Cute Outfits for Teens – Trendy 17-Year-Old Style

cute outfits for teens

17-year-olds are stuck in an extremely confusing age. Although fashion has no rules and no garment is ever restricted to an age bracket, we’ve all grown up with stereotypical conditioning that has the ability to dictate what a teen should and should not wear. No matter how hard you try to stay far away from the norms and the traditional approach to dressing up, you eventually end up conforming to whatever is ideal and trending culturally and virtually. 

Social media has brought a revolution in the fashion aesthetics of teens. What a teenage girl wears in 2023 is far from what regular teenagers wore in the 90s and before. Some people would argue that although there’s been a hypersexualization of teenagers in the modern-day scenario, fashion is simply a reflection of where the society is at today – divided. 

Apart from the social agendas, late teens have trouble finding their personal style due to the rapid transition in trends, body transformation, feasibility, and individual preferences. From retro sunnies to corsets, micro mini skirts to feathers, and platform heels, Y2K fashion is dominating the fashion scene. 

But since fashion trends come and go like the wind, it’s best to stick to some basics and organize capsule wardrobes for each season. This way, one can maintain a clean wardrobe that is up-to-date with contemporary trends and ensure an ecological approach to fashion. In this article, we’re going to educate you about trendy outfits for teenagers. 

Trendy Outfit for Teenagers: Contemporary Fashion Kit

The best time to explore your fashion sensibilities is in your teenage years – also the only time when you can make the worst fashion crimes and get away with them. From oversized jackets to skin-fit skirts and ripped jeans, there are so many garments to play with. Now is the time to understand what looks good on you and what you should skip while shopping the next time. 

Thus, create a contemporary fashion kit for yourself that includes basic footwear, a wide range of accessories, and outerwear. Don’t forget to have versatile pants in your contemporary fashion kit along with different types of shirts. This fashion kit will be your safe haven; you can pick and choose anything you want from this collection when you’re unsure what to wear. 

What Should be Included in a Capsule Wardrobe of a 17-Year-Old?

Call it a contemporary fashion kit or a seasonal capsule wardrobe, every 17-year-old should have one. This keeps you synchronized, trendy, and always up-to-date. We have shortlisted some of the essentials for every season keeping in mind the contemporary fashion trends. 

Summer 2023

There are a bunch of summer clothes for teens that are made from breathable fabrics. Summer is the time when you want to dress up comfortably. Since the weather is usually pleasant and warm, you get the chance to experiment and show off your newly tanned skin. There are a few essentials, like bright oversized tops, major cutouts, washed-out jeans, etc. According to the latest trends, every 17-year-old should have the following items in their wardrobe.

Winter 2023

Winter is the time to stay cute and comfortable as well as cozy and warm. This is the time to incorporate the dark academia aesthetic outfits in your wardrobe as this is a sensational, cosmopolitan trend that makes you look well-dressed at all times. Without skipping the regular teenage clothing like parka jackets, sweatpants, and turtlenecks, include the following styles in your wardrobe to look radiant and glammed up when necessary. 

  • Puff Sleeve Top
  • Knitted Collar Sweater
  • Velvet Pants
  • Leather Jacket
  • Trench Coat

Spring 2023

Spring is like hope and it brings a lot of positivity to your life. To keep the spirit alive, channel that energy in your clothes. Your outfits should be bright so you can opt for unique color-blocking and add floral prints to your spring style. Teens can spice up their spring looks by using the following garments.

Fall 2023

This is the time for creativity and form. You can keep your basics close to you while also warming up to winter-style staples since the weather is transitioning gradually. The nights will be chilly so you might want to layer your outfits with the best fall leather jackets and coats. Use the garments mentioned below for semi-formal looks that are age-appropriate and stylish all at the same time. 

  • Sleeveless Ribbed Jumpsuit
  • Button Up Shirt
  • Leather Blazer
  • Leather Pants
  • Knee High Boots

Cute Outfits for Teens – List of Ten Aesthetic Outfits for A 17-Year-Old

Now that you have created a general style staple for yourself, you know the colors you want to use in your blank canvas. Moving forward, the shapes and abstracts that you have to add to your canvas to create a complete picture are up to your creativity. You can seek help from the trendy outfit for teenagers highlighted below. This list includes cute outfits for summer and other seasons alike. Get comfortable with broken combinations and eccentric prints and colors.

