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How to Style a Windbreaker In 2023

how to style windbreaker

Men’s fashion has a plethora of clothing items that are incredibly stylish besides serving function. Among the list of garments that shield us from the rough weather conditions but are no lesser in terms of style, a windbreaker jacket is on top. Learning how to style a windbreaker will help you look your stylish best, even in the most casual outfits. 

Wearing a windbreaker makes you sure about two things. One that it would keep you warm and protected during gusty winds, rain, or snow. And secondly, that it would give you a dapper look. It may be a retro style jacket from the 90s, but it is still the perfect solution to your everyday styling needs. 

Windbreakers for Men: The Ultimate Layering Solution

As soon as the unstable weather comes, the windbreaker is the first thing men reach out for in their wardrobes. Read about what is a windbreaker jacket to know about this outerwear in detail. 

Lightweight and practical, windbreakers provide adequate layering. As it was a 90s staple, the windbreaker was made of microfiber like most of the other outerwear of that era. Today, these jackets are made with polyester-coated cotton, very light polyester blends, cotton, nylon, and washed silks. 

Among all the other traits of the windbreaker jacket, versatility is on the top. You can style it with all types of shirts, trousers, and jeans. You can even wear the windbreaker over types of jackets that are lightweight, like a fleece jacket or a Harrington jacket. To build a polished windbreaker jacket outfit, wear a blazer under it or a hoodie for a laid-back, cozy look. 

Different Styles of Windbreakers for Men

Many trendy windbreakers are now available for men to elevate your day-to-day looks. Some of them are contemporary-style jackets in an oversized fit. Other types have a slim fit, appropriate for sportswear luxe. The color of windbreakers varies, as dark neutral solid colors are for smart casual style while brightly colored and patched one for casual street style

Some of the men’s windbreaker styles that you can go for are:

Quilted Windbreaker Jackets

The opulence of a quilted windbreaker makes it worthy of a dapper street look. The insulated jacket is ideal for the cold weather, keeping you warm from the inside and stylish from the outside

Oversized Windbreakers

Inspired by Korean fashion, these jackets keep you warm besides providing many options to layer underneath. You can wear these with track pants for an 80s style look. Or with ankle-length pants and jeans. 

Athletic Style Windbreaker

Fitted and usually with many pockets, athletic windbreakers are a must for men who sweat it off at the gym, go for running on crisp mornings, or play sports during the cold weather. The jacket will shield against light rain and brisk winds effectively. Its fit gives you a chiseled look, showing off your well sculpted body. It is a must have for your athleisure clothing collection. 

Turtleneck Windbreaker

A turtleneck windbreaker looks stylish and keeps you sufficiently warm. For mildly cold weather, you can wear it over a basic t-shirt. The turtleneck windbreaker is excellent for those easy going street style looks. 

Hooded Windbreaker

The addition of a hood in the windbreaker shields your nape and head along with the rest of your upper body. The hood makes this jacket highly practical.

80’s Blouson Windbreaker

If you are looking for some retro vibes, go for a blouson windbreaker. The jacket will be cinched on the waist, adding up to the functionality. The protection of your clothes from dust and wind increases with the cinched waist of the jacket.

Windbreaker Jacket Outfit Ideas

Style these cool windbreaker jackets with a flair by trying the following outfit ideas. 

With a Hoodie

Get the bad boy look with a white hoodie under a black and green blouson windbreaker jacket. The choice of bottom wear with this outfit may be black cargo pants to keep you comfortable. All you need is vibrant colored trainers to round off this athletic look with style.

With Shorts

This effortless outfit is perfect for spring when the weather is mostly unstable. Pair a navy blue polo and beige chino shorts with an army green windbreaker jacket. Infuse some slick style to the look by wearing minimal white sneakers, sunglasses, and leather bracelets. 

windbreaker jacket with shorts

With a Navy Blue Henley and Grey Jeans

Even the most casual basics can make you look refined. Pair a navy blue henley along with grey jeans and wear your basic black windbreaker over it. As high tops go with jeans perfectly, you can put on a pair of brown high top sneakers to complete the look. 

black windbreaker jacket

With Khakis

Another idea to style a black windbreaker is to wear it over a white crewneck t-shirt and khakis. To add some cozy vibes, add a black beanie to this outfit. 

khakis and windbreaker jacket

With Faded Jeans

A no fail pairing of a light pink windbreaker with blue faded jeans is sure to make you look dapper. Fold up those sleeves for the dashing vibes. 

pink windbreaker jacket outfit

With a Plaid Shirt

Team up a burgundy collared windbreaker with a black and white plaid shirt and navy joggers. This spruced up attire is finished with chunky sneakers in vivid colors and a snapback. 

windbreaker jacket outfit with joggers

With a Denim Shirt

This outfit sums up effortless style fused with contemporary color combinations. An oversized yellow windbreaker jacket can be styled by wearing it over a denim shirt and baggy jeans. Wayfarer style shades and brown leather sneakers worn with funky colored socks suit this foppish look.

denim shirt outfit

With Green Baggy Pants

Here is a straightforward ensemble with a white windbreaker. Pair it with grey baggy trousers for a day to day look. Converse shoes and a dad hat are the perfect finishing touches to this outfit.

baggy pants with windbreaker jacket

With a Scarf

A coffee brown windbreaker can give you some stylish off duty looks. Wear a chambray shirt as a foundation layer. You can pair it with comfy trousers in a complementing shade of brown and layer the windbreaker jacket with a scarf. For finishing touches, carry a stylish messenger bag and wear high top sneakers with this outfit.

windbreaker jacket with scarf

With a Striped Tee and Coral Pants

Flaunt the quirky looks of coral pants with a toned down appeal of a striped t-shirt for a perfect spring outfit. Layer the outfit with a brown windbreaker to stay warm. A pair of light brown boat shoes will accompany the look perfectly.

windbreaker jacket outfit

With Grey Flannel Pants

Windbreaker for work attire? Certainly doable with this sleek outfit idea. Wear a charcoal grey slim fit windbreaker over your white oxford shirt and grey flannels. Add some dressiness with a maroon tie and black derbies.

man wearing windbreaker jacket

With a Turtleneck

A suave outfit can be pulled off by wearing a grey windbreaker over a black t-shirt and red pants. Round off the outfit with grey suede shoes. 


Think again if you always considered the windbreaker a solution to stop catching a cold. Stylish windbreaker jackets can give you brilliant looks that will surely take your style meter reading up. We have tried to lay down many ways to style a windbreaker so that you can recreate these looks for casual and streetwear with complete confidence.

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