5 Tips to Get the Leather Boy Look

Beginning with an interesting back story, ‘leather boys’ were really popular back in the ’50s only to become even more prevalent between the ’60s and ’70s, bomber jacket eventually introducing ‘greasers’ as the British equivalent of this American sub-culture.

With distinctive elements that worked together to give a unique style unlike any other at the time, leather boys are known to this day for certain characteristics which we shall share with you as an inspiration to finding your own personalized version of what is now known as a universal lifestyle. So let’s get started.Read More »5 Tips to Get the Leather Boy Look

A Custom Leather Jacket of Sentimental Value

Even in a digital age, many people across the world still treasure certain valuables with fond memories and high regard. Whether it be attached to loved ones or past memoirs to be locked in memory for many years to follow. Fred received a unique leather jacket from his parents, many years ago, one which he not only loved but wore with pride, showing off his cool leather jacket to the world. What was striking about this jacket was the many flags of various countries, forming a type of collage on the jacket surface with functional pockets and details that made it special.Read More »A Custom Leather Jacket of Sentimental Value

How is Leather Dyed? You Asked we Answered

Colour plays an important part in elevating appearances. It can be anything from apparel to products, furniture, vehicles etc.

Aside from this elevation, it also has the ability to shed light over the temperament of an individual as well as dealing out mood changes that may vary from person to person.

It is, therefore, not uncommon to hear people talk about green, for instance, being a soothing color or blue that gives out a feeling of coolness.

Pertinent to leather, color has the ability to highlight great impact depending on the hue that is chosen or used.

There are many different types of dyes and finishes, color tones and styles available at The Jacket Maker that will surely have customers impressed.

Below we run through some of the most important ones as well as those that are used pretty often.Read More »How is Leather Dyed? You Asked we Answered

5 Steps to a Trendsetting Tomboy Look

One of the trends to have made a splash around the world especially for a distinctive, cool group of young women who prefer an alternative lifestyle which goes hand in hand with their unique personal style is, you guessed it! The Tomboy Trend.

While there may be different degrees of how one may be a tomboy, from the mild tomboyish hints in one’s style and mannerism to the major, hardcore tomboy who does not relate to anything even remotely close to feminine elements. Say goodbye to long hair, makeup or heels!

With that being said there are still a few who are neither of the two but still like experimenting with this type of look, just for a change in appearance. Say hello to the boyfriend jean!Read More »5 Steps to a Trendsetting Tomboy Look