Style Guide: Hoodie and Leather Jacket Looks

Hoodie and Leather Jacket Look

The hoodie and leather jacket look is the timeless go-to when it comes to ultimate street style. The casual style it provides is ultimate for everyday wear and tear. Along with tons of functionalities and benefits, a hoodie or a hooded leather jacket is the best to go for versatility. 

What is a Hoodie 

What is a Hoodie

A hoodie is a piece of fabric shaped like a cap headgear to protect one’s head. It comes in various fabrics and styles like zipping up, pullovers, and hooded shirts. The hoodie is a contemporary element for teenagers, but we believe that it doesn’t require any certain age to be worn. 

The Best Combo

Hoodie outfit with a leather jacket

The hoodie is known to be the best combo with leather jackets in the chilly winters. Due to the lightweight fabric of which it is made, it easily works as an extra layer in the winter. The hoodie can be worn inside various types of jackets, some of which are: 

The Parka Jacket 

Hooded Parka Jacket

The best way to style and keep yourself comfortably warm in winters is by pairing a hoodie with a parka jacket. The contemporary style gives a clean and simple look. You can achieve the best style by pairing a simple plain black or white hoodie with denim jeans and a blue or black parka jacket. 

The Windbreaker

Windbreaker jacket with Hood

Windbreaker Jackets are the best to go for in chilly winds. It provides the best insulation with the element of comfort. Hoodies give you that modern cool element when paired with the windbreaker. Some windbreakers also have their own hoodies and in some cases these hoodies are detachable. Pair the jacket with a plain black hoodie and denim jeans or trousers. 

The Biker Jacket 

Leather Biker jacket on top of a hoodie

Everyone has seen chick flicks at some point in their life, and whenever it had high school scenes we all have seen the male stars wearing a hoodie with a leather biker jacket. The biker jacket is one of the best timeless classics itself, but when layered with a hoodie it highlights the overall ensemble. 

The Bomber Jacket  

Bomber Jacket on top of a hoodie

The classic flight jacket is a casual piece within itself, which is available in various fabrics like full-grain leather, polyester, nylon, etc. When the jacket is paired with a hoodie it exhibits a contemporary style to the overall ensemble. The leather bomber jacket is the best to go for when it comes to layering on top of a hoodie. It makes the wearer look modern and stylish. 

The Best Casual Wear

Casual hoodie

The hoodie is the most comfortable and casual piece of apparel, it might not be as fashionable but it does make you look current. The hood has always been the best go-to element for teenagers, but it does require an age factor to be worn. The Hoodie itself also works best to provide a certain amount of warmth in summers or spring. 

Hooded Leather Jacket 

Hooded leather jacket outfit

As we all know that leather jackets are a timeless classic, being luxe and protective piece of outerwear, manufacturers assure extreme durability in the chilly winters by featuring a detachable or a built-in hoodie on their leather jackets. The hoodie provides extra warmth and protection to the sensitive areas of the human body; ears and the head. It also provides protection in the rain, keeping your hair away from moisture. 

Advantages of a Hooded Leather Jacket

Advantages of a Hooded a Jacket

If you live in areas where it drizzles more often the hooded leather jacket provides protection along with style. It differs from the traditional leather jacket without the hood and makes you stand out among others. Alongside, if the jacket features a detachable hood, then you have two different styled jackets in one. 


Hooded leather jackets or a hoodie with a leather jacket provides the modishness an individual requires. Making the ensemble look casual and comfortable. The hoodie itself is not very fashionable but when layered with a leather jacket it makes anyone look current and stylish.  

The hoodie provides extra benefits to the wearer while providing him extra warmth and shelter. 

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