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What is a Blouson Jacket & Ways to Style it?

blouson jacket

When it comes to contemporary style staples, there are various types of outerwear along with other materials that provide ultimate functionality and comfort, which includes an array of leather staples, and classic fabrics. Somewhere in between polyester has taken an above-average place. Blouson jackets include polyester outerwear along with other materials that provide ultimate functionality and comfort.

What is Blouson?

A jacket that is drawn tight at the waist and has a somewhat baggy appearance at the top is known as a blouse jacket or a Blouson. It initially originated from its parent jacket: The classic flight jacket. The features resemble the bomber jackets a lot, like the banded cuffs and waist and the banded collar. 


The era of the blouson jacket started in the late 1950s under the name of the MA 1 Bomber jacket. Usually worn by the US Military. Also having a link to Eisenhower Jackets. Around the ’90s blousons were worn as the national costume of the United States for the APEC meeting held in Washington. 

Up till now, blouson jackets are related to the official attire of some US legal departments such as the NYPD. 

The blouson also made its way past the United States to many other countries in the Middle East and Southern Asia. 

Fabrics Used in Blouson Jackets

Fabrics Used in Blouson Jackets

Blouson is a style that comes in various fabrics used in making stylish apparel. Polyester being the most popular, blousons are also available in leather, cotton, wool, nylon, corduroy… 

Polyester Blouson Jackets 

The most commonly used fabric in blouson-style jackets is polyester, the fabric initially used in WW2 when the jackets originated. 

Suede Blouson Jackets 

The suede blouson jackets are very common amongst civilians adopting the military fashion. The luxe appearance of suede is what people go for. Suede is a performance fabric along with a stylish appearance. 

Blouson Leather Jackets 

Leather is another luxe fabric available in many types. The most commonly available in the blouson category when it comes to leather is a blouson-style jacket in Nappa leather. The jackets resemble the contemporary bomber jackets as they have originated from that parent category. 

Nylon Blouson Jackets

In places with humid climates and usually rainy seasons, nylon jackets perform the best. The nylon blouson is also commonly available in a wide array of colors. Fabric being water-resistant helps a lot in tropical climates.

Wool Blouson Jackets 

Wool is mostly used in harsh climates, the best to go during winters. Wool blouson jackets give off a good billowed look which defines the name blouson despite being a heavy fabric. 

Blouson Jackets: How To Wear

Blouson made its way to the civilians and opted for a drastic shift as it became a style staple in the States. The jacket was worn by many celebrities and emerged in Street Style. When deciding on how to properly wear a blouson jacket some key pointers should be observed initially. 

Blousing of the Blouson

The blousing in the bodice, the part over the torso is billowed and the waist is relatively fitted. This style helps in comfort as the band on the waist helps the jacket to stay in place whereas the torso is at ease. 

The Right Color

As defined above, the men’s blouson jacket is a style staple when it is styled the correct way. Khaki or black blouson jackets were the go-to in the beginning but as of now, blousons are available in a wide array of colors and materials. Be it a green blouson jacket, or a blue blouson jacket. 

Make it Monochromatic

The best way to style a blouson jacket is to make it stand out among the overall ensemble. The jacket can be paired with black jeans and a charcoal grey t-shirt and like the cherry on top, you can opt for a black blouson jacket. 

Having the Right Fit

Regardless of the basic jacket fit which is a jacket that should fit like a glove, blousons are worn a bit differently. The sleeves and the torso of the jacket have a billowed appearance which makes the jacket look baggy and the waist and sleeve bands are tight which helps to keep the jacket in place. 

How to Style a Blouson Jacket?

There are more than many ways in which you can easily highlight your blouson jacket, keeping the base basic and you can achieve essential style. Be it preppy, smart casual, or street style. Blouson meets the contemporary. 

Little is a Lot 

Little is a Lot 

One of the most common styling options for a jacket of any sort is to pair it with a simple white tee. The same goes for styling a stylish men’s blouson jacket. Wear a plain white tee along with denim jeans and brown everyday leather sneakers and highlight your ensemble with a brown blouson jacket. 

Casual yet Smart

Casual yet Smart

To achieve a look that can make you stand out among others is by opting for smart casual attire. Pair a polka dot collared polo with black chinos and suede boots and put on a black or brown blouson jacket on top, and there you have it a smart casual look

Office be Home 

Office be Home 

Last but not least, a business casual style is achievable with a blouson leather jacket. Pair a buttoned-down black shirt tucked in navy blue denim jeans and, navy blue blouson jacket, and black oxfords. This will make you achieve a contemporary and stylish look. 

A Blouson Conclusion 

Now that we know about what is and how to wear and style a blouson jacket, there will be no problem in execution to achieve the best style. It can be said that blouson is derived from the word billowed as it looks like the air is trapped inside the jacket. Blouson is a unique style that is still in place after all these years. 

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