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The Best Monk Strap Shoe Guide: Find Your Best Pair!

After much trial and error, men’s fashion is now finally a part of fashion that deserves your attention. 

Men’s fashion includes all sorts of clothing pieces and accessories but the one we’re focused on today is men’s shoewear. 

Shoes are the one accessory that can completely transform your whole look. A shoe with incredible craftsmanship will most definitely shine through. Some popular shoe styles include Oxfords, derby shoes, Chelsea boots, canvas, and more. 

Today we want to pull your attention towards the shoe style you absolutely need to invest in. Monk Strap Shoes! 

The History Of Monk Strap Shoes 

Monk strap shoes aren’t just another spiffy pair of shoes; they are the forebears of history. Monk strap shoes originated from the monk strap sandals, hence the similar structure. Many centuries ago, monks were known as people of religion and hard work. 

They were committed to manual labor, like the sowing and plowing of crops, Most of their work in Europe, involved hilly areas, where their monk-style sandals could not keep up. This led to the development of footwear that would protect them instead of slowing them down.

Monk strap shoes became a more practical version of monk sandals and soon became a fashion statement. Fast forward to the 20th century and monk strap dress shoes are a great addition to the fashion scene. Come to think of it, it’s ironic how a shoe designed for manual labor is now one of the most sought out shoe styles. 

What Is A Monk Strap Shoe? 

What Is A Monk Strap Shoe? 

A monk strap shoe is an eye-catching, classic shoe style. It has a unique structure, setting it apart from its contemporaries. Diving more into the details of monk strap shoes, they too retain the vamp and tongue like Oxfords and Derby’s but, they don’t have laces. 

Instead of laces, monk strap shoes have iconic straps and buckles. These signature pieces are what set men’s monk’s strap shoes apart. There are actually 3 types that dominate the fashion game. 

Single VS. Double Monk Straps

The three types include single, double, and triple monk strap shoes . Double monk strap shoes are the most popular of them all. As a general rule, the more the number of straps, the more chances your shoe will stand out. 

How do you know which style to wear when? Well, since a single strap is bound to draw less attention, it’s the perfect shoe for formal/business wear. Double and triple straps are a great choice for semi-formal parties, weddings, and chilled-out events. 

Different Types of Monk Strap Shoes 

Welcome to the multiverse of Monk Strap Shoes. Monk shoes for men aren’t just about single and double straps. Instead, the essence of a monk sandal remains alive in a number of different types of monk straps. 

Down below we have mentioned 4 different styles of monk strap shoes to get you started. Each pair of strap shoes is unique in its own way. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dive right in!

The Classic Monk Strap Shoe 

The classic monk strap shoe is similar to its contemporaries in the way that it features sleek stitching and intricate detailing. This shoe style has features of an Oxford shoes yet maintains its individuality with its classic straps. 

Wingtip Monk Strap Shoes 

Add a kick to your step by picking out a decorated monk strap shoe. Wing tips are basically shoes with a  W-shaped patch, with wings that cover the sides of the shoe. This style of shoe is a perfect conversation starter, not to mention, a dapper accessory. 

Toe Cap Monk Strap Shoes 

The stitching on a shoe has to be precise. Too much detailing and the shoe ends up looking loud and tacky. A toe-cap shoe has the perfect amount of stitching. It consists of an extra layer of leather stitched over the toe. This shoe is perfect for business meetings, allowing you to put your best foot forward. 

Monk Strap Boots 

Leather boots are a man’s best friend. No matter how bad the weather, monk strap boots will always be by your side. Combine your stud-like charm with a pair of monk strap boots. They take the sturdiness of the classic monk strap shoe to a whole new level. Not to mention that they’re the shoe of choice in winter. 

How To Wear Monk Straps?

Monk Strap shoes are versatile pairs of leather shoes. If you wear them out, chances are people will notice. Its unique style and intricate craftsmanship make it a must-have shoe. Since the shoe can be worn both casually and formally, the amount of outfits you can create with just a single pair is exciting. 

