Footwear Guide: How to Wear Combat Boots over 40

how to wear combat boots over 40

You may remember well, wearing combat style boots in the 90s. You might also be wondering if there are any chances you can wear them again now that you are around 40. The simple answer is yes! In this article, we have laid out the best outfit ideas on how to wear combat boots over 40. 

Fashion is ruled by new looks and trends, but age is not one of the factors that drive fashion. This brings us to the debate if a woman should dress according to her age or how she feels? The answer lies in the timeless fashion staples such as combat boots which go well with all ages and looks. 

Combat boots are a wardrobe essential due to their versatility and ability to complement most outfits. Stick with us to learn more!

Well Coordinating Staples to Wear with Combat Boots

Combat boots do justice to their name by literally combating the olden concept of dressing and bringing out the most stylish outfits of all time. Although combat boots can be worn all year, it is ideal to bring them out when the weather turns chilly. Below are some outfit ideas on how to wear combat boots in style.

Skinny Jeans Over 40

A comfortable way to style combat boots over 40 is to pair them with jeans. Skinny jeans complement combats and thus don’t require much effort. A simple oversized beige sweater or a tunic paired with faded skinny jeans can be a winner. Opt for a pair of black combat boots for the oh-so-perfect fall look. You can either tuck in the flowy top or let it loose, either way, the look will be complete. 

Baggy Pants

Quite the opposite of fitted skinny jeans, baggy pants are a chic option to wear with combat boots. The increasing popularity of baggy outfits makes it a streetwear staple. If you prefer a minimalistic look, opt for a lug sole combat boots and wear them with ankle high baggy jeans. Or, go for a spectacular look by adding bright colors to your outfit. an alternative to baggy jeans can be cargo pants. They are an efficient way to reveal the inner fashionista in you while giving an urbane look. 

Long Dress

Long dresses and skirts look equally good with combat boots. They are appropriate for all age groups and especially women in their forties. For a modest look, pair a flowy maxi dress with a leather jacket and put on a pair of lace up combat boots. This ensemble is perfect for all occasions, be it a reunion at lunch or a casual work outfit. A tip to pull off this look is to opt for less chunky boots and go for a more feminine touch. 

Short Dress

Another effortless way to combat the stud appearance of combat boots is to pair them with a cute, flirty dress. While this may not be the first thought that crosses your mind when listing outfit ideas for women over 40, it is definitely amongst our top picks. To add a layer of subculture, don a bomber jacket and finish with style. These subtle hints of vintage leather are always a treat to the eyes. 

Blazer and Pants 

Still wondering if combat boots are business casual? To your surprise, a pair of combat boots can also be styled to give a polished and refined office look. The key is to keep your silhouette baggy but not too shabby. Become your own boss lady by donning over a nautical blue suit and tan suede combat boots. Up the fashion factor by accessorizing this outfit with an elegant cross body bag and fashionable studs. 

How to Style Combat Boots in Different Colors

Initially designed for military use, combat boots have now become a force to reckon with. According to the fashion trends of 2023, boots are an essential pick for all fashionistas. Below you will find the best ways to style different combat boots into different aesthetics. 

Brown Combat Boots

One can never go wrong with brown leather boots. These are such a timeless staple that you must have worn these in your young times and they are here yet again. Styling brown combats have never been this easy with the availability of multiple mix and match wardrobe ideas. Put on a neutral colored sweater dress accentuating your body. To add spice, wrap a dark colored scarf around your neck for the added subtlety. The undertones of this outfit make it appropriate for women over 40s. 

Black Combat Boots

When we think about combat boots, black is the color that strikes a chord right away. One could believe orange is the new black, but black single handedly dethrones all colors on the spectrum. To build a black ensemble, opt for an elegant boat neck blouse with a contrasting pencil skirt. Add a pair of black Doc Martens and walk with dripping confidence. The sheer elegance of this look makes it one of the ageless outfits of all time.

Burgundy Combat Boots Outfit

Exiting your youth doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with colors. It takes an ounce of boldness to do so, and you surely won’t regret it. To pair burgundy boots with minimalism, put on a body hugging midi dress topped off with a leather jacket. If you are looking for a bolder option, showcase your sartorial aptitude with an oversized black coat and wide leg pants. Pair a burgundy scarf over the coat and let the burgundy shoes stir their magic. 

Tan Combat Boots Outfit

It’s time to shift your aesthetic from a boss lady to a cowgirl’s world. Tan suede boots are a go to staple for a cowgirl. The combination of a navy plaid dress shirt with skinny denim jeans is a comfortable and safe bet. To instantly amp the look, why not add tan combat boots to the mix and wait for the magic to happen. If this sounds too simple for you, add on a cowboy hat without any second thoughts. This modern cowgirl look is an effortless way to add combat boots to your daily wear. 

Alternative Looks with Combat Boots

Here are some more creative styling ideas with combat boots which you can try if you are over 40.

90s Combat Boots Outfit

One thing admirable about combat boots is how it perfectly fits every aesthetic. It is time for you to once again embrace the 90s combat boot style. Opt for wide legged purple plaid pants topped with a black sweatshirt. To add the grunge aesthetic, add metallic embellishments which were a heavy part of the 90s subculture too. These can include chain belts, metal studs, and heavy necklaces. While this outfit may be too outgoing for the ladies in their 30s, 40s, or 50s, there is no harm in trying new things in and out. 

Dress-up Combat Boots

While you may think dressing down is the most you can do entering your forties, it may not be entirely true. Dressing up has its own charm thus we have included this look for you. Wake up the inner fashionista in you and add a pleated yellow skirt with a white off shoulder top for a perfect summer day. Add a sleek gold necklace and a pair of sunglasses to complement the look. Bump up the appeal by adding lace up combat boots in fancy shades to match the overall vibe. 

FAQs – How To Wear Combat Boots Over 40

How to wear combat boots with shorts?

Basic denim shorts can be paired with military style boots for an edgy look. You can put on a spaghetti strap tank top and basic shorts to keep you cool.

How to wear ankle boots over 50

Skinny jeans look best with ankle boots over 50. It is advised to roll up an inch or two of the jeans to expose some ankles. One can simply hem the jeans if they are short heighted.  

How to wear lace up combat boots?

The lace up combat boots are ideal for cold weather and thus make a great duo with winter coats and jackets. Lace up boots can be paired with long plaid trench coats and black leggings.

What pants to wear with combat boots?

Combat boots look great with all kinds of cuts. Flares, skinny, boot cut jeans, straight leg or baggy jeans – basically all of them.  


The combat boots never really went obsolete, as they are a much sought after fashion staple. Investing in good quality combat boots can be very useful to rejuvenate and energize your wardrobe. In short, having a handy pair of boots is a convenient way to rotate all your wardrobe staples time after time. At The Jacket Maker, we believe fashion is unwary of age thus you don’t have to give up on style. This guide is inclusive of all such recommendations for women entering their middle age. 

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