Cute Outfits for Summer – Teenage Dream 

If you are looking for something young and hip, it’s time to bring out your cute tie-dye outfits. You can choose tie dye sets or wear an oversized tie and dye shirt with solid-toned biker shorts. Add sneakers to the outfit with golden hoops and wear your hair in a sleek bun for a finished look. 

Summer Outfits – Girl’s Night Out

If you are planning on a wild girl’s night out, you should look for a dress with a jacket. Think of a beige or nude bodycon dress with a black cropped leather jacket and a fresh pair of white chunky sneakers. This look is fun, chic and extremely comfortable. 

Summer Outfits for Teens – The Perfect Beach Girl Look

This is the perfect time for you to let out that boho spirit. Choose a maxi dress with a bandana and matching sandals. If your dress is too loose, you can add a chunky waist belt to the look. Now accessorize the look but don’t go too overboard as the minimalist style is the current rage.

Aesthetic Outfits Summer – Street Style Done Right

When you talk about street style, you can’t help but think of jeans. There are so many styles that you can opt for but make the final call depending on your body shape and size. Mom jeans and straight pants are currently buzzing – crop tops with oversized straight pants are the look of the season. Bring wholeness to the outfit by carrying a tote bag or a shoulder bag as if you’ve come straight out of the early 2000s. 

Casual Styles for a Teenage Girl – Monochrome Outfit

All cute outfits for teens include sweaters. You should wear a bright oversized sweater with ripped jeans and platform heels. You can wear a basic tee or a graphic tee underneath the sweater keeping the color scheme and the general aesthetics in mind.  

Cute Outfits for Teens – High School Graduation Outfit

Wear a pleated skirt and off-the-shoulder top with stiletto heels to your high school graduation. The color, however, is the one thing that you would have to coordinate with the gown of your high school graduation. 

Winter Outfits for Teens – Cute & Comfy Outfits

There’s nothing better than wearing a simple white tee with blue jeans and a black bomber leather jacket in winter. A 17-year-old generally doesn’t have corporate meetings to attend and so their outfits can easily be tidy, trendy and comfortable. 

Fall Outfits for Teens: Aesthetic Outfit for a Casual Day

Wear skinny bell-bottom jeans with a polka dot top and a brown trench coat. If you will be walking a lot, it’s best to stick to sneakers or loafers. However, if you will be indoors, you can opt for a kitten heel. 

Formal Winter Looks for Teens

If you are going to be giving a presentation in school or if you are going out for a formal dinner, ditch the regular dresses and opt for a blazer instead. Wear a beige turtleneck with a maroon leather blazer with black tailored pants and heels. Don’t forget to bring back the edge by wearing a fancy watch. 

Semi-Formal Outfit for a 17-Year-Old

For a semi-formal look, you can wear a leather skirt with a ruffled top. Of course, the look will be elevated if you choose a skin-tight top with a leopard print. Wear your best wedges along with a pearl band in your hair to keep the hair from falling over your face. 


How Do You Dress Like A Trendy Teenager?

The idea is to wear contemporary clothes that are buzzing on social media. Thus, opt for tube tops, pleated skirts, oversized bomber jackets, knee-high boots, etc. 

What Type Of Clothes Should Teens Wear?

Teens should ideally wear comfortable clothes. Of course, that should not mean one should dress in an extremely boring way – it’s best to stay trendy by dressing up in cute outfits that are also age-appropriate and not too flashy. 

How Many Jeans Should A Teenage Girl Own?

A teenage girl should have at least five pairs of jeans at all times. You can explore your style by having one pair of skinny jeans, black jeans, and one straight pair of jeans in your wardrobe at all times. Apart from that, you should incorporate mom or boyfriend jeans as per the latest trends. Furthermore, add baggy jeans for days you’re in no mood to dress up. 

In Conclusion

As you can see, there are no hard and fast rules to dressing up as a 17-year-old. However, the idea is to maintain a balanced personal style. Include basics and solids while also exploring prints and bright tones. From a variety of jeans to a bunch of trendy jackets and coats, there’s more room to play and experiment and fewer restrictions to beware of.

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