Eye on Trends: Men’s Red Pants

mens red pants
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Opting for red outfits is a bold choice and wearing red pants is more of a risk as not everyone can carry them well. People feel like they are stepping out of their comfort zone when it comes to red pants. However, if you are willing to give it a try then styling the look is going to be a lot of fun. Just grab a vest and your red denim pants, ta-da you have the perfect outfit.

Red pants mean grabbing the attention of everyone around you as you are taking fashion to the next level. Red pants outfits are perfect for the gents who like to risk their looks to stand out in a crowd and look stylish at the same time. However, rocking such pants takes more than just your reliance. You need to be knowledgeable about your clothing pieces and what is going to work well with your red pants. 

Here we are today with our knowledgeable version of the bold yet stylish men’s red pants outfits. So, take out those red pants which have been in your closet for ages, as it is time to style them up. 

Red Pants and Men’s Fashion 

We have noticed men running away from wearing red because it is a more girly color. The deep, dark, and rich tones of red make men feel like they are going to step out of their comfort zone just like the men who wear skirts. However, those men have an outgoing nature that resulted in men opting for red pants as they wanted to be highlighted and praised. So now, men’s red pants have made their way in their closet as pairing it up in the right way teleports them to the desired fashion placement.   

Tones of Red- Deep, Dark, and Light

Model wearing a red suit.

When it comes to boho styles, red is known to be a color that cheers people and is energetic. So, it is very important to know red, when it comes to adding it and styling your outfit. There are several reds that you can come across but every shade gives a different vibe. We would suggest you limit your choice of red in one outfit and pick the shade that goes well with your clothes.

If you want to be noticed, go for bright red shades however if you are wearing red for the sake of making a difference then go for a darker red shade. So, let us help you in knowing some of the shades of red that are light, bright, and dark. 

  • Scarlet Red: It is a bright red color with a tinge of orange sometimes. If seen in bright light it is somewhat in the middle of red and orange. 
  • Barn Red: Shade of red that is kind of reddish-brown but is redder than the particular mahogany. Stronger and more red than oxblood.  
  • Chili Pepper Red: The shade is picked from the chili pepper with a tinge of brown.
  • Carmine: It is known to be a vivid red that goes from a crimson to a rich red shade. 
  • Maroon: Maroon is a dark red with the addition of brown in the shade. In short, it is the color of the chestnut which is brownish-red. 
  • Vermillion: It refers to a scarlet pigmented red, having a touch of orange to the bright red color. 
  • Raspberry: Dating to the name it is exactly the red color a raspberry has.
  • Mahogany: It is a dark, deep red with more brown to it. It is almost like the color of Mahogany wood, the name that the color takes from. 
  • Crimson: It refers to the color of our blood. It is a rich and deep red which we can say is inclined to a tone of purple. 
  • Burgundy: It is a wine red color. Dark red and a bit of purple in it. By the name we know it comes from the Burgundy wine that comes from France. 

Ways to Wear Red Pants

If we talk about men’s red pants outfits, various options come to mind about how we can pair red pants with other clothing pieces to pull the look together. If you know what works well with men’s red pants then the rest will automatically fall into place. When it comes to red pants, try pairing them with lowkey garments that complement them and do not need that particular attention. Cool tones work well however avoiding bold, screaming colors is the best.  

Men’s Casual Red Pants Outfit 

Model standing against a fire hydrant.

Running errands on an everyday basis requires you to be casual and in your style. Treating red pants on a much lighter yet casual tone would not require a lot of effort however the colors you pair it up with are going to matter most. Black and white would always be the perfect colors to pair your red pants with so pick a black shirt with it, and you can wear a bomber jacket over it. Finish your look by wearing sneakers or joggers, wear some hand bands, a beanie, and sunglasses. This would not be an overdone look, it would be out of the box but perfect for your casual day.

Red Plaid Pants

Man standing against a bicycle wearing a suit.

