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How To Wear A Leather Jacket Over 40?

how to wear leather jacket over 40

Wearing stylish staples like a classy leather jacket is not off-limits once you turn 40. You need to learn how to wear a leather jacket over 40 in suitable and impressive ways to look stylish. 

Dressing up with style is a part of aging gracefully. Some women rock all sorts of fashion over the age of forty and look younger than their age by pulling off a refined look with conviction. No matter what your age, a leather jacket always adds a glamorous touch to any sort of look.

Every time you don a leather jacket, it gives you an opportunity to show the world that your style sense is on point. As it is a highly versatile staple, a good quality leather jacket that fits you right will help you build numerous outfits all year round.  

Age brings with it experience and an increase in knowledge about the fashion dos and don’ts and how to dress for your age. Your thorough knowledge of material, style, colors and accurate fit can help you create outfits that look impressive. In this blog, we will reveal the basics of how to wear a leather jacket over 40.  

Debunking The Myth Of Not Wearing Leather After 40

You have been a fashion-loving lady for the most part of your life, and impressed people by wearing amazing outfits. So why should all of it change if you have hit a certain age? 

It is time to turn a deaf ear to those who set age-specific style rules like “leather jackets are not for women over 40”. Be it a piece of voguish leatherwear, or any other staple, you can wear anything you want at any age. You can pull off anything easily as long as it feels right, is comfortable and you combine it with the right elements.

You can go for edgy or extravagant outfits with jackets depending upon the occasion. But if it’s not your preferred style, you can build graceful outfits with full and short-sleeved leather jackets, coats, or leather vests.

Usually, a new high of maturity hits you when you cross the thirties, making you prefer dignified looks. The leather jacket will bring out the youthful soul within you and that too with absolute grace. 

Versatility Of The Leather Jackets

Some garments are so versatile, you can wear them with a variety of other clothing essentials. You can nail season appropriate looks with them all year round. The same is the case with women’s leather jackets.

You can opt for biker jackets for women in different colors as they will always give an infallible edgy look. There are multiple ways to wear a leather jacket depending on the season or the occasion. They create very trendy and interesting combinations with shirts, dresses, and pants of different textures and colors.

Leather Jacket Outfits for Elegant Females Over 40

Various celebrity divas and influencers flaunt their grace by wearing stylish leather jackets. You too can follow the trend by trying any of the outfit recommendations below.

1. All Out Leather Look Over 40: Burgundy Moto Jacket With High Waisted Faux Leather Pants

1. All Out Leather Look Over 40: Burgundy Moto Jacket With High Waisted Faux Leather Pants

One of the most modish ways to rock a leather jacket is to pair it with leather pants. You may flaunt an all black outfit by wearing a black leather moto jacket, a black t-shirt, and black faux leather pants. Or go with our recommendation and try wearing a burgundy leather jacket with black faux leather pants. 

Elevate the sophistication of this look with black dress boots and a black saddlebag.

2. Red Tie Waist Dress With a Cropped Moto Jacket

2. Red Tie Waist Dress With a Cropped Moto Jacket

If you are unsure how to wear a leather jacket with a dress, try this eye-catching outfit of a leather jacket with a red printed dress. Cropped leather jackets are best paired with tie waist dresses. To make an elegant combination with red, go for a tan or brown moto or bomber jacket

Accessorize this look with delicate stone jewelry and pumps matching the jacket’s color.

3. White T-shirt and Jeans  With a Colored Saffiano Leather Jacket

3. White T-shirt and Jeans  With a Colored Saffiano Leather Jacket

Try exclusive style jackets like a Saffiano leather jacket for a glamorous look that sets you apart from the rest. Due to its textured finish and graceful look, the jacket can be termed as the perfect 40’s leather jacket. It is up to you whether you want to keep things simple and wear a plain t-shirt and jeans with the Saffiano jacket. Or take it up a notch by building a burgundy leather jacket outfit with a Saffiano jacket and a black pencil dress. 

Finish off the look with black platform heels and an elegant chained shoulder bag.

4. Blue Asymmetric Biker Jacket Over a Skirt

4. Blue Asymmetric Biker Jacket Over a Skirt

Asymmetric women’s leather biker jackets are a class apart. The oblique front closure and wide lapels give an edgy look that you can go for even if you are over 40. To let the jacket steal the show, pair it with light blue casual shorts and a pleated black skirt. 

You can opt for slick knee-high boots with this outfit, or go with simple kitten heel sandals. 

5. Green Biker Jacket With Red Pants

5. Green Biker Jacket With Red Pants

Black is not the only color for leatherwear. As you age, diversify the choice of colors that you wear and opt for a green biker jacket for a distinguished look. Pair it with a beige top and red skinny pants to create a vibrant look.

The combination of red and green symbolizes spunk and vitality, so this outfit will channel your inner strength. You can go with black or brown suede ankle boots with this outfit to bring in a neutral factor.

6. Fur Bomber Jacket Over a Mandarin top and High Waisted Skirt

6. Fur Bomber Jacket Over a Mandarin top and High Waisted Skirt

A luxurious fur bomber jacket is highly appropriate for women over the age of forty. It portrays a ritzy style and is a great choice of outerwear during travel. Wear a yellow mandarin top and black high-waisted midi skirt with a grey fur bomber jacket. 

