Types of Pants and How to Choose the Right One

types of pants

Every fashion icon understands the importance of pants; the right pants can make or break a look. Whether you’re going out on your first date or dressing up for an important corporate meeting, the right types of pants can take you places! 

Pants represent your style and give a peek into your personality. What is your favorite style of pants? Do you prefer spending a day wearing sweatpants or would you rather wear pleated pants for a more modern look? Joggers are, of course, for personalities that are rather laidback whereas pleated pants can go down as classics that are appropriate for a formal meeting. 

Ultimately, pants are unique in a sense that they transform your attire from casual to formal in a matter of minutes. Men have such interesting pieces to work with; here’s the list of pants that men of all sizes and shapes can wear and feel confident in. 

Types of Pants

Choosing the right pants for the outfit is one of the trickiest decisions one has to make. One mistake can reduce the entire look to a trainwreck. Thus, to help you decide, we have created a list of different styles of pants that go with jackets, blazers, full-sleeved cotton shirts, and even t-shirts. 


man wearing chinos

Whether you’re aiming to upscale your look or dim it down for a casual evening, chinos are the way to go! This type of pants is lightweight, breathable and flattering on every body type. You can wear it for outdoor activities without compromising your comfort.


man in khaki pants

Khaki pants are essential for a men’s capsule wardrobe as they play a key role in forming business casual attire. You can take it up a notch by wearing it with a blazer or a sports jacket and a dress shirt or you can keep it low-key with a plain white collar shirt and sweater vest.

Basically, khaki pants are easy to wear and made of light fabric. Khaki pants offer the same advantages; However, the use of heavy cotton produces a much stiffer look. 

Slim-Fit Pants

men wearing slim-fit trouser pants

Slim-fit trousers, tailored according to your build and measurements, look great with a blazer and a tee. The right way to pull off such a look is by contrasting; choose a darker shade of blazer and pair it with a lighter colored trouser and tee. This outfit is semi formal to casual style that is efficient in case you’re creating a transitional day to night look. 

Drawstring Pants

man in drawstring trouser pants

Drawstring trousers are extremely trendy these days all thanks to the work-from-home days. You can work, run errands or even attend casual events in these pants. The idea is to look chic by adding a classic accessory along with a branded or muted t-shirt. A tee on its own can create a streetwear look; add a bomber jacket to give it a much-needed fashion twist. 

Leather Pants

man in leather pants

Leather pants are experimental but a requirement to create a sleek and rugged look. Men with the right build can wear skinny leather pants whereas bikers can make use of the casual cuts. You need to purchase real black leather (beware of the stores that sell genuine leather as black leather; genuine leather is poor in quality) or faux leather to make it work.

Leather pants are experimental because not everyone can pull it off. If you’re brave enough, go for a leather on leather look by styling a classic biker leather jacket with a wide cut leather pants. 

Wool Trousers

man in wool trouser pants

Wool trousers serve  many purposes as they blend with a variety of styles. It can create different styles and looks: classic rustic, casual and even more refined and formal looks. Shoes play a monumental role in creating these looks. For example, use boots with knit sweaters for the rustic, brooding outfit and loafers and a blazer for a formal and refined look. 

Relaxed Leg Trousers

man wearing relaxed leg trouser pants

You must get the right length should you wish to create a fitting look with relaxed leg trousers. Get them tailored and match them with the smart casual pieces in your wardrobe to create unique aesthetics. These pants are comfortable and great for streetwear!



Also known as joggers, sweatpants are perfect athleisure that aid in creating actively stylish outfits. You can create a wacky look by pairing sweatpants with bright-colored shoes, funky accessories and a modern style blazer. Give this look your own spin; use bright, neon colors and add a belt to feel put-together and ready for a party! Of course, you can keep it mellow and casual by wearing a basic t-shirt and sneakers with it, but is it fun? You decide. 

Cargo Pants

man in cargo pants

Modern men with style love to wear cargo pants. These pants have a slimmer fit with oversized pockets and slight bagginess. It’s always better to get a couple for your capsule wardrobe; earthy tones work well with everything.

You may choose shades of baby blue, light green and camel brown; neutrals are officially cool and trendy. Do you know that cargo pants are also important in creating techwear style?

Pleated Trousers

man in pleated pants

Pleated pants are officially for the classy and stylish men. These pants are made to make you feel confident and presentable. Although pleated pants have a way of going in and out of fashion, they are always a safer bet to play with.

With the right accessory and top, you can dominate the rooms you walk into. We suggest you roll up a classic white full-sleeved shirt and pair it with suede boots and black sunglasses. 


man wearing jeans

The list would be incomplete without a mention of this cool and every-green wardrobe staple for men. Denims are a must have for every man because they’re perfect for all body shapes and sizes. Whether you’re a big and tall man or a petite frames, jeans work with everything.

Go for a high-street fashion style by wearing Oxfords and a brown basic cotton shirt. It’s absolutely essential for men to invest in quality denim jeans because not only is it classic and versatile but also incredibly comfortable and easy to wear. Create a go-to jeans and blazer look following this article!

Corduroy Pants

man in corduroy pants

Corduroy pants are vintage! You can create a modern look by pairing a quality corduroy pant with a well-fitted sweater. This look is perfect for family meetups! Corduroy is made of warm material which makes it a great investment for men’s winter capsule wardrobe. 

Creating Outfits for Every Occasion

As we discussed, choosing the right type of pants can elevate your look and boost confidence in you. It is essential to realize what type of pants work for a casual outfit and which ones are better suited for semi-formal and formal outings. 


Chinos, wool pants, jeans, and sweatpants are perfect bottoms for casual outfits. These pants are flexible, breathable, and made of comfortable fabric. Wear basic or branded t-shirts with different styles of jackets and outerwear as they work for casual meetings. 

Semi Formal

Corduroy pants, leather pants, relaxed leg trousers, cargo pants, drawstrings pants, and khaki pants are great for a semi formal evening. The only piece of advice is to keep it minimal and monochromatic. Deep hues and warmer shades are perfect for creating transitional day to night lights. 


You can create formal outfits using different types of pants, like pleated pants. They can be hard to pull off due to their experimental look. Wear Chinos or Slim-Fit pants as they are a safer bet. You can match it with light-shaded blazers and Oxford shoes. Complete the look using minimal accessories like sunglasses, belts and watches. Don’t go overboard by wearing everything you have in your wardrobe.


What are the different types of mens pants?

There are 12 to 19 different types of pants that can further be categorized depending on the occasion; casual, semi-formal, and formal. There are slim-fit pants, drawstring pants, pleated pants, jeans, leather pants, cargo pants, khakis, etc. 

How many pants does a man need?

To create a functional men’s capsule wardrobe, it is recommended to have at least 6 to 7 pairs of pants. 

Where should a man’s pants fall?

The length of the trousers should always be beyond the ankles and meet midway down the counter of the footwear. 

How high should men’s pants be worn?

The rule of thumb is to have jeans sit right on the hips whereas chinos and other lightweight pants should be right above the hips. 

What is the difference between slacks and chinos?

Chinos are made of cotton which is an exceptionally lightweight material. They are perfect for casual or business casual wear. Slacks are dress pants that are made of crispier material and so they’re deemed perfect for formal occasions. 

To Be Continued…

There are many different types of pants for men and all serve a different purpose. They can be used to create a business casual outfit and at the same time be used to create a rugged look. You just need to understand the fabric and match it with the right item in the wardrobe. 

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