Red pants already have seemed to be a challenge so when we talk about red plaid pants, they are a bigger styling challenge as not everyone has the perfect styling idea. Plaid pants should be treated in a semi-formal way as it enhances your look. Go for red, plaid, casual, and slim fit pants, pick a white formal shirt to go with it, top it up with a suit jacket. Gel your hair and wear your oxfords and you are ready to roll for a party. 

Men’s Maroon Pants Outfit

Man walking wearing a trench coat.

When it comes to office outfits, you do not always have to wear the same kind of clothes and look boring. Spice things up for yourself, go for bold colors like wearing maroon pants. Make an effort to dress up a bit before you go to work, take out maroon pants and a light-colored checkered button-down shirt. Adding textures to your outfit will always make your look interesting so you can top your shirt with a hand-knitted sweater and then wear your trench coat over it. 

Keep the color combination of the shirt calm with light blues, cream or gray. Wear loafers or suede boots to complete your look.   

Styling a Red Leather Jacket 

Model wearing a red jacket and sunglasses.

Thinking of wearing a red leather jacket outfit is surely a bold choice, but what is better than going for such an out-of-the-box look. You can make your outfit more flashy and thus if you are going to a retro-themed party you can always go with this look. Wear your desired red pants, wear a light-colored t-shirt with it and wear your red leather jacket with it. If you are meaning to grab all the attention then you surely are going to do so. 

Styling a Nerd Outfit 

Man standing wearing a blue shirt and red pants.

Thinking about nerd outfits and red pants can be a perfect go to choice. If you are a nerd and if you are reading this, don’t worry we have you covered. Men’s red chinos should be the main element of your outfit, with it you can wear your flannel shirt. Wear your favorite sneakers or loafers and don’t forget your Ray-Bans. 

Color Combos with Red 

4 men wearing red pants with different colored shirts.

Red itself is an extremely vibrant color that tends to speak for itself and does not need a supporting color. Thus, if you are choosing colors to pair with red then you need to be quite sensible about it. 

  • Go for light colors like light blue, cream, and light brown. 
  • Black and white would never defy you whenever it is combined with red. It is always going to give you perfection. 
  • Dark tones like navy blue and deep forest color will also complement your red pants. 


What color shirt goes with red pants?

Any light-colored button-down shirt or t-shirt can complement red pants. Colors like cream, brown, white, black, navy blue and deep green are going to look great.

What kind of jackets are going to suit red pants?

If you want a semi-formal look you can wear red formal pants, button-down shirt with an unstructured blazer. However, if you are dressing up casually you can even wear a shacket over your round-necked t-shirt and red denim.

What type of shoes can you wear with red pants? 

Red pants should be paired with suede boots, sneakers, oxfords, loafers, or any other, but make sure the colors are neutral. Brown tones are going to look great though.

Are red pants a part of men’s fashion?

Red pants are thought to be a bold choice because of their color. However, people who are well aware of the current fashion would know that daring clothing, picked out of the box, is always appreciated if styled right. You just need the right tips to style red pants. 

Are red pants not a very bright choice for formal wear?

Yes, red pants would be too loud for men’s formal wear. At best, deep burgundy or maroon may be acceptable in some semi-formal to business formal settings.

Should you opt for a completely red outfit?

A complete red outfit is strictly reserved for individuals who are extremely confident with themselves and their personal style. It takes great precision to pull off a completely red outfit. However, the closest you can go if not totally red, is to wear red pants and a red jacket, but as for the shirt and shoes go for a light color so that each clothing piece speaks for itself. 

What matches with red pants?

Any kind of shirt, jacket, shoes, or accessories that does not outdo your red pants will surely match it. 


Now you know how a bright color can pop out your outfit. With a style guide, you will now know about dressing up while adding red pants to your style. Choose the right shade of red and pair up according to your event, it can be casual, business casual, or formal. You should be willing to step out of your comfort zone and risk it to be highlighted. Fashion is all about what you can pull off, so make sure you have done your fashion homework.  

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