Different Types of Skirts for Preppy Women

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If you are a woman with a penchant for preppy style, you must have seen how skirts are an integral part of the preppy wardrobe. Women dress up the classic preppy style and pair different types of shirts, tops and jackets with various skirt styles all year long.  We have come up with a detailed preppy skirt styles guide for you in this article. 

The preppy style is often defined as the classic, feminine look, often with a sporty touch to it. As it is a combination of classic and contemporary aesthetics, women can go for the traditional as well as trending skirts for 2023. Depending upon their personal style and intended use. You can add some of these to your wardrobe. 

Different Skirt Styles

It won’t be wrong to say that skirts have been around since humans started to dress up. Though the earliest versions would definitely be a simple wrap skirt, which both the genders wore. However, skirts also came under the radar of massive fashion evolution, giving us so many different styles to choose from. 

Skirts can be divided into different categories. Often, there is more than one name for different types of skirts depending on these categories. You can sort skirts based on their silhouette, length, materials, closure type, or prints.

Popular Skirts for Preppy Women

Preppy is the perfect illustration of the smart casual style. To lay down the basics of the preppy style, we can say that it is a way of dressing up that portrays youth, learning and class. The style is inspired by the Ivy League students who dressed in an elegant way using casual and chic clothes. 

Skirts give a chic appearance besides giving you numerous pairing options. They add versatility to your wardrobes. Pair them with sweaters, collared shirts, feminine tops, or various jackets, and wear your high heeled sandals, pumps, sneakers, or Mary Janes with them. The options are endless. 

Remember to keep the poise and elegance intact while building preppy skirt outfits. 

Leather Skirt Styles

Preppy women prefer going for natural color tones, classic garment styles and craftsmanship that enables them to enjoy many years of stylish wear. Although a leather skirt, is not on the ‘it’ list for this aesthetic, modern interpretations of a contemporary preppy alternative, includes a bit of leather with fur being a close second. The skirts made of leather can be of many types. From the chic micro mini styles to the paneled midi skirts, leather skirts give a distinct but affluent look. 

You can keep an A-line skirt, a short pencil skirt, a pleated mini or midi skirt, or a flared maxi skirt made of leather in your wardrobe. 

Pleated Skirt Styles

For that fun, casual look, go for pleated skirts in both sturdy and flowy fabrics. Here are a few types that are currently trending.

White Tennis Skirt

A plain white tennis skirt is a high waisted skirt with pleats. This mini skirt is very easy to pair with so many types of shirts. You can try wearing it with a blue polo shirt and white sneakers. Or, you can wear a loose Breton top over it and wear black ballet flats or moccasins with the outfit. 

Box Pleated Skirt

When pleats are sewn by folding the fabric away from each other in opposite directions, on the front, a box pleat is achieved which is the main feature of this widely popular type of pleat. A box pleated skirt is the perfect way to add definition to your outfit. Like other skirts, this too can vary in length, so you can choose accordingly.

Yoke Skirt

The yoke skirt has a fitted band on the upper side which covers the waist, and often the hips area. Below the fitted yoke lies the pleated fabric with a flare. Yoke skirts look very stylish and are fit for streetwear or smart casual looks.

Skirt with a Pleated Hemline

A-line or flared skirts with a pleated hemline are also quite popular these days. The detailing gives the skirt a lovely appearance. This style is usually popular in plaid skirts. 

Godet Skirt

The quintessential cheerleader style, the godet skirt is a short skirt with contrasting colored fabric added to the pleats. The extra fabric gives more volume to the skirt and makes it look beautiful when you swing around. Wear the godet skirt with a plain t-shirt or a striped shirt. Create a coherent look by matching the t-shirt or a cardigan with the contrasting fabric inserts. 

Kinds of Skirts for Casual Outfits

There are many options to choose from when you are looking for a casual chic look in preppy style. It is all about fusing classic looks with often offbeat choices in a way that looks graceful and captivating. Here are the casual preppy skirts that you can opt for.

Paneled Skirt

Also known as the trumpet skirt, this versatile skirt can have a few or many panels that give it a classic look. You can choose a single solid colored paneled skirt, or go for an eccentric style with panels in multiple colors or prints. When opting for a multicolored panel skirt, consider going for a plain black t-shirt or a V-neck cable knit sweater in a cream color.


A short skirt with a pair of shorts beneath is called a skort. Skorts are a great option when you want to show off your legs with confidence without showing much as you move. They are very comfortable, making them an appropriate choice to wear casually. 

Belted Midi Skirt

A belted midi skirt with a slight flare gives a vintage look. It is held on the waist with the help of an adjustable belt. You can wear it with a shacket or black and white striped shirt. Keep your shirt tucked inside this type of skirt.

