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Outfit Guide: Chic Fur Coat Outfits that will Never Go Out of Style

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Fur clothing has a history that dates back thousands of years. From the stone age to contemporary times, fur clothing has been used for warmth & protection. In some cultures, it was also considered a status symbol. It’s easy to see why and agree with all of it. Any garment with a hint of fur in it instantly becomes glamorous, and we can’t even argue about the level of comfort a fur coat outfit offers when the weather becomes chilly.

Fur has also been a fashion staple of the highest order, and the industry loves it so much that it definitely isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. From a classic white shearling fluffy fur coat to a luxurious long furry coat of mink fur to synthetic alternatives like faux fur jackets, there are many different types of fur coats that can bring an instant style upgrade to any look. 

With this in mind, and with an inclusive approach & not going into the faux fur vs. real fur debate, we’ve gathered some of the chicest outfits, so you’ll be inspired to step out without missing out on style points. Scroll down to learn what to wear with a fur coat, along with fur coat outfit ideas to enjoy the seasonal chill in full glam.

1. Long Fur Coat Outfits

1. Long Fur Coat Outfits

Long fur coats are an absolute cold-weather staple. Their timeless and charismatic look speaks volumes about your style, taste, and sense of refinement. Plus, you get a lot of versatility, too, as they work well on a number of occasions, from winter wedding guest attire to Christmas dinner outfits. 

Dress it up with anything from a pretty button-up blouse to a refined button-down shirt and formal slacks. It’s particularly fun to wear them for casual events too that allow you to dress down a bit and show some personality. So play up the casual side with a pair of skinny jeans, a light-knit turtleneck, and sneakers or flats. On top of all that, the warm long fur coat will help you stay extremely cozy!

A Cozy Outfit

Pair a black long fur coat with a white blouse and formal gray pants. The combination is chic and easy to wear, and a  pair of low-heeled sandals accentuates this outfit. For an extra touch, reach for your favorite red handbag. You can wear this outfit for outdoor dinners in the wintertime. Alternatively, to make this furry long coat outfit office-friendly, go for a pair of loafers and lose the red handbag. 

2. Fur Leather Jackets Outfits

2. Fur Leather Jackets Outfits

Want to bring a new dimension to your fashion while getting the same warmth and comfort of your favorite oversized fur coat? Well, we have some news for you. The fur trend is on the up and up, and you’ll see that long fur coats are not the only way to accessorize with fur.

There are many other ways to incorporate the ever-green trend into your everyday wardrobe. From cozy and cool boots with fur collars to uber-comfy fur-lined jackets to fur handbags, you’ll find many unexpected ways you can make fur work for you.

But today, we wanted to highlight outerwear that is a happy medium between your full-fledged fur coat and a lightweight fall jacket— your best leather jacket but with fur details. Leather and fur are a great match; both materials being luxurious, warm, and stylish in their own way, complement each other well. 

Women’s leather jackets with a fur lining on the torso, fur hoods, fur collars, or other fur elements are just as fiercely stylish and optimally warm as a full-on fur coat. 

A Baddie Outfit

Join the fur leather jacket club and treat yourself to a cropped style double rider biker jacket with a fur collar.  Cropped jackets are a mainstay of baddie style, so for an ultimate baddie fur coat outfit, throw on your cropped leather biker jacket with fur collar, a pair of leopard print leggings, and a cropped style t-shirt. 

Accessorize this look with a statement leather belt. On the footwear front, sneakers would be a great option. However, some western-inspired boots will give this outfit a little more edge.

3. Vintage Fur Coat Outfit Ideas

3. Vintage Fur Coat Outfit Ideas

Fur is one of the most coveted fall and winter fabrics of all time. So there’s a high chance that your grandma owned a fur piece too. If you are lucky enough to inherit and fit into it with fur trending all over the fashion scene, you can make use of her now vintage 1970s fur coat. Or you can always find a multitude of fresh vintage-inspired pieces and rock with them.  

Back in time, fur coats were typically longer, loose-fitting, heavier, and made from real fur. So with their unique charm and elegance, a vintage fur coat immediately takes center stage in your outfit. 

A Trend-Forward Outfit

A stylish girl’s wardrobe can’t go without some patent leather pants. So why not put it into use to rock with a trendy outfit with a furry twist. Get your hands on a vintage-inspired distressed brown leather jacket with fur on the notched collar and cuffs. Combine it with your black patent leather pants, a black t-shirt, and black boots for a badass streetwear outfit. A pair of black sunglasses and your hair untied will add oomph to this outfit ten times over.

A Glamorous Outfit

Team a full-length, dark-toned, vintage mink fur coat with jeans or leather pants and a solid toned top. Booties and stiletto boots are an excellent footwear choice that completes the overall look of the classy fur coat outfit. For a celebrity-approved chic off-duty ensemble, go for ripped jeans, a crisp white top, and sneakers with a vintage fur coat. 

