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Vibe Check – Style Guide for Men in their 20s

young man style

There are a lot of things that change or start changing soon after you enter your 20s. Your perspective on life and your future start becoming more cohesive. Among these many changes, however, is also the change to your sense of fashion. You cannot blindly follow trends like a teenager anymore.

But also have a decade before your 30s begin, and you have to settle in a mature adult style. This is the transition period, where you get to enjoy the world of young man style to its fullest.

What is the Style of a Young Man?

It is difficult to summarize the young man’s style in a few words just because it encapsulates so much. Clothing items like vibrant printed t-shirts and hoodies with superhero logos become a no-no, while leather jackets and well-fitted jeans become the norm.

The 20s are also the start of professional life, so formal/semi-formal items like suits, shirts, and ties start becoming a permanent part of men’s closets as well.

Another occurrence that describes a young man’s style is the preference for quality. Most men stop growing before or soon after they enter their 20s, so the clothes in their closets become permanent.

This leads to a shift in the mindset of buying clothes, where quality and fit take priority over the current trendy fashion for young men.

How to Get Familiar with the Young Man Dressing Style?

There are a lot of ways to approach this subject. One way is to look at a list of the best outfits in a style and try to emulate them with a personal twist. This method is great for learning anything from pure formal to casual summer fashion.

However, this is not the right method here, as this style is all about discovering your own fashion potential and crafting outfits that are unique to you. The best way to learn that is to know the clothing items you can work with and then understand what you should or should not do.

Let’s get started. 

Essentials of Young Men’s Clothing

Here’s an all-inclusive list of clothing essentials for dressing in your 20s.

Dress Shirts

Dress Shirts

The first item of clothing you need in your closet for young men’s fashion is a handful of dress shirts. These are the shirts you can wear if you work in an office environment, if you’re going on a date, or going to a family get-together.

As for the colors of these button-ups, light tones like light blue, baby pink, beige are preferred. Black shirts are also an option, but they take quite a bit of time and effort to outfit the right way.

If you don’t want to deal with colors at all, then plain white shirts are the best option for you. They work with every pair of pants and blend in with any upper you wear over them.

You can also wear these shirts, particularly the short-sleeved versions, as beach outfits by pairing them with khaki shorts.

T-shirts and Polos

T-shirts and Polos

Dress shirts are a fantastic choice for dressing sharp and rocking a clean-cut look. However, they are that comfortable for long periods of time. This is where plain t-shirts come into the picture and dominate your casual outfits.

A handful of white crew neck t-shirts will get you through everything from grocery shopping to hanging out with friends on the weekend. These shirts are also ideal as a filler for more complex and layered outfits.

On the other hand, we have polo shirts, and you should own at least one of these. Think of these as the middle ground between dress shirts and t-shirts. They have the structured vibe of button-ups but the comfort of a cozy t-shirt. You can even wear these as a replacement for dress shirts under casual blazers and suit jackets.

Flannel Shirt

Flannel Shirt

Both dress shirts and t-shirts in young man style tend to be quite plain and monotone. However, your 20s closet needs a hint of color as well, and the best way of adding it to the shirts section is with a flannel.

The exact color choice here is up to you, and owning just one should be more than enough to get started. You can, of course, expand this collection later if you want to.  

Leather Jackets

Leather Jackets

Layering is the key to success in young man dressing style, and there’s no better piece of outerwear to get started on than a leather jacket. These jackets work with almost every young man outfit you can think of and more. So, owning a single black leather jacket will unlock a whole world of polished layered outfits for you.

The best part about adding a leather jacket to your wardrobe, however, is picking from all of the different types. You can choose a biker leather jacket for a flamboyant urban look, or you can go with the subtle yet amazing suede jacket with its unique matt texture.



Leather jackets work fine in almost all casual and smart casual situations. But they are quite lacking when it comes to the professional world. There is a good chance that wearing a leather jacket to your office will not be a good idea. For that, you will need an upper along the lines of a well-fitted white blazer.

These blazers are a must-have even if you don’t work in an office just because of their style. Rocking one of these over a pair of cream-colored chinos and a white polo is the ultimate form of elevated casual with an all-encompassing umbrella of professionalism on top.



Get a full three-piece suit. More precisely, get a tailored suit that fits your body with perfection. It will be more expensive than any other essential clothing on this list. However, don’t think of this expenditure as a cost. Suits for young men are like an investment into their future, and it’s all worth it. The importance of owning a quality suit in your 20s cannot be overstated.

