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Swanky Indie Guy Outfits

indie guy outfits

Some menswear aesthetics defy the mainstream style of dressing. One of them is the Indie style, that is all about independent and unique clothing choices, often with a hint of vintage fashion. Here we are with some incredible indie guy outfits that will portray your dismissal of established fashion norms. 

How to Dress Indie

The indie fashion is basically inspired by indie music artists. Back in the 1970s, several exceptionally talented musicians produced music via independent labels, which gave birth to the indie concept. Indie guys have a knack for vintage tracks from the 60s, 70s and 80s.

Just like indie music, the indie clothing style too is unique and artsy. It is not a specific dress code, but an alternative way to dress that exudes the independent flair of the wearer. Much of this style can be translated to the simple fact that indie guys are free spirited, nonconformists, and love nature. Therefore, they mostly wear whatever they like.  

Indie men usually long for experiences with nature and defy anything that is too mainstream. This preference reflects in the outfits they wear as they believe in freedom of expression through their style. Indies like to deviate from the norms and dress in a way that is unique, creative, and unconventional.

Indie Style Clothing

Sometimes the indie fashion is also equated with the hipster subculture or vintage dressing style. To say that these styles are the same would though be wrong, as hipster men have a slightly edgier look. You would see them wearing lots of trends from the 70s or 80s men’s fashion, boho touches with earthy tones and layers in their outfits. 

Indies love thrift stores and vintage style clothing, unlike the general public who shops from mainstream stores. Although indies rely on vintage finds from these stores, there are independent designers as well who design indie style clothes. 

Pieces such as full-grain leather jackets, sweaters, jeans, and converse shoes are their favorites. It reflects their likeness for these kinds of garments and accessories. 

Although Indies prefer to dress up in black like some of the artists from the 80s, they are not afraid to experiment with other colors as well. In fact, a true indie would try anything that no one else wears in town. A unique style of indie men is that they usually move around with their headphones on as they enjoy their favorite music.

Indie Style Jeans

Mostly, indies’ go-to choice for bottom wear is the straight jeans which they wear with the cuffs folded. Or, they prefer slightly tapered ones. Those with a knack for modern touches like wearing skinny jeans too. The denim pants are usually in grey, black, or shades of blue. 

Other types of pants an indie might wear are plaid pants, old fashioned high waisted trousers, and slim cut trousers. Not to mention bell-bottoms, harem pants, aka yoga pants and those having a silhouette that is opposite to mainstream trends.

Awesome Indie Shirts

One of the most common indie shirts are t-shirts with the name of your favorite band on them. You can also try vintage shirts, tanks, flat collared button-ups, tunic t-shirts among many others. For smart-casual styles, you can go for polo shirts or half sleeved checked shirts. Wearing denim shirts, old fashioned loose flannels, and Breton shirts are also a norm for indies.

Indie Jackets

Indie artists from the past used to wear leather bomber jackets and varsity jackets which indie guys love to wear. Apart from the leather and suede jackets for men, you can spot indies donning tweed blazers, denim jackets, corduroy, chore coats or canvas jackets. 

Indie Aesthetic Outfit for Guys

Mostly, dressing indie means showing your love for the aesthetics that are not considered mainstream fashion anymore. The rock fashion, grunge style, retro, and hipster style are a few examples of these aesthetics which indies love to incorporate. Here are a few ideas on how to put together outfits inspired by these aesthetics.

Team up a band t-shirt along with slightly loose khakis and add grunge touches to the look with converse shoes, messy hair and neck chains. 

Grunge Indie Outfits

Hipster Indie Outfits for Males

For indies who have a knack for the carefree hipster style, try this outfit suggestion for a one-of-a-kind look. Don a basic white t-shirt under a flannel and select slim fit blue jeans for the bottom wear. Finish off this hipster look with a cable knit beanie and suede chukka boots.

You can also use the same white t-shirt as a base for another outfit. Wear it along with brown plaid pants and a lightweight denim jacket. To accessorize the look, add white sneakers and a hipster style hat to the mix. 

Basic Indie Guy Outfits for All Seasons

Here is your basic guide on how to dress like an indie all year round. From breezy summer outfits to the layer upon layer in winter, we have got you indie-covered!

Spring Indie Guy Outfits Inspo

Spring Indie Guy Outfits Inspo

The vintage style printed shirts are quite appropriate for the spring season if you wish to dress like an indie. Or, you can go with boho style vests and cotton shirts along with jeans, camo pants, or trousers. The use of accessories like bands, watches, hats, sunglasses, and backpacks add a feel that speaks volumes about your individuality and independent style. 

