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Bell Bottom Jeans – Contemporary Outfits for Women

cute outfits with bell bottom jeans

Women’s fashion has been dominated by skinny jeans for quite some time now. Many even think of them as the default legwear for the vast majority of casual day-to-day outfits. While skinny jeans are fantastic by all means and a must-have for everyone – they are not the only option. If the only type of pants in your closet is skinny jeans, then you’re missing out on the other greats of the jeans world and a fashion trend of 2023, the bell-bottom jeans.

A Brief History of Bell-Bottom Jeans

Bell-bottom jeans fit snug like regular-fit jeans above the knees. Then they get progressively wider and move outward as they go down the leg. The resulting shape looks like an elongated bell, hence the name.

Most people think of the 70s and 80s when the topic of bell-bottom jeans comes up, as that was when these pants found their mainstream appeal. However, the true history of these pants dates way back to the early 19th century with the war of 1812. Bell-bottom pants were a part of the American sailor uniform, and they stayed that way for over a century.

The first integration of bell-bottom outfits into popular fashion was in the 1920s in France, but they didn’t become mainstream until the 70s. Their adoption by celebrities on TV and film made bell-bottom jeans a household name by the late 1970s. Then came the 80s and the rock and roll culture with it. Soon, cute outfits with bell bottom jeans were the default option for parties everywhere.

Are Bell-Bottoms in Style?

Yes, they are. Today, bell bottoms are a part of contemporary urban fashion and an excellent alternative to regular and skinny jeans. Their excellent pairing with a lot of different types of shirts provides great outfitting variety. In addition, their universal compatibility makes the process of crafting cute outfits with bell bottom jeans effortless and efficient.

What To Wear With Bell-Bottom Jeans

What To Wear With Bell-Bottom Jeans

The first step of mastering bell-bottom jeans’ fashion is to understand what works the best with them. They are still jeans besides this unique shape, which means they also have a compatibility with other denim. You can wear them over and under anything, and the resulting outfit would be a thumbs-up at the very least. However, there are a handful of matchups that are in a league of their own, and that’s what we’re discussing here.

Shirts that Go with Bell-Bottoms

The most important part of crafting cute outfits with bell-bottom jeans is to get the shirt right, and what better way to start than with a button-down. A plain white button-down shirt tucked inside a pair of clean-cut, blue bell-bottom jeans creates the ultimate smart-casual outfit. The elegance of clear blue and white combined with the unique silhouette of these, this outfit is difficult to replicate with anything else.

If you want to create cute outfits with bell-bottom jeans, then crop tops are your best friend. A crop top and jeans combo is captivating in its own right, but it is elevated to a new level with bell-bottoms. Full-sleeved and flared crop tops are particularly effective, with tube tops not far behind.

Lastly, we have the oversized sweatshirt and hoodies. Rocking these over your bell-bottom jeans will result in outfits that are the definition of feminine cuteness. Soft colors like light blue and baby pink are a better choice to create cute outfits with bell-bottom jeans, while vibrant red, yellow and purple are ideal for creating a memorable aesthetic and self-expression.

Shoes to Wear with Bell-Bottoms

Bell-bottom jeans have quite an imposing profile near your feet, so picking shoes for these pants can be a challenge. The ideal option is to choose footwear with a noticeable outsole. A perfect example of shoes to wear with bell-bottoms would be ankle boots. They elevate your heels from the ground leaving your toes to shine through. Suede and leather ankle boots tend to look the best.

On the other hand, platform shoes allow you to create a separation between the edge of the pants and the ground without interfering with the rest of your outfit. Their thick sole keeps your feet away from any attention and hidden inside the jeans.

If you can’t decide what shoes to wear and just want something neutral, look no further than low-top sneakers. They will keep your feet comfortable while also acting as a neutral edge for your bell-bottoms. Also, pink sneakers are the perfect choice for cute outfits with bell- bottom jeans.

What Not to Wear

Do not wear slim heel shoes under bell-bottom jeans. The sudden shift from a wide jeans edge to a thin pencil-like heel looks odd and detracts from the overall look of the outfit. Thin heels are also quite uncomfortable to walk in when worn under bell-bottoms. If you don’t want to wear thick soles and wide heels, then opt for flat sandals instead. They are not great either but fit much better than thin heels.

Outerwear for Bell-Bottom Jeans Outfits

The last piece of the puzzle to creating cute outfits with bell-bottom jeans is the outerwear, and you have two paths to choose from.

Your first option is to match the flared aesthetic of bell-bottom jeans and layer your outfit with long jackets. Leather trench coats, in particular, fit right in with these jeans and create a complete silhouette. Summer coats and oversized blazers are worth your consideration as well, with each offering something new to your fashion arsenal.

