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How to Style Brown Pants? Fashion Forward Ideas

how to style brown pants

Women’s fashion as a whole is as diverse as it gets. You can pick only one style of clothing and still get stunned by the thousands upon thousands of outfitting options within it. There is so much variety in shirts, uppers, shoes, and accessories that if you can imagine it, it exists somewhere in the world.

Unfortunately, your choices get a lot limited as soon as pants are brought into question. If you’ve ever looked up a chic style guide for any upper, the only pants options presented to you are black, white, and blue (only for denim), and that’s it.

There are other options out there, but their potential is completely wasted due to their lack of popularity. One of these criminally underrated options is brown pants. Let’s take a look at what they’re capable of and how you can style brown pants in your day-to-day life.

Choosing the Right Shade of Brown

The first step in styling brown pants is choosing the right shade of brown. There are hundreds of colors that can be branded as “brown,” but we can bunch some of them together under one category.

  • First, we have dark chocolate brown. It is the middle ground between black and vibrant brown and is fairly versatile. You can use it as a buffer in a vibrant outfit, or you can make it the center point by wearing it under light-colored or even full white clothes.
  • Next, we have taupe; essentially dark brown but with a grey undertone. It’s the perfect shade of brown for business casual and professional-looking outfits.
  • Heading towards the lighter side of the spectrum, we get caramel brown. This is one of the softest or mildest tones of brown. It is the right choice for casual as well as party outfits.
  • Lastly, we come to sandy brown (some also call it light brown). It can be described as a mixture of standard brown and cream colors. It’s soft on the eyes and contrasts beautifully with darker hues.

Choosing one of these shades is not simple, as there is no single “best” shade of brown. Instead, think about the rest of your wardrobe. Consider the brown outfits that you would like to wear and make a decision based on that. Ideally, you should have both a dark and a lighter shade to double your outfitting options.

What Color Goes with Brown Pants?

So, you made a decision and bought yourself a pair of brown pants. What now? What colors can you wear with it? Now, you might think that your options are severely limited, but they aren’t. In fact, the difference between colors as versatile as black and brown is not that large.

Almost all colors go well with brown, the trick is to find the right tone and shade. Like red with a softer tone of brown or light green and orange with a darker shade of brown. Another great combination is that of lemon yellow and chocolate brown.

On the other hand, blue, earthy greens, dark maroon, black, and white are the best brown pants combinations out there. Even a lesser-known color like a light lavender turtleneck looks phenomenal when paired with the right shade of brown.

What to Wear with Brown Pants?

Brown pants are a treasure trove of extremely interesting outfits that are also as unique as it gets in women’s fashion. The best part about wearing brown pants is the ease of crafting new outfits. Someone who has never tried wearing brown pants might assume that finding a good-looking outfit would be a challenge, but it is not. You can swap out the pants from almost any outfit with brown ones, and they will work just fine.

Outfits with Brown Pants

Outfits with Brown Pants

Just because you can wear a random t-shirt and cropped leather jacket from your wardrobe over a pair of brown pants and call it a day doesn’t mean that all outfits are created equal. Some look livelier than others and fit the situation better.

Here are a few of the best brown pants outfits that you can try right now.

Black on Brown

Black on Brown

This is most likely the simplest yet one of the best-looking outfits on this list. All you have to do is wear an all-black outfit, but swap out the black pants for brown ones. So, your final attire should consist of a black t-shirt, black leather motorcycle jacket, brown pants, and black high-heeled shoes.

You can further spice up this outfit with accessories like matching leather handbags, scarves and jewelry.

Brown Pants with Bomber Jackets

Brown Pants with Bomber Jackets

A significant portion of brown pants fashion relies on outerwear. Sure, a basic t-shirt and pants combo works just fine. But, the true elegance and style of brown pants emerge when you pair them with some form of a jacket. So, what better piece of outerwear to choose than the classic bomber.

A great example of this outfit is a pair of khaki-brown pants, paired with a tan women’s bomber jacket over a black and white striped t-shirt. Complete the attire with matching brown leather shoes, and you’re ready for any occasion.

Brown Pants and Trench Coat

Brown Pants and Trench Coat

Staying on the theme of outerwear, trench coats are another option with mountains of potential. Both brown pants and leather trench coats are relatively unknown in broader women’s fashion. So, put them together, and you’ve got something unique and attention-grabbing. Take your combo to the streets and share your street-style smarts with the passerby.

As for what to wear underneath the trench coat; it’s best to keep things simple. A white sweater or shirt should work great; opt for cream-colored if you want a warmer tone.

Winter Fur Coat Attire

Winter Fur Coat Attire

Fur coats are the perfect winter and fall jackets. They are fluffy, warm, and cozy to no extent. Above all, they’re one of the most stylish pieces of warm outerwear. But a portion of their charm is lost when they’re paired with a pair of basic black pants. They look good but not exceptional.

Wearing the same fur coat over a pair of brown pants; that’s a completely different story altogether. A caramel brown fur coat, combined with dark brown leather pants, forms the ultimate look worthy of a fashion magazine’s front cover.