For a striking street style spring look with a modern touch, you can try an outfit featuring slightly baggy retro style jeans, Breton shirt, and a denim jacket. Give an artsy feel to the outfit by choosing white pointed toe shoes with this outfit. 

Summer Indie Outfits

Summer Indie Outfits

Not falling for temporary trends still gives you a lot to choose from if you want to look stylish. Indie style summer clothing means a lot of cool shirts in light fabrics, loose fits, and staples such as jeans, chinos, and shorts that are timeless.

A nice indie inspired look can be achieved with a lightweight denim shirt. Wear it over a grey baggy t-shirt and deep blue shorts for an effortless look. You can wear retro style sunglasses and leather loafers or flip flops with this casual summer outfit. 

Try another casual look that defines cool by donning a black and white striped t-shirt with straight jeans and loafers. Accessorize this day outing look with a sporty watch and wayfarer style shades for the indie touch. 

Alternative Summer Outfits

Alternative Summer Outfits

Deviate from the mainstream summer trends and instead go for a lightweight grey t-shirt, slim fit cargo pants, and rugged style brown boots. A quintessential rugged hairstyle will also add to the feel as you go running errands during the day. 

You can also try vests and casual buttoned shirts with jeans for the cool indie guy look. 

Indie Fall Outfits For Men

Indie Fall Outfits For Men

Indie guys love to layer their outfits and choose unique clothing pieces to do so. Playing off from the contemporary style jackets, these men like to go for vintage leather jackets such as bomber jackets, canvas jackets, or even chore coats. 

Team up a warm grey sweatshirt and charcoal grey slim fit jeans with a black café racer style leather jacket. Mess up your hair a bit and wear converse sneakers for the grunge vibes. This outfit is the epitome of rock icon inspiration. 

Try a preppy style look with an indie touch by wearing a striped collared shirt under a sweater. Pair it with light blue trousers and high top sneakers to finish the look on a high note. 

Another fall outfit that you can try is a cozy hoodie with a leather jacket. Team it up with light grey tapered jeans and Chelsea boots for a stylish look.  

Indie Cardigan Outfits for Winter

Indie Cardigan Outfits for Winter

Winter brings with it an opportunity to add layers upon layers and stylish accessorizing in the form of scarves and beanies. Depending upon the place where you live and its weather conditions, you can show your indie side. 

For areas where the temperatures stay within bearable limits, trucker jackets, suede jackets, knitted sweaters, and cardigans are the right choices for indie outfits. For frigid weather conditions, try the ultimate pairing of trench coats and leather jackets with scarves. Different types of classic leather boots and high tops are also a good choice for your winter looks.  

Give off warm vibes with the earthy tones of this cardigan outfit. A brown collared shirt along with retro style olive trousers worn with a brown cardigan is the perfect solution for a winter evening. You can opt for canvas shoes or suede leather loafers for this smart casual look. 

Try another winter look for when you need to dress up in business casual attire. Over a tan turtleneck and green wool pants, wear a plaid blazer for a neat look. Your choice of footwear can be a nice pair of brown oxfords or a comfortable pair of loafers. 

You can also wear stylish ribbed sweater vests over collared shirts and high waisted pants for days when the mercury hasn’t steeped too low, or a simple outfit of a pullover sweater with jeans and leather sneakers


What Does Indie Stand For?

Indie is a short form of the word Independence.

What is Indie Aesthetic?

Indie aesthetic, just like indie music, is an expression of freedom of choice by wearing unique clothes and rejecting mainstream trends, are the soul of indie aesthetics.

Is Indie Same As Hipster?

Both indie and hipster styles follow similar ideologies of being nonconformist. However, Indie is a relatively comfortable style as compared to the hipster style. Hipsters usually wear multiple layers and lots of bohemian accessories, unlike indies. 

Is Indie Aesthetic Still Popular?

With social media playing a huge role in bringing age old styles on trend once again, it is not a surprise to see a resurgence of indie style. A currently popular aesthetic.


While the fashion world is highly oversaturated with different subcultures and styles, indie outfits are like an opportunity to stow away from the ever changing trends. Being an indie means showing your individuality and personal style. 

However, following the indie style doesn’t mean that you cannot follow new trends. Anything that reflects your personal style can easily be used in your outfits as per your preference and the occasion. 

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