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Classic Outfit Ideas on How to Wear Red Leggings

red leggings outfit

Leggings are versatile, they were part of fashion trends long before and are here to stay forever. With leggings, you can never go wrong, as they go well with all kinds of outfits and are comfortable to carry.

Everything about Leggings:

Leggings are a perfect staple for your wardrobe making you rock your everyday look to feel like a model in your formal attire. 

One wrong color legging that doesn’t go well with your outfit can waste your money, so choose wisely. Leggings are a piece from your wardrobe that won’t cost too much and will go well with every type of outfit. 

Types of Leggings: 

Full-Length Leggings: 

These leggings go to your ankle and are a perfect piece of clothing you should be having in your wardrobe. They go well with all types of dresses like tank tops, T-shirts and Long flowy dresses. Owning one will make your life a lot easier. 

Gym Leggings: 

The gym leggings are supposed to be super comfortable and sweatproof and are easy to wash. Invest in good quality gym leggings and you are good for your workout. Red color gym legging with black gym shirts will pop a splash of colour during your workout. 

Wool Leggings: 

One of the best decisions you can make is to own a pair of wool leggings. A must-have for your winter wardrobe, PAir it with a warm, cozy sweatshirt, this will not only keep you warm but will boost up your style game too. 

Leggings for Everyday: 

Investing in a pair of good leggings will keep you happy for a very long time. Owning different-colored leggings for your everyday wear is a must-have staple nowadays. Get a pair that is comfortable to wear, easy to wash, and breathable. 

How to style Red Leggings

Leggings are just a comfortable way of carrying yourself without compromising on the style. Red color leggings add a pop of color to your overall attire, but it is not at all easy to style red color leggings. There can be many ways to style red leggings, but you need to make sure the look that you want doesn’t make you the talk of the party, so dress carefully. 

Red Leggings with Grey Dress or Grey Shirt

Red Leggings with Grey Dress or Grey Shirt

Grey and Red make a perfect combination that can never go wrong. You can pair your grey crew neck sweater with the red leggings you own and it will be the most comfortable yet stylish outfit for any casual event you will attend. 

Red Leggings with White Button-up Shirt

Red Leggings with White Button-up Shirt

If you want to get ready and don’t have much time, this outfit will be a perfect look to carry in less time. Get a formal white button-down shirt from your wardrobe and pair it with red leggings and black long heels and you are all set to rock the party. This look doesn’t require much effort but will make you the star of any festive occasion. 

Red Legging with Black Jacket or Black Cardigan

Red Legging with Black Jacket or Black Cardigan

A unique and stylish way to style your red leggings is by wearing them with a black cardigan or black leather jacket. This is a simple and elegant look to carry, yet can make you look bold if paired with long boots and a complimenting clutch. If wearing a long cardigan, pair it with a black undershirt for a more refined look. 

Red Legging with blacktop

Red Legging with blacktop

Black and red are a very safe combination to style. Black is a dark color so to add a splash of color to it, pair it with red and you will be getting all the appreciation in your friend’s circle. Get your blacktop out on a casual day, match it with red leggings, and thank me later for this chic look. To further enhance your style, pair this outfit with black or red flat shoes and a cross-body leather bag and you are all set for the day. 

Red Legging with Navy blue Dress

Red Legging with Navy blue Dress

For a formal or festive look, you can always wear your red leggings with a navy blue dress. Navy blue and red are a perfect combination for a festive occasion and will look good in any season. You can wear high heels or ankle boots and carry a fancy-looking clutch for a sheer hint of elegance and grace. 

Legging outfits for different ages

Legging outfits for different ages

Leggings or tights are not age-specific, if carried well they can look good at any age of your life. Whether you are a teenager or a woman above 50, you love leggings there is no stopping you. A look you would love to create, what shoes would look good with red leggings? What jacket can you carry with red leggings? All these factors, if taken care of, can make you look the best for any event. 

Leggings for Women in their 30’s

Leggings for Women in their 30's

Leggings are a perfect staple for young girls or toddlers. Toddlers who are always on the go would love to stay comfortable whereas their mothers want them to look the cutest, so legging would do both keeping mothers and daughters happy.  

Leggings for Teenagers

Leggings for Teenagers

Teenage girls love to own a pair of leggings for all their dressing, they love to wear leggings with their school uniforms, leggings to keep them comfortable in their sports activities, and leggings for a special prom night out giving them a chic look while staying comfortable. In short, leggings are a must-have staple for a teenage girl’s wardrobe. 

Leggings outfits for Women over 50 Years

As said leggings are not age-bound and are a favorite for all age groups but for women over 50, leggings should not be something you are completely relying on, add them to your overall decided dress so you don’t feel uncomfortable with the visible curves of your legs being shown. Leather leggings are also a good addition to a style of a 50 year old woman. 

How to carry Leggings in different weathers: 

Leggings are a great option for any season and can be worn all around the year. A red legging in that case can be a cherry on top. 

Summer Look: 

Can you wear red leggings in summer? Why not? Leggings or tights go perfect with seasons like summers and spring to wear under tunic dresses, dresses that are short but you would want to wear something to keep yourself less exposed and covered. 

Winter Look:

A question, how to style red leggings in winters? Leggings go well with winter dressing too, you can wear them under skirts, long sweaters and high boots to cover yourself fully yet carry a full-on chic look. 

Colors that will compliment Red leggings: 

You may want to look the best version of yourself when getting ready for any event. One small mistake can ruin the whole look you were trying to create or simply wrong color combinations can also land you in trouble. We have chosen some tried and tested combinations that go well with red leggings and are a perfect way to accessorize your dress. 

Black with Red: 

Black is always the safest choice to choose with Red, a black and red outfit can never go wrong. A black button-down shirt with red leggings can be a classy choice for any semi-formal gathering. 

Yellow with Red: 

You want to plan a friend’s day out and are not sure what to wear, no worries we have got you covered. Take out your red tights and put on a yellow top, and pair it with a red color clutch. You will surely be getting all the attention you wanted. 

Grey with Red: 

A grey long sweater with red color leggings is the easiest yet the chicest winter look. Wear them with a pair of black long boots and you are all set to turn heads wherever you go. 

Navy Blue with Red: 

If you are looking for more formal attire, pair your red leggings with a Navy blue top and some minimal accessories and go rock that party. You can also add a silver shimmery clutch for a more classy look. 


Can you wear a leather jacket over red leggings?

This will be a very bold step to take, but if you can carry it there is no stopping you. A black leather jacket with a leather mini skirt and red leggings will totally be a bold style statement you will be adored for. 

What color coat to wear over red leggings?

Grey and Red is a combination that looks great without any effort. A grey color sweater or coat with red leggings will be a perfect pick for a winter night out.

Final Word: 

There must be one item in your wardrobe that you think will help you in the hardest of your choices. When you are in a hurry and don’t know what to wear, leggings are the go-to wardrobe staple you can always count on. From a more casual style to a polished formal look, leggings will always help you pump up your style for any occasion. 

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