Also, don’t waste your money on below-average pre-made suits. Try your best to get one custom-tailored for you. If you cannot yet afford a tailored suit, then the second-best option is to buy a pre-made one and hire a tailor to fit that suit to your body. Buy a single point larger than your real size and let the professional tailor do their magic.



Jeans are the most popular pants in the world, and you already own a bunch of them. If they still fit you, then great, you don’t need to buy any more. But, if you do have to buy them, getting straight-cut jeans is the best way forward.

They fit right in with the young man style while also being easy to move around in. Slim-fit and cropped jeans are acceptable as well, depending on the outfits. On the other hand, you have to say goodbye to trendy options like ripped jeans.

As for the color of the jeans, classic blue is the safest option. If you want some variety in your wardrobe, however, then black and navy blue are remarkable choices as well.



Chinos to jeans are like polo shirts to regular t-shirts. They are both casual at heart but are capable of blending in with professional clothing. Owning a couple of chinos, one dark-colored (charcoal or dark gray) and one light-colored (white or cream), will get you through most outfitting hurdles. Chinos are also the preferred choice for winter outerwear like a peacoat.



Sorting out footwear is the easiest part of the young man style. All you need is a single pair of low-top leather sneakers and one pair of leather shoes. One for casual and the other for professional.

That said, if you have room in your wardrobe for more shoes, getting pairs of sandals, leather loafers, and tactical boots would be the wise move. Trendy sports sneakers are also a fantastic tool of fashion for men in their 20s.

How to Craft Cool Clothes for Young Men?

Here are a few things you should or should not do if you want to become a master of style for young men.

Invest in Quality

We touched on this a little earlier, but invest your money in useful clothing that will last. Jackets made from real leather and tailored suits are both excellent examples of where you should be putting your money. Also, remember to stay away from branded clothes and get as much custom stuff as you can.

Learn to Wear the Suit

Wearing a suit can be quite challenging, especially if you have no prior experience with it. You might think that you’re wearing it right the first time, but there are tons of small details that you’ve most likely missed.

Learning to wear a suit also includes learning different tie knots and practicing them until you can do most of them consistently. If you’re following a tie knot tutorial, remember to adjust its length according to your own height.

Don’t Forget About Comfort

There are a lot of aspects you have to consider when dressing in the young man style. The most significant of these aspects, however, is your comfort. Do not wear anything that makes you uncomfortable, no matter how good it looks on you. Alternatively, focus on rocking the young men’s casual outfits that are both comfy and practical.

Focus on Colors and Patterns

As a teen, the most important aspect of your outfits is the silhouette and how the design fits around your body. This is still critical info to keep in mind as a young adult, but you also have to worry about the colors and patterns of your outfit now.

A great rule of thumb is to look for relations. Ask yourself, do these two colors or patterns complement each other? Or, do these two colors/patterns contrast each other? If the answer to both of these questions is no, then you have to mix up the outfit you’re creating and try again.

FAQs – Young Man Style

What do 20-year-old guys wear? 

20-year-old fashion for males features clothes that are between the spontaneous outfits of teenage years and the serious mature clothing of the 30s.

How to dress in your 20s as a male in 2024?

To summarize, a male in his 20s in 2024 should wear whatever makes him feel stylish without compromising comfort. While following weekly young men’s clothing trends is not a good idea, understanding what is and isn’t popular will give you a better understanding of how to dress your age 20s for men.

How should a 25-year-old dress? 

A 25-year-old should dress in clothes that are mature and sophisticated but also have a playful side to them. For example, if they are wearing a basic suit, wearing a colorful tie with a matching light-colored shirt is the way to go.

What should you not wear in your 20s? 

You should not wear items like printed t-shirts, ripped jeans, weird trendy footwear, and clothes with giant brand logos on them.

How can a guy look classy?     

Yes, a guy can look classy and with ease. All he needs is a pair of navy blue jeans, a white button-up, and light blue sweater, and a brown peacoat. The finishing touch on this outfit is the black high-top sneakers, and the class is on.

Final Words

There are a lot of new things that men have to understand as soon as they enter their 20s. Suffice to say, mastering the young man style is pretty far down their priority list. However, this is a huge mistake and should be rectified immediately. Your clothes will have a measurable effect on how people perceive you as an adult, so learning how to dress properly now, can save you in the future.

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