Fashion Forward: Tennis Skirt Outfits for Women

tennis skirt outfits

The versatile tennis skirt can give you a variety of different looks. It is a feminine garment with a sporty touch, which is why women can often be spotted wearing it. Especially those who are athletic or athlete supporters. In this article, you will get some amazing tennis skirt outfit ideas to ace your athleisure or athletic style.

These short pleated skirts are feminine, originally worn by tennis players as they are very comfortable and allow free movement. Most of them have a shorts lining, which is why players have an easy range of mobility while wearing them. 

Is the Tennis Skirt Trend Back? 

While tennis players don these skirts while playing, they are not limited to the tennis courts. Tennis skirts are considered highly fashionable and can be used to create outfits for several types of aesthetics, like the grunge style, hipster style or the currently trending VSCO aesthetic. 

Ever since spring 2023 began, tennis skirts have taken social media by storm. Celebrities and influencers are flaunting these skirts in classic or contemporary ways. They are certainly back in style, and you may want to add a few basic ones to your wardrobe if your style is athleisure or sporty. Or anywhere in between.

What to Wear with a Tennis Skirt?

In terms of versatility, tennis skirts can be rated along with your classic jeans. Pair them with a variety of shirts and tops like button up shirts, polos or sweatshirts. Or make use of footwear like loafers, ballet flats, flip flops, sneakers or even boots for a look that you desire. They can be styled in multiple ways.

How to Style a Tennis Skirt in a Tomboyish Way

Tomboy style outfits have hints of masculinity. They are built using comfortable, often loose clothing essentials, which you can pick from the men’s section at a clothing store. Hoodies, sweatshirts, denim jackets, or your band tees are some of the tomboy style essentials. 

Regardless of the masculine inspired feel of the tomboy look, you can infuse girly staples in it for a fashion forward appearance.  Either pair feminine clothing in dark, muted colors like navy, grey, or black, or go for unisex accessories with your outfit like chunky silver neck chains or beanies. Make sure to round off the look on a nonchalant note.

You can add the following staples to your closet for tomboyish outfits. 

  • Baggy t-shirts
  • Loose button down shirts
  • Pullover hoodies
  • Striped t-shirts
  • Graphic band tees
  • Flannels
  • Tank tops
  • Oversized varsity jackets
  • Denim jackets
  • Sweater vests
  • V-neck cardigans
  • Biker jackets
  • Shackets

Some footwear options for your tennis skirt outfits are:

  • Converse sneakers
  • Chunky sneakers
  • Combat boots
  • Slip on vans
  • High tops
  • Loafers

Tomboy accessories to wear with your tennis skirts are:

  • Snapbacks
  • Bandanas
  • Unisex style sunglasses
  • Beanies
  • Backpacks
  • Suspenders

Tennis Skirt Outfit Ideas

Your tennis skirt collection should have at least three basic types. Consider going for a plain white tennis skirt, a black one, and a classic plaid pleated skirt. Here are a few tomboyish tennis skirt outfit suggestions for each of the types. 

White Tennis Skirt Outfits

A white tennis skirt will optimize your outfit building creativity. The color white will lend itself to all neutral colors. It will also give you the liberty while choosing footwear and accessories. 

White Tennis Skirt with a Tank Top and Denim Jacket

For an effortless tomboy look, team up a basic white tank top and a baggy denim jacket with a pleated white tennis skirt. This casual outfit makes sure you are comfortable, all the while giving the perfect cool girl vibes. Wear white slip on sneakers with this outfit. 

Grey Full Sleeved T-shirt with a Leather Blazer

If you are drifted toward comfortable dressing, the outfit is just for you. Pair a grey full sleeved t-shirt along with a white yoke tennis skirt and layer the outfit with a long white leather blazer. A snapback will add a well suited sporty touch to this ensemble besides making it a classy streetwear look.

The right choice of footwear with this outfit is black and white converse sneakers. 

Tennis Skirt with a Polo Shirt

That stylish navy blue polo shirt that you