create these garments and accessories that aren’t practical at all. For example, itty bitty bags. What exactly is one supposed to fit in there?

We’re not saying all accessories are pointless, you just have to find the right ones. There are several different types of bags but the best one out there has to be a tote bag.

A tote bag is a classic handbag. Its minimalistic design, and ample storage space, make it a must have. A tote bag is usually designed using the same basic pattern. It is composed of two handles to carry an open-topped bag. The bag does not have a zipper adding to its normcore style. 

Traditional tote bags are made of canvas fabric which adapts well to the load you add into your bag. This style is perfect if you’re going for the y2k fashion trend. Nothing screams the 2000’s like a canvas tote bag. 

Tote bags were thought of as basic bags that you could pair with casual outfits. These bags have since then gone through a complete transformation with so many different styles and patterns to choose from. Tote bags are now available in a number of different fabrics, adding a versatile element to the ‘laid-back’ labeled tote bag. 

13 Unique Ways To Style A Tote Bag 

Tote bags are the ‘It’ bags of the season. They can balance out an edgy outfit or, they can harmonize with a casual one. It’s easy to carry, can hold all your things, and is handy and fashionable. What else do you need? 

Styling a tote bag is the easiest thing to do. All you have to do is create an outfit and find a tote bag that matches the tone of it. We have put together 13 incredible outfits featuring a tote bag that you too can rock.

Leather tote + Black Long Coat + Jeans 

Want a look that gives off the whole off-duty vibe? Look no further.  Pair a  crew neck gray tee with a black long coat. Add on a pair of ankle cut skinny jeans and black loafers. Last but not the least, add on a tan leather tote. The tote stands out amongst the neutral outfit. Also, the wide tote against the structured outfit creates a more relaxed vibe. This look is a great way to get into the leather tote bag outfit trend.

Black Tote + Black Turtleneck + Black Leather Pants 

Black is a color that looks amazing on everyone. It’s subtle yet bold, it’s muted yet loud. The color is just universally flattering. Create the perfect monochromatic outfit by pairing a black turtleneck with black leather jeans. Complete the look with black strappy heels, black sunnies and a black tote. This tote bag outfit is easy to put together and works for so many different events. 

Burgundy Tote + White Dress + Beige Trench Coat 

Can an outfit with a tote bag look elegant? Yes, of course it can. For an outfit to look elegant and classy you need to pick colors that ooze grace. Burgundy and beige create a beautiful combination. Pair a flowy white dress with a long beige trench coat and add on a pair of boots. Seal the deal with a burgundy tote bag. The only thing that could elevate this tote bag outfit is a fresh blowout!

Canvas Tote + Oversized Tee + Flared Jeans 

Create the perfect canvas tote bag outfit by pairing an oversized tee with a canvas tote. Add on a pair of flared pants and white sneakers to complete the look. For some extra streetwear points, add on a bucket hat. This outfit is easy to pull off and showcases the tote bag skillfully. 

Wooden Tote + Floral Blouse + Ankle Cut Jeans 

Want to play tourist? We have the perfect resort outfit for you! Get into the vacation spirit by picking out a floral blouse. The brighter the pattern, the better. Add on a pair of skinny jeans and vibrant block heels. All you need now is a wooden tote to complete the outfit. The subtlety of the wooden bag balances the vibrancy of the rest of the tote bag outfit. You can also wear a floral dress instead if that is more your vibe. 

Canvas Tote + Co-ord Set 

How to style a tote bag seems to be the number one question when it comes to tote bag fashion. Why not match your tote bag to the rest of your outfit?  Pair a black and white striped co-ord set with a matching tote bag. Add on high heeled black boots to complete the tote bag outfit. This matchy combination can look amazing with a number of different styles of clothing as well. 

Black Tote + Collared Shirt + Mini Skirt 

Create the perfect preppy look by pairing a collared shirt with a printed tee on top. Add on a mini skirt and a fashionable tote bag. Add a casual element to the tote bag outfit by adding on a pair of sneakers. This look is perfect for spring time. Add on a pair of fishnet tights and boots, and you can re-wear the outfit in fall. 

Patterned Tote + Aviator Jacket + Suede Boots 

Look stunning while keeping cozy. A fur coat outfit is just the way to go. What better way to sport fur then by wearing an aviator jacket? Pair the jacket with a turtleneck, jeans and suede boots. The complete outfit is perfect for the winter time. It looks chic and super classy. This tote bag outfit could just as easily become a purse outfit, but a tote bag just adds to the whole model look. 

Pink Tote +  Midi Dress 

Reconnect with your feminine side by opting for a pretty midi dress. Pick out a pink tote to flatter this cute dress. Add on nude pumps to complete the look. This tote bag outfit is great for outdoor events, dinner parties and brunches.

Tan Tote + Knitted Sweater + Brown Ugg Boots 

If you ask us, the best outfit is one that is both fashionable and comfortable. Look comfortably chic by pairing a stylish canvas tote or a tan tote  with a knitted sweater. Add on a pair of black frayed denim and brown ugg boots to complete the look. You are ready to strut the world in comfy shoes and a killer outfit.

Satin Tote + Satin Dress + Strappy Heels 

For the girls that want to have fun, satin dresses are the way to go! Create an eye-catching cocktail outfit by pairing a light green satin long dress with a matching satin tote. Add on a pair of heels and style your hair to become the center of attention. You can also opt for a shorter dress for a more fun tote bag outfit. 

Ruffled Tote + White Boho Dress 

There are a bunch of tote bag styles available, but a ruffled tote bag is perfect for the whole boho look. Style a bell-sleeves lace dress and add on all types of oxidized jewelry. Throw on a pair of brown boots and a ruffled tote bag to complete this gorgeous tote bag outfit. 

Statement Canvas Tote + Blue Denim Shirt + Black Jeans 

Tote bags outfits are trendy and a great way to make a statement. These bags are a unique way for you to showcase what you stand for. You can also choose bags with quirky quotes or cute puns on them. Style a canvas  bag of your choice by adding a blue denim shirt and black jeans. Add on a pair of sneakers, and you are ready for a day out. 


What Book Bags Are in Style Now? 

Tote Bags and Backpacks are the leading two styles of bags for carrying books. They are stylish, chic and look good with everything. Custom totes are also a great way to carry your books in style. If you’re looking for a great one then The Jacket Maker is a stellar company that creates custom tote bags catered to your taste. 

Tote Bags Are Totes Cute! 

Tote bags are a fashionable way for you to make a statement without breaking the bank. These bags are versatile and look good with so many different outfits. Besides looking incredible, these bags have enough space for you to fit in all your personal belongings. In fact, you’d still have space to spare! 

Bring out your fashionable side by sporting a tote bag this season. We hope this guide gets you in the tote bag spirit.

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