Plaid Skirt

Plaids and tartan are highly favored by preppy women due to their traditional feel. A plaid skirt can be paired with all sorts of shirts and blouses. Pair a white peter pan shirt with a black bow for a classic look, or go with an oversized cream sweatshirt to create a contemporary outfit. 

Tweed Skirt

The thick, woolen tweed makes a very good fabric for a skirt. Tweed skirts are highly popular with preppy women, and they usually pair them with sailor collared tops or plain cardigans.  Suede ankle boots in a complementing color look nice with these skirts.

A-line Skirt

To keep things simple but absolutely flattering, wear plain A-line skirts without any flare along with an argyle sweater vest and ballet flats. 

Circle Skirt

What’s more feminine than a full flared circle skirt? Pair this flattering skirt with a silk blouse, or a cardigan with vintage accents. A plain top with the leg of mutton sleeves is a great way to keep the appearance chic as well as traditional. 

Types of Skirts for Dressy Outfits

Grabbing a dressy skirt is the first thing any preppy woman would do when she needs to dress up for an occasion. You can choose any of the following skirt styles for a spruced up preppy look. 

Tiered Skirt

Also known as the peasant skirt, a tiered skirt is sewn with several layers of fabric. This skirt comes in a lot of styles and patterns and is perfect for spring and summer looks. 

Ruffled Flared Skirt

Beautiful layers of fabric one over the other give the ruffled skirt a dressy appeal. It is one of those statement skirts that allow you to stay simple with the rest of your outfit as it is the first, and probably the only thing that people would notice. Pair a ruffled skirt with a solid colored t-shirt or an off shoulder top for a fabulous look.

Tulip Skirt

The name of the skirt suggests that it is a tulip shaped skirt with a pencil silhouette and a wrap style hemline, like that of the tulip petals. Tulip skirts give a very neat, elegant look and can be paired with tops and matching blazers. We suggest wearing a white tulip skirt with a colored tank top and a white blazer for a smart casual look. 

Ribbed Maxi Skirt

Yet another classic, a ribbed maxi skirt is a must have in your wardrobe. We suggested keeping a ribbed skirt in a dark, muted color so that it can be matched with a variety of your preppy tops and fall jackets

Wrap Skirt

The closure style of wrap skirts makes them a cute option for a feminine, pretty look. You can go for a wrap skirt that closes with a drawstring or the skirt material. Pair a wrap skirt with a white button down shirt tucked inside for a simple yet chic look.

Styles of Skirts with Suit for Work

You may want to portray your inclination towards the preppy style at work, or need an impressive outfit for an interview. Opt for any of these skirts to build a suit. 

Pencil Skirt

Plain pencil skirts are the most elegant looking skirts. Pencil skirts are tailored skirts with a slim fit silhouette and a slit at the back so that you can wear them comfortably. They look sophisticated when paired with matching suit jackets or even with a simple button up shirts. You can wear high heeled pumps or stilettos with pencil skirts. 

Straight Skirt

A straight skirt looks like a pencil skirt, but its fit is more relaxed near the knees. Rather than appearing snugly fit, the straight skirt gives a nice straight look that makes it an appropriate choice for work. Wear a straight skirt with a sailor collared top for a stylish look. 


What is a long skirt called?

A long skirt that reaches the ankles or the top of your foot is called a maxi skirt. Maxi skirts give a fluid feminine look and come in a variety of styles. Peasant skirts, pleated skirts, and circle skirts are a few different styles of long maxi skirts. 

What are the five categories of skirts?

Skirts can be sorted into five different categories. You can classify them based on silhouettes, length, hemline styles, closure styles, and materials.

What type of skirt is best for the body?

– For a rectangle shaped body, peplum skirts, pencil skirts, and flared skirts are suitable.
– Hourglass body shaped women can go for a-line skirts, wrap skirts, or tulip skirts to enhance their curves.
– Women with pear shaped bodies can go with straight skirts.
– For apple shaped figures, go with pleated skirts and godet skirts. 

Are peplum skirts in fashion?

Peplum skirts are making a comeback in 2023. These skirts give a flattering look and are perfect for women who want to add bulk to their lower body, such as rectangle shaped bodies. You can pair peplum skirts with a tucked in button down shirt for a preppy look. 

What skirts look good on short people?

Women with a petite body type and a short height should wear skirts that give an illusion of long legs. The right options are A-line skirts, high waisted pleated skirts, and flared skirts with vertical stripes.

Wrapping Up

To make a fabulous style statement as a preppy woman, you need to upgrade your skirt collection to build a variety of splendid outfits. The material and patterns of the skirts should lean towards tradition and class, while the length and styles can be chosen as per your dressing needs. 

Keep a nice collection of tops, shirts, knitwear, and jackets to make outfit creation a breeze every time you need to dress up. Lastly, pay attention to your footwear and accessorizing to avoid an improper look as that goes against the essence of preppy style. 

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