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Red Outfit Ideas and Tips for Women

red outfit ideas

The fact that women look more attractive in red is not a myth and various psychological studies prove it. If that isn’t a good enough reason to dress in red, then maybe you need to read this article and be inspired. We have compiled a guide on some great red outfit ideas which any woman can definitely pull off. 

Red is one of the festive colors especially of the holiday season. Aside from creating some cute holiday looks with this color, you can also get dressed in red all year round. Wearing red will exhibit confidence and energy like no other color may help you achieve. 

Why a Red Outfit? 

For a long time, red has been associated with feelings of love, passion and romance besides exuding an irresistible appeal. The color signifies energy and power, giving off domineering vibes. Whenever you want to show your confident persona, all you need is to wear red. 

Red clothing and accessories let you make the ultimate style statement wherever you go, leaving a lasting impression on others. The trend forecast for the year also shows that red will be in fashion all year round. Beware, you can sometimes go wrong pulling off a red outfit. 

To elevate your look, it’s important to use the right shade of red in the right way. Choosing appropriate elements is necessary as even a small accessory like red ear studs would catch everyone’s attention. On the other hand, an over-the-top red outfit may be a big fashion challenge to pull off. So whether you want to add the color to your personal style essentials, or want occasional ravishing looks with red, here is how to do it.

Why a Red Outfit? 

Ways to Wear Red 

Red, being a favorite of fashion savvy women, is a color that can be worn in several ways. Adding the magnificent hue in your outfit can be as dazzling as wearing it head to toe, or as minimalistic as carrying a small shimmery clutch in red. Do not forget the power of hair accessories and makeup when trying to infuse red into your look. 

Start or End with the Lip 

Feeling hesitant to try red lipstick? The basic makeup look with a splendid red lipstick is definitely a game-changer in terms of grabbing everyone’s attention. The red lip look is perfect for elevating neutrals, like a beige sweater dress, or an off-white halter-neck pencil dress. However, you need to check the shade that suits your skin tone

You can also try matching your lipstick with the red shade of your outfit for a neat, coordinated look. Choose the identical shade of lipstick as your red dress to look irresistibly stylish and elegant. The bold red lip goes well with subtle eye makeup, so go for mocha, taupe or dull golden eye.

Red Tops from A to Z

Different types of tops, shirts and blouses in red add depth to your outfit. You can pair these wardrobe basics simply with jeans, trousers and various types of skirts in different colors. Along with basic red t-shirts for everyday looks, you can keep some figure-flattering blouses and collared shirts in red. We advise you to upgrade your wardrobe with these trending tops in alluring shades of red.

Red Tops from A to Z
  • Top with flounce sleeves
  • Off shoulder ruffled blouse
  • Cropped top 
  • Fitted red t-shirt
  • Turtleneck
  • Deep red collared shirt
  • Tube top
  • Red and black plaid shirt
Red Tops from A to Z

Pair these tops simply with black jeans, a leather skirt, or a flared midi skirt for some easily put-together looks. 

The Lower Half and Red

Red pants and skirts can be vibrant on their own. Pair them with printed tops, colorful shirts, or black or white shirts, and you will surely turn heads wherever you go. Here is what to keep in your wardrobe to win at the red bottom wear game.

The Lower Half and Red
  • Fitted capri pants in red
  • Wide legged trousers
  • Red tights
  • Red maxi skirt
  • Plaid mini pleated skirt
  • Midi pencil skirt

All Red from Head to Toe

A complete red outfit is easy to pull off if you use complementing hues of red and clothing essentials that give you a flattering silhouette. The head-to-toe red look signals self-confidence. It shows the world that your fashion sense is daring, and you have no qualms to show it off. 

You can team up a red turtleneck and red wide-legged pants with a red coat and heels for an eye-pleasing all-red look. 

All Red from Head to Toe


One of the easiest ways to ace an all-red look is to go for any type of dress in red. A scarlet maxi dress paired with red pumps will look splendid at a formal event. Or, you can up the style quotient by ditching the maxi for a stunning crimson pencil dress and pairing it with red knee-high boots. Add a cropped women’s bomber jacket in red for a street-style look. 

A long red blouson dress with red suede ankle boots is a great outfit idea for a party. 



The easiest trick to get attention is to opt for a classy jumpsuit in a deep shade of red like mahogany or ruby. Add a black belt to break the color, and add a pair of glamorous t-strap heels to channel your inner diva with style. Layer an elegant faux fur bomber jacket in a lighter red shade if you need to warm up. 

Red Outerwear

A red leather coat for women, jacket, cardigan, or even a casual shrug is a nice way to add an appealing touch to your outfit. Red is a warm color, so outerwear in red is the perfect addition to your fall and winter wardrobe


When in doubt, take out that fabulous long coat in red and pair it with a black turtleneck and faux leather pants outfit for a chic look. When going for coats in longer lengths, you can select trench coats, princess coats, duffle coats for stylish looks, or a lightweight duster coat for street looks. 

