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A Comprehensive Guide on What to Wear Golfing

A Comprehensive Guide on What to Wear Gofling

Golf attire for men is quintessentially clean-cut, with golfers mostly wearing sleek pants and neatly tucked in polo shirts. If you have an affinity for the sport, learn what to wear golfing via this detailed guide.

Being new to golf may make you feel less confident about the classic style that it calls for. To learn how to dress like a golfer, you need to know the particular dress code of the club you are playing at. In the golf club, either you will be playing on the course or unwinding after the game at the clubhouse. In both cases, you are expected to follow the dressing etiquette in order to keep the club’s reputation intact.

From the basics of appropriate golf attire to the golf outfit features that allow you to perform better, here is what you need to know about dressing for golf. 

What is Golf Attire? 

As with most of the other sports, you may be tempted to wear a casual t-shirt and jeans for golfing. Wear classic clothing that provides comfort and flexibility. You should avoid loud patterns, restrictive clothing, and any sort of prominent advertising on your clothes. 

If you are a beginner, adopt the young man’s style on the course with classic colors. Opt for white, navy, grey or black. Tan and khaki are also a part of the neutral palette that would portray a subtle style. 

Suitable Clothing Material for Golf Attire

The material of your clothing should stretch naturally as you move. It will ensure optimal performance as you can take every swing with ease. Baggy clothes with fabric bulk must be avoided at all costs. 

Remember that the gist of golf clothes is to allow peak performance with no compromise on professionalism and decency. The attire instills a feeling of utmost classy as well as respect for the game, the golfer, and the club itself. 

Many staples from the men’s essential clothing, such as polos, straight pants, and trousers, can be paired together to give the clean cut golf outfits. Wear a baseball cap, golf gloves, and leather sneakers to complete the ensemble. 

What Do Golfers Customarily Wear?

The dressing of golfers is meant to be breathable and comfortable along with making a nice style statement. They wear neat trousers, polos, and baseball caps. Sometimes, they also wear shorts. 

If you are thinking about what to wear when golfing in the rainy weather, don a water resistant jacket and pants. Make sure the clothes are quick drying to let you play the game without hindrance. Choose clothing that would look neat and allow greater freedom of movement to swing the club comfortably. 

Men’s Golf Etiquette Guidelines

The golf player has to look sleek. This translates to a complete dismissal of graphic t-shirts, no offensive words printed on the clothes, no sports jerseys, and certainly no big banner advertising. Instead, a half sleeved collared shirt with slacks or chino shorts will keep you comfortable. A smart white t-shirt outfit would be a great example to wear when golfing in summer. Pair a white polo with khaki golf pants and round off the look with a brown belt, off white golf shoes, and a visor cap. 

Many clubs have a strict no-jeans rule. Flashy colors and cargo pants are also not allowed on the greens or inside the clubhouse. 

What Shirts to Wear Golfing

What Shirts to Wear Golfing

Polo shirts are undoubtedly the premium choice for golf players. They are a type of t-shirt categorized as smart casual due to their quarter zip or buttoned opening and a collar. You can also opt for button down dress shirts in cotton, mock neck shirts, or blade collar shirts. 

One of the most fundamental points of golf etiquette is to tuck your shirt in the shorts or pants you are wearing.  

What Pants to Wear Golfing

What Pants to Wear Golfing

It is up to you whether you want to opt for shorts or slacks. Either way, they must have belt loops, which means bottom wear with drawstrings should be avoided. For formal golf attire, pick slacks or chino shorts in neutral hues, such as beige, khaki, or grey. For a monochrome look, wear navy slacks with a navy blue polo shirt. 

Knickerbockers, commonly known as knickers, are a popular choice of pro golfers. They allow better freedom of movement as they are broader around the knees and end in a fitted style below the knee. Plus twos and plus fours are also sporting pants in similar styles that many golfers wear. 

What Jackets to Wear Golfing

What Jackets to Wear Golfing

An ace golfer knows the art of layering to stay comfortably warm on a cold day. Most jackets for the modern golfer are lightweight and waterproof, allowing you to play even during a spell of rain. Gore-Tex is a waterproofing fabric with a porous membrane between the fabric layers. Down filled quilted jackets are also popular among sportsmen. 

Apart from these, golf players may choose different styles of leather jackets, like a lightweight bomber or a quilted gilet. That is, if the golf club you are playing at; allows you to.

What Shoes to Wear Golfing?

What Shoes to Wear Golfing?

The appropriate pair of shoes will never let you feel discomfort, even during an 18-hole game. Soft spiked golf sneakers are your best bet. Make sure you don’t opt for metal spikes, as almost all golf clubs prohibit their use. Ideally, a golf shoe’s sole should be larger than the standard shoe. 

Nowadays, spikeless golf shoes are also quite the rage, providing optimal comfort to the players. Whatever the reason might be, don’t wear leather boots or trainers on a golf course. 

Golfing in Shorts

Golfing in Shorts

As stated earlier, shorts are an option for golfers, but not the Bermuda style shorts. For a clean cut look, wear shorts with belt loops.

Golf Outfit Accessories 

To stay on the golf field for long durations, you will be required to opt for accessories to shield you from the elements. It would help if you chose a headgear for shade, like a baseball cap or a visor cap. New players often opt for wide brim hats and bucket hats as well. Remember that it is an old tradition to take off the cap once you are inside the clubhouse. Another vital accessory while playing golf are the hand gloves. Wear one on the right hand if you play with the left hand, or vice versa. Sunglasses are also a great accessory to relax your eyes during the game or a personalized touch, some golfers may opt for alternatives such as custom jerseys, adding a unique flair to their on-course ensemble.

Golf Attire for Summer

Create classy casual outfits with light colored shirts in breathable fabrics. If you live in a warm and humid place, using technical material is the right thing to do to stay dry and cool. 

Golf Attire for the Cold Weather

Stay warm and cozy during the cold weather by layering your golf attire with a nice windbreaker jacket. You can also opt for a Harrington jacket over the polo or simply a fleece vest. 

Zip up sweaters and quilted golf jackets give a proper look to the outfit besides providing adequate warmth. Quilted jackets are brushed with fleece on the inside, which helps retain the heat in a better way. This quality makes them super lightweight and unrestrictive as well. 

Golf pants for winter also have the same fleece lining feature. To round off your winter golf attire, wear a ribbed beanie and golf gloves for additional warmth.


What to Wear Golfing if You Don’t Have Golf Clothes?

Wear a plain or microprint polo shirt tucked into long pants with a belt. On a cold day, adding a lightweight brown leather jacket would be an excellent option.  

What Outfits to Wear to a Golf Course?

A cotton; half sleeved collared shirt paired with trousers. Accessories like a belt, a baseball cap and golf gloves complete the golf outfit. More ideas mentioned above.

Do You Have to Wear a Collared Shirt for Golf?

Almost every golf club makes it mandatory to wear a collared shirt. The exceptions are quite rare, so it’s best to stick with collared shirts.

Can You Wear Golf Shoes Casually?

Yes, but if they are spikeless. You can comfortably wear shoes without spikes with your casual street style outfits. 


In order to perform in a better way on the golf course, it is necessary to dress the part. The entire concept of the proper attire explained above is that you can play around with the gentlemanly demeanor that the game is known for. The flexible material of golf clothing is supposed to help you move freely while staying comfortable, playing your best game yet.

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