You can switch the fur jacket with a wool coat as well. Complete this winter look with chukka boots, a silk scarf around the neck, and stud earrings.

7. Leather Coat With a High Neck Sweater and Blue Jeans

7. Leather Coat With a High Neck Sweater and Blue Jeans

If you want a look that makes you feel more dressed up, go for longer silhouettes and layer a long leather coat over a high neck sweater and blue jeans. 

A leather coat looks very graceful if you combine it with elegant essentials like a silk blouse, slim-fit jeans, or a plain jumpsuit.

8.Leopard Print Dress With a Black Leather Jacket

8.Leopard Print Dress With a Black Leather Jacket

Confused what else to wear with a black leather jacket?

You can try a black leather jacket over a dress in a catchy print. Try a leopard print dress with a black jacket for a dignified yet catchy look. Opt for minimal accessories such as a white leather belt, small hooped earrings, or a silver statement necklace with this look. 

You can select a regular racer jacket in black with a button closure for this outfit. However, if you have a petite frame, you can go the modish way and choose petite leather jackets to create outfits like these. 

9. Halter Neck Cotton Dress With a Collarless Leather Jacket

9. Halter Neck Cotton Dress With a Collarless Leather Jacket

Nothing depicts finesse more than a halter neck dress. Women of all ages wear this style of dress for an elegant look. Go for a royal blue halter neck dress with a tan collarless leather jacket. 

There are two ways to carry this outfit. Either go with a bomber leather jacket and jeans for casual vibes or pair a flared skirt and ankle boots with it for a dressed-up look. 

10. High Neck Sweater With Wide Legged Trousers and Leather Vest

10. High Neck Sweater With Wide Legged Trousers and Leather Vest

You can build another sophisticated brown leather jacket outfit. Portray a hint of elegance is a brown leather vest with a cream high neck sweater and grey wide-legged trousers. You can go for this look on semi-formal occasions or even on a coffee date with friends. A brown leather jacket or vest in a sleek design is an excellent option for a business casual jacket. 

Take out your stylish strappy heels and wear them with confidence as they will go well with this outfit. 

11. Yellow Racer Jacket With Blue Jeans

11. Yellow Racer Jacket With Blue Jeans

Last but not least. Go with an effortless but ultra-smart look with a yellow leather jacket, white tank top, and blue slim-fit jeans. Carry this outfit with poise by pairing it with nude stilettos.

Other Leather Staples to Add Style to Your Looks

Besides classic leather jackets, women over forty must have other leather goods in their wardrobes. The reason to go for leather accessories is that they last for years and look luxurious. They also tend to look better with time, which means that they are a worthwhile investment.

Get a pair of high quality leather pants for sleek outfits. We know that the ultimate choice of pants for most women is denim, but if we compare leather vs denim, leather pants are more durable than your regular jeans. Another staple that you can add to your wardrobe is a leather skirt. 

Invest in a bold leather belt, a leather hat, and various types of bags made with top-quality leather as versatile accessories.

FAQs – How To Wear A Leather Jacket Over 40

Are Leather Jackets in Style for 2022?

Leather jackets are a timeless fashion, and they are still a huge trend for men and women of all ages. For mature women, the styling trends for leather jackets this year are with mom jeans, baggy jeans, bootcut jeans, leather skirts, and wide legged culottes. 

Do Leather Jackets Look Better With Age?

If there is a notion that leather jackets are age-specific, it is totally wrong. Men and women hitting their forties can wear them with absolute style. Pair them with the right elements, and you get a look that is hard to overpass. You can attract admiring stares even at an older age by wearing a smart leather jacket. 

How Should a Leather Jacket Fit a Woman?

A jacket that fits you perfectly is like icing on every classic outfit that you wear. For a woman, the fit of the jacket should be snug, but the shoulders should be comfortably fitting to allow movement.

Can Leather Jackets Be Worn Casually?

Leather jackets are appropriate for casual and smart casual looks. They are very comfortable and durable, which makes them a perfect choice of outerwear for casual outfits. 

How To Wear a Black Leather Jacket Over 40?

If you are over forty, a very modest and eye pleasing way to wear a black leather jacket is to wear an army green collared shirt with blue flare jeans. Layer the outfit with a sleek black racer jacket, and style this look further with black ballet flats and a white woolen scarf. 

Can An Older Man Wear a Leather Jacket?

Just like for women, the concept of “when you are too old to wear a leather jacket” is a myth for men. Older men too can carry them off well and also look dapper. Men can pair leather jackets with hoodies, button downs, jeans, and joggers for smart casual looks.


If you have turned forty, there is no need to fret over the question, “Am I too old to wear a leather jacket?” understand that it is all about breaking the age specific stereotypes and carrying trendy elements in an elegant way. As with any other seemingly youthful clothing items, the leather jacket too can be worn at any age.

Rediscover the leather jacket vibe by taking out your classy jacket or investing in a bespoke one today. 

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