Brown and White Outfits

Brown and White Outfits

This is on the opposite side of our brown and black outfits and looks just as gorgeous. The combination of an all-white outfit with a pair of brown pants looks aesthetically graceful. The contrast of a warm cozy shade with the black or white turns your attire into a piece of modern, minimalist art.

One thing to remember is that you can match shoes or your accessories with the pants while keeping everything else white. Doing so will make the outfit feel well-thought-out and coherent.

Brown Pants with Pink

Brown Pants with Pink

This outfit is proof that brown pants work with colors that they aren’t supposed to, like pink. You can apply the same principle to other pastel and fresh colors and get similar feeling results. So, how does one go about pairing brown pants with pink?

One way to craft this outfit is by wearing various shades of brown for everything (shoes, shrug, and pants) but swapping out the shirt for a pink one. This attire is as sassy as it is cute. Alternatively, you can go super urban and top your brown pants with a pink hooded sweatshirt and pink low-top sneakers. The resulting outfit will look adorable while also being as comfortable as it gets.

You can further customize these attires by utilizing different tones and shades of pink. Softer pinks like rose and flamingo are also incredibly easy to integrate. Fuschia and other vibrant shades require a bit more work, especially in the accessories department, but it is all worth it in the end.

How to Style Brown Corduroy Pants?

How to Style Brown Corduroy Pants?

Corduroy pants are one of the best brown pants for women out there. This is because of their visually distinct shape. They look remarkably interesting on their own. But, the bigger reason for their greatness is their ease of outfitting. All you need is a simple top, and you’ve got a completely fabulous outfit.

As for the tops you can use, graphic white t-shirts, light-colored button-ups, and turtlenecks are among the best options.

How to Style Brown Cargo Pants?

How to Style Brown Cargo Pants?

Cargo pants are the surefire way to achieve a baddie look without going over the top. Brown cargo pants, in particular, are flawless for this stylistic approach. But they cannot reach this goal on their own. You have to pair them with tops that exude the same energy. So, crop-tops, cropped biker jackets, and flannel shirts are all brilliant choices.

How to Style Brown Plaid Pants?

How to Style Brown Plaid Pants?

So far, we’ve talked about pants with solid colors and clean exteriors. Plaid pants, on the other hand, are completely different. They’re bold, attention-demanding, and an absolute blast to style. They are also one of the best pants to show your personal style and creativity.

The best way to style them, however, is with plain solid colors. You can try to introduce different patterns, but matching them with the plaid can be challenging. So, the safer route is to clean button-ups and t-shirts. If you’re looking for a comfortable outfit, then pairing your brown plaid pants with a light-pink hooded sweatshirt is the way to go.

How to Style Brown Leather Pants?

How to Style Brown Leather Pants?

Brown leather pants are, most likely, the least famous piece of clothing in this entire guide. But, just because they’re uncommon doesn’t mean they aren’t any good.

Leather pants can look majestic when paired with the right top. The best option for brown leather pants is dark brown sweaters, cardigans, black turtlenecks, and unusual colors of leather jackets like maroon.

Frequently Asked Question

Hopefully, you have a pretty good idea of how to wear brown pants of all kinds. But this guide only scratches the surface, and there is still a lot to learn about them. These are the most frequently asked questions about brown pants.

What Do Brown Jeans Go With?

Brown jeans are the ultimate pair of pants for urban settings. So, the best top for them is the ones that exude a similar vibe. Floral crop-tops, striped t-shirts, simple sneakers, and flannels are a perfect place to start. Once you’ve mastered those, you can take things further with shirt and sweater combos, leather jackets for women, and heeled leather boots.

Is It OK to Wear Brown Pants with Black Shoes?

Yes, it is completely OK to wear black shoes underneath brown pants. Black shoes are a great choice for almost every outfit, and brown pants are no different. However, there are many brown pants outfits that look good with black shoes but will look phenomenal with matching brown kicks.

Do Grey Shoes Go with Brown Pants?

Yes, but only when they match the rest of the outfit. For example, a gray or sweater and brown pants attire would look great with grey shoes, but a black crop top and brown pants outfit would not.

Do Brown Pants Work In an Office Setting?

Yes, almost all shades of brown work just fine in office and professional settings in general. Although, khaki-brown pants are a step above the rest. Keep in mind that the rest of your outfit matters as much as the pants.

Do Vibrant Yellow Shirts Look Good with Brown Pants?

Brown pants don’t really work with vibrant colors, but yellow is the only exception. A bright yellow shirt over a pair of dark brown pants looks glamorous, while the same shirt looks cute over a pair of light brown plaid pants.

Final Words

Brown pants are neglected by many women around the globe. But the world is waking up to their potential, and their popularity is rising by the day. Even Hollywood celebrities and pop stars are taking notice and integrating brown pants into their glamorous wardrobes. Combine their rising popularity with the incredibly simple styling, and you’ve got a must-have pair of pants.

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