On the other hand, are the contrasting, tight-fit leather fall jackets and biker jackets. Instead of altering the iconic triangular look of bell-bottom outfits, they embrace and enhance it. The cropped leather jacket offers a similar vibe but with a lot more hotness thrown into the mix.

Cute Outfits with Bell-Bottom Jeans

Cute Outfits with Bell-Bottom Jeans

Now that you know what to wear with bell-bottom jeans, it’s time to learn how to wear them. And the best way to understand that is to look at the best bell-bottom outfits out there. You can emulate them one on one, redefine them with some personal flair, or use them as an inspiration for crafting wholly unique and cute bell-bottom outfits. Let’s get started.

White Shirt and Blue Jeans

The only guideline for this outfit is to wear a white button-up shirt over a pair of blue bell -bottom jeans; that’s it. An outfit this simple does not sound very interesting on paper. However, it is one of the most stunning outfits you can craft with these jeans. Just remember that the shirt needs to be well-fitted and the jeans have to be clean. Loose shirts and ripped jeans will not look bad, but they are not the right choice for this particular look.

All Black

Blue is the default color of jeans, and this is even more true for bell-bottoms. However, there is a lot of stylistic potential in other colors like black, and an all-black bell-bottom outfit proves that. Wear a pair under a black full-sleeved crop-top, black leather ankle boots, and you’re done. You can wear this outfit to most casual occasions, and it will look amazing.

However, there is a simple way to take this basic ensemble to the next level, and that is to wear a floral silk cardigan on top. As long as the primary color of the cardigan is black, it will keep the all-black aesthetic alive while introducing some much-needed pattern and color.

Bell Sleeve Blouse

Having one bell-shaped item in your outfit is amazing, but what if we doubled this number? Well, that is the idea behind this outfit with a bell sleeve blouse. The harmony between the blouse and jeans makes this entire outfit look majestic and posh.

However, before you rock this ensemble, there are a few factors you have to remember. The first is to pick a light-colored blouse. Light blue, white, light gray, soft lavender, and baby pink are all good choices. Additionally, regular bell bottom jeans will look okay, but you need cropped bell-bottom jeans to get the most out of this outfit. Also, navy blue is the ideal color for jeans.

Fur Top and Jeans

This outfit is one of the best examples of how you can wear bell-bottom jeans in the winter. An outfit with a loose-fitting fur top tucked inside high-waisted bell-bottom jeans takes seconds to assemble yet looks marvelous and cute through the day. Match the top with light-colored fur boots and a knitted beanie to make the outfit look comprehensive and well-thought-out.


What goes best with bell bottom jeans?

Bell bottom jeans are sparingly compatible with all kinds of shirts, shoes, and outerwear.
Among the many shirts, however, button-ups, crop tops, flared tops, hoodies, sweatshirts, and turtlenecks look the best.
For shoes, basic mono-colored sneakers are an amazing natural choice. Additionally, ankle boots and platform shoes provide some much-needed elevation in bell bottom jeans outfits.
As for outerwear, leather jackets, trench coats, cardigans, summer coats, and cropped leather jackets are your best bet. Some outfits can also use an oversized flannel as the outermost layer.

Do bell bottoms look good on me?

Bell bottoms look amazing on women with all kinds of body shapes. Their best matchup, however, is with pear-shaped bodies as they accentuate the curves of bell bottoms even more.

What kind of shirt goes with bell bottoms?

Two kinds of shirts look the best with bell bottoms. On the one hand are the tight-fitting crop tops, blouses, tank tops, and so on. On the other hand, are the loose shirts like sweatshirts, hoodies, sweaters and buttoned cardigans. If you’re looking for the most effortless bell bottom jeans pairing, then plain white button-ups are the way to go.

Are flared jeans and bell bottoms the same?

They are the same but also different. Flared jeans are jeans with a flared bottom that can be anywhere from very minute to very noticeable. On the other hand, bell bottom jeans have a very pronounced and curved bell-like bottom. In other words, all bell bottom jeans are flared jeans, but all flared jeans are not bell bottoms.

How long should bell bottoms be?

The ideal height for bell bottom jeans is high-waisted on top and somewhere between 1 and 0.5 inches away from the ground at the bottom. That said, there are some gorgeous varieties of low-waisted and cropped bell bottom jeans out there, so it’s all up to your preference.

Final Words

The prospect of integrating bell-bottom jeans into your daily fashion might seem daunting at first. After all, the shape of these pants is so much different than anything else in legwear. However, bell-bottom jeans are not that difficult to master. They follow the same basic principles as regular-fit jeans. Plus, you can craft stunning outfits with some creative combination of tops, shoes, outerwear, accessories and a little bit of time.

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