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What Colors go with Red Clothes? Color Pairings that Make Red Stand Out

what colors go with red clothes

In the list of all colors, none can be as intense as red. The splendid hues of red are linked with boldness and a highly appealing style. While every fashion savvy woman loves to style red clothing with an absolute flair, creating a flawless combination with red is sometimes difficult. Set the ambiguity aside as we are here to advise what colors go with red clothes and how to rock each of these combinations.

The versatility of red clothing is unrivaled. Be it a stylish red leather blazer, or a royal red dress, there is always a vast room for styling these outfits. Red can be particularly challenging to pair with other colors due to its striking appearance. The use of layers, trendy accessories and fashionable footwear can elevate the look in no time. 

Colors that Complement Red

Red is known for its intense nature and dominance. While it is one of the most vibrant colors, people like to style their cute red outfits with neutrals to tone down the vibrancy. While black and white are the safer options to experiment with, one must not shy away from earthy and nude tones. 

One can never go wrong with the toned down colors paired with red, but it is highly recommended to try bold color combinations to bring out the upbeat side of yours through your outfit.

To create a vibrant look, take inspiration from trending street styles and fashion outlets that usually pair red with other rich colors. The sight being a treat to the eyes as the color combination with red ranges from blazing hot pink to neon yellow. Colors like burgundy, green and navy blue complement red very well.  This is far from the conventional color combinations we are used to seeing. 

Colors that Go with Red Clothes

Red outfits are a force to be reckoned with. The prevalence of fascinating red outfits demonstrates their popularity in all fashion eras. They can be easily paired with formal black pants to seal an interview look or an oversized red blazer to top off a dinner date. Due to their acceptance, it is not difficult to decide what colors match with red clothes. 

Neon blazers make a great combo with red clothes if you want to go all vivid. An easy trick to identify the colors that go with red is to use the triadic color scheme. Using this trick, you pick a primary dominant color and then select a complementary color right across the wheel. Since red is often associated with strong and powerful emotions, you can make your red clothing piece stand out in the outfit. 

Accessories with Red Clothes

Just when you thought you were done customizing red outfits to your liking, accessories come into play to amp up your look. The right blend of accessories adds appeal to your outfit, which is why it is so important to choose the right one. 

To avoid any hassle, it is best to stick to the neutral, metallic shades which work with all the hues of red. Since red can already be a vibrant sight at first, it is recommended to avoid edgy jewelry and footwear. For shoes, one can not turn a blind eye to the basic black, white, or neutral shades matching your complexion. 

The type of red dress determines the color of the accessories. If you opt for a basic red sweatshirt with denims, you can add an exciting touch by pairing it with a red beanie. On the other end of the scale is a formal red dress tailored for glam evenings. Clutch on a blush pink pochette and a pair of shiny ear studs for that minimalistic look. 

You might have observed the pattern of accessorizing now. Always opt for minimalist hues if the color of your outfit is already too outgoing. This trick works with every single look. 

Red Color Combination Clothes

We have curated a guide to some of the best color combinations with red. It is fun to ditch the basic black and white once in a while and opt for available trendy options. 

Yellow and Red Outfits

Color blocking is a technique often associated with using three primary colors in a single outfit. A yellow and red outfit is a bold choice to make, and here is a way that you can incorporate them to make a statement as you move.

Opt for a vermillion red sweatshirt fully tucked inside your straight yellow pants tailored to your liking. If the colors are too feisty for your taste, it is best to add neutral colored heels to tone down the vibrancy. Add a pair of sleek gold hoop earrings and a basic color crossbody bag to seal your casual brunch outfit. 

Edgy Red and Black Outfits

Did you think we could ditch this intense combo of red and black? Though some might label it as a repetitive combination of colors. But with the proper styling, you can pull off a stylish outfit in no time. 

Playing around with patterns is our favorite thing to do. The basic red and black plaid shackets are the new norm. It is effortlessly flattering, and one can easily pull it off with appropriate styling with black leather pants. A pair of black laced boots complement well with the overall vibes of this baddie outfit.

Red and White Clothes

Another neutral pairing is red and white. A classic combo. You can frequently use the classy combination of white and red to neutralize the overwhelming amount of red.

Wear this cute red outfit on lunch dates with your significant other. A mid-length printed red and white summer dress paired with nude heels is every girl’s dream. There is plenty of room to accentuate with cute jewelry and handbags. Either a pair of silver studs or trendy hoop earrings, both can add classy vibes to your outfit. 

Red and Brown Outfits

The aesthetics of brown and red clothes speaks volumes of your on-point fashion choice. A boss girl’s closet is filled with all such colors. However, one usually avoids bright red with brown tones. 

One of the most efficient ways to pair colors is to layer them! It is rather a bold choice to do so, which is why we don’t see this ensemble much. Pair a teddy brown coat with a fuzzy red overcoat for that boss look. Dark brown suede pants with leather boots are your way to go.

Red and Green Clothes

You might be thinking about how it is humanly possible to curate red and green outfits. For that, you need to identify what colors go with green clothes and add them to your red and green ensemble.

The rebel in you might want to ditch the basic black suit, but the shyness takes over. The power this ensemble holds is unmatched to any other. Put on a green oversized blazer and pants with a red shirt peeking slightly. Add a pair of red heels and a small pochette to top off the look. Tie up your hair in a sleek ponytail, and we bet people may mistake you for a celebrity.

Red and Pink Outfits

Probably the trendiest of all color combinations, pink and red outfits are Valentine specials. With such colors, you need to decide either to go all out or stay muted. This ensemble wants you to do the former. Opt for a hot pink skirt paired with a red blouse tucked in neatly. Put your hair in a messy bun and tie it with a cute bandana for that attractive look. Either a pair of pink heels or pumps can do wonders for your look. 

Cute Red Outfits

Red clothes are the epitome of passion and love. They can be curated in any form and accessorized differently. You can effortlessly pair a peppy red dress with a tie and dye scarves for that voguish look. When it comes to suits, red and pink suits portray cheekiness. Such outfits appeal to every eye when sealed with appropriate hairstyles such as beachy waves and buns. 


Does Red and Yellow Go Together?

Yes, if styled right! The eye pleasing combination resonates with a setting sun and can be easily worn on a warm summer day. 

Does Grey Look Good With Red?

Grey makes a very appealing combination with red and makes your red clothing piece stand out perfectly.

What Color Accessories Look Good With Red Clothes?

Black, Gold, Silver, and White accessories such as necklaces, scarves, handbags, and footwear suit red outfits the most.


To make sure your gorgeous red clothing pieces stand out, you need to ensure that you pair them with complementing staples and accessories. If finding the right colors to pair with red seem difficult to you, the guide above will be the perfect handbook to create varying eye pleasing looks. To sum up the article, bring out the charm of red with neutral hues as well as other vivid colors that looks good and goes well with your personal style.

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