Another highly appealing look is that of a red blazer. Whether your leather blazer is in a dark garnet shade or a vivid candy red, it is sure going to be a head turner. Wear the blazer over a white top and bootcut jeans for a captivating smart casual look. 



Play bold by donning a ravishing red jacket with your outfit to bring up the style meter reading. Red jackets can be paired along with printed dresses and jumpsuits, black outfits, and white t-shirt and jeans outfits. 

You can either go for the splendid moto jacket in red or try a red fleece jacket for a subtle warm look. 

Another chic jacket to give you those fabulous casual looks is a red denim jacket


A red cardigan is a must have for those morning-to-night transition looks in the changing weather. Go for a cropped cardigan in a dark shade of red to wear on dresses and a long one in a pale tone to layer a black jeans outfit

Red Accessories 

Whether your outfit is red or not, a hint of the hue via accessorizing is a smart way to add a chic element. Here is a list of accessories that you may want to add to your wardrobe for statement looks. 

Red Accessories 
  • Knee high or thigh high boots
  • Stilletos
  • Pumps
  • Red jelly shoes
  • Red tote bag
  • Deep red clutch for evening
  • Shoulder bag
  • Beanie
  • Baseball cap for those sporty casual looks
  • Red jewelry, such as earrings, pendants, and statement rings. 

Tones of Red 

The right tone of red is definitely the one that goes well with your skin tone. Generally, bluish toned red shades, such as garnet, ruby, wine or currant, are for cool skin tones. 

While the yellow toned reds, like candy, rust, orange red, or scarlet better suit women who have a warm skin tone.

The trending shades of red in the coming year are:

  • Ruby red
  • Apple red
  • Brick red
  • Cherry
  • Mahogany
  • Coral 
  • Crimson red

What Goes with Red 

When it comes to making an eye pleasing contrast, red lends itself to a variety of colors. Besides the most popular red and black look, red also looks good with shades of pink

What Goes with Red 

You can pair white and red in different ways as it is a winning combo. Either pair white jeans with red tops or red jackets, or carry red accessories with a white outfit, like a red shoulder bag and red rhinestone studs. Or, just wear a crisp white blazer over a red mini dress and heels. 

To add some color to black and white outfits, you can add red outerwear or red shoes to the mix.

Other fantastic color combos are red with yellow, blue, green, orange and grey.  

Red and Metallics 

Metallic hues like silver, gold and champagne can look even more enticing when you add red to the mix in subtle ways. Don’t go over the top, but red heels with a golden sequined dress and red pants with a silver top are a few ways to nail the metallic look with red. 

Red and Prints

The wide variety of prints available these days calls for efficient pairing. Using red tops with printed skirts and pants is a good idea to ensure your style is on point. Or, you can swap the garment choice and wear printed tops with red pants or skirts. Here are the trending prints and clothing ideas to go for. 

  • Plaid shirts, jackets and skirts. Especially for the ongoing holidays.
  • Floral print skirts, ruffled tops and scarves. 
  • Geometric prints for a bold statement.
  • Polka-dots printed wide pants and blouses.
  • Snake print tops and slit skirts. 
  • Leopard print full sleeved tops. 
  • Aztec print scarves and sweaters.
  • Striped pants, pencil skirts and blouses. 


Can You Wear Red over Forty?

It is totally ok for mature women to wear red. Being a certain age doesn’t mean you can not rock appealing colors and just stick to the neutrals. For instance, wearing a red leather jacket if you are forty plus is definitely doable with a midi dress and kitten heels.

Does Red Go with Purple?

Red and purple is a tricky contrast to pull off, but it is worth trying for a captivating look. You can pair a violet pencil skirt with a coral ruffled blouse and carry silver accessories with the outfit. 

What Does it Mean to Wear Red?

As red signifies power, dominance, passion and romance, wearing red would put you in the spotlight as an authoritative person who takes charge of her style matters. It will give you an irresistible appeal which certainly draws attention.

How Can I Wear Red and Look Subtle?

If you are not looking for a bold look with red, tone down and go for less vivid shades like coral, rose and burgundy. Accessories in these subtle hues will also give you a look that won’t draw much attention. 

Does Red Make You Look Fat?

No. darker shades of red like wine, garnet or carmine actually make you look slimmer. But if you wish to wear a brighter red as a plus size lady, go for flattering silhouettes like a blouson dress, a maxi skirt or palazzos.

Does Red Make You Look Taller?

To give an illusion of an elongated body, you can try wearing high waisted pants in dark shades of red and long red coats. The fusion of dark colors with an appropriate silhouette is the key to looking taller.

How to Finish off a Red Ensemble?

Use trendy accessories like statement necklaces, gold jewelry, bling clutches and a glam makeup look with red evening wear outfits and formal dresses. For casual red ensembles, you can round off the looks with brown or black footwear, white sneakers, beanies, scarves and chic handbags. 


Red clothing and accessories can be a brilliant way to elevate your style. By following our tips on wearing red outfits with style, you can definitely nail the look with confidence. Assess your skin tone and body type before buying red clothes to make sure they will look good on you. Also, never underestimate the power of accessories as they can make or break your look.

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