We have put together a few outfits, featuring variations of monk strap shoes. These include outfits ranging from everyday wear to formal wear. Our goal is to inspire you into creating outfits that showcase monk strap shoes a.k.a, the shoe style of the moment. 

Monk Strap Shoes + Jeans 

Monk Strap Shoes + Jeans 

Let’s start with a casual outfit. Pair brown double monk strap shoes with faded blue jeans. Add on a breezy blue button-down. Complete the look with a cool-toned olive green jacket. 

The blue and green create a refreshing palate and the brown of the monk strap shoes adds an earthy element to the whole look. 

You can also swap the green jacket for a sports coat and the jeans for a pair of beige shorts to create a more classy look. Add a pair of monk strap loafers to complete the look. 

Toe Cap Monk Strap Shoes + Gray Suit 

Toe Cap Monk Strap Shoes + Gray Suit 

Nothing looks dapper than a man in a suit. A gray three-piece suit when paired with toe cap monk strap shoes looks regal. You can wear this look to work, to an important business meeting, or even as a graduation outfit

Classic Monk Strap Shoes + Chinos 

Classic Monk Strap Shoes + Chinos 

Chinos have slowly become the pants of choice for office wear. They bring a bit of color to an otherwise gray workspace. Create an easy work-wear outfit by pairing a crisp white shirt with a pair of chinos. Add on dark brown monk strap shoes or monk strap loafers to complete one of the best white outfits for men

Monk Strap Boots + Trench Coat 

Monk Strap Boots + Trench Coat 

Keep yourself bundled up by pairing a gray sweater vest with a white button-down. Add on a black trench coat, black pants, and monk strap boots. Though there are many different types of boots available, monk strap boots have a cool element to them.

If leather trench coats aren’t your style then why not wear a leather jacket? Monk boots are the perfect shoes with leather jackets. They add to the whole cool guy vibe and keep the monk strap fashion alive. 

Monk Strap Shoes + Blazer 

Monk Strap Shoes + Blazer 

If you’re looking for a put-together thanksgiving outfit then blazers are just the clothing piece you need. Whether it be a red blazer or a blue one, the key is to keep everything else neutral-toned. You can easily pair a dark blue leather blazer, with a light pink shirt, beige pants, and black monk strap shoes to create an effortless yet stylish look. 

Or, you can keep things low key by pairing brown shoes with black pants and adding on a basic beige blazer. This overall outfit is great for when you’re in a stitch. 

How To Buy Monk Dress Shoes With Straps?

Monk strap shoes are a unique pair of shoes to own. Unlike canvas and leather loafers, these shoes have a story. They add a touch of elegance to any outfit you wear. Many different companies showcase their versions of strap shoes for men. 

The Jacket Maker is one such company where you can get information on monk strap leather shoes and more. The company creates ready made and custom leather shoes with excellent craftsmanship and quality. The Jacket Maker is an excellent company that provides the best of the best for its customers.  


Are Monk Strap Shoes Professional & Comfortable?

Yes. Monk men’s strap shoes are both professional and comfortable. They work with a number of outfits without compromising your comfort level. 

When And Where to Wear Monk Strap Shoes? 

Monk Strap shoes can be worn everywhere. Just remember, a single strap shoe is better suited for business environments while a double strap is for semi-formal events. 

Monk Strap Shoes – The Most Versatile Pair of Men’s Shoes

Investing in footwear is just as important as investing in clothing. The shoes you wear will have a direct effect on your outfit. Imagine pairing a three-piece suit with a pair of flip-flops. A disaster right? 

This is why finding shoes that will look great with all your outfits is important. Monk strap shoes are the perfect style of business casual shoes that you can wear. They go with almost anything! They come in many different variations, allowing them to be the shoe you choose to wear all year long.  

We hope this guide helps you find your perfect pair of monk strap shoes.

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