4. Faux Fur Coat Outfits

4. Faux Fur Coat Outfits

Looking to add a lot of luxe to your wardrobe all while staying cozy, then a fur coat is the ideal piece of outerwear for you. However, if you are one of those in love with fur coat aesthetics but think your choices are limited because you have given up on the idea due to the various reasons—the reality is far from it.

Faux fur coats and jackets are having a major moment in the fashion landscape. These options are as good as the real thing. From cool cropped styles to mid-length to long and everything in between, there’s faux fur outerwear for everyone out there. Fashion insiders and teen heartthrob celebs have been wearing faux fur a lot lately, so we wanted to give you some fool-proof style inspo on how to wear a faux fur jacket. 

A Tonal Outfit

Grab a mid-length brown faux fur coat and pair it with brown pants or beige leather pants and brown lace-up booties for a cozy-chic tonal outfit with a rustic vibe. Add a finishing touch to this ensemble with a knitted chocolate brown cuffed beanie. To give this whole outfit a contemporary lift, wear sneakers instead of boots. 

A Colorful Outfit 

Are you hooked on purple clothing or colors like sage green and hues other than neutrals/earthy tones? Then a cropped blush fur jacket is something worth getting your hands on. Wear it with your acid wash skinny jeans, a simple crew neck t-shirt, and sneakers— there, you have the cutest fur jacket outfit. Amp up the cuteness with a fur pom-pom beanie.

5. Dress with Fur Coat Outfit Ideas

5. Dress with Fur Coat Outfit Ideas

When you’re in a rush and want to dress for the winter weather, try the absolutely stylish and feminine combo– fur coat over a dress. We can’t think of a more flattering winter-appropriate mix that exudes feminine charm than incorporating a dress with a fur coat. 

An Elegant Outfit

Just picture yourself in an elegant evening ensemble, complete with a cocktail dress, high heels, and a chunky soft short faux fur jacket. A few hours into the night, you can drape the fur jacket over your shoulders. It’s a chic accent you’re sure to love. 

Interested to know some fur coat and dress outfit ideas that are casual and chic in equal measures? Well, then you must become friends with the trending cozy and comfortable sweatshirt dresses. 

Sweatshirt dresses are basically exactly what they sound like — dresses that are cut from the same fabrics that are usually used for sweatshirts like, primarily soft and cozy jersey fabric. With lengths varying from just above the ankle to just below the knee. They are a playful way to show some skin either via a slit in longer versions or a cropped hem. 

They are a playful way to show some skin either via a slit in longer versions or a cropped hem. Integrating a custom jersey design into a sweatshirt dress can add a distinctive, personalized flair to this comfortable and stylish garment.

A Trendy Outfit

Wear a black short sweatshirt dress that is a few inches above your knees with a pink fur bomber jacket or fur coat that matches the length of the dress. Complete this outfit with pointed-toe knee-high boots and a black ring clutch. The visual contrast of this outfit is impressive and you get to channel a girly vibe effortlessly.


When is it appropriate to wear a fur coat?

Fur is quintessentially a fall and winter fabric when the temperatures start hitting the lower ends of the scale.

How to wear a fur vest in spring?

Wearing a faux fur vest in an airy silhouette brings it within the realm of possibility, provided you wear them with lighter clothes on cooler spring days.

Is real fur warmer than faux fur?

Real fur is much warmer. This is because there’s a thick layer of undercoat below the outer layer serving as the animal’s protection against freezing temperatures.

How to wear a faux fur jacket?

A faux fur jacket can be styled — with dresses, leggings, jeans, leather pants, boots, sneakers & more. The sky’s the limit!

How to store a fur coat?

Fur coats and jackets are investment pieces that will surely cost you more than your regular denim jackets. Store them in a dark, cool, dry place to ensure their longevity. Use a proper-sized hanger and keep your fur coats away from humid areas. For a high-end designer or a treasured piece, going for professional storage is definitely practical. User discretion is still advised.

Wrapping Up

The fashion world is full of trends, but there’s one trend that never goes out of style: Fur.  Real fur, made from the processed skin of a furry animal or faux fur synthetically engineered with polyester or acrylic fibers crafted into jackets, bags, and shoes in a number of styles and cuts, this timeless material in all its forms has dominated winter apparel since as long as we can remember. 

Therefore it’s a bit of a no-brainer that having a well-made, timeless, and able-to-stand-the-test-of-time coat is the best investment in your wardrobe. Whether you own one or want to go online to shop for one, now you have plenty of fur coat outfit ideas up your sleeve to make a good choice for a fabulous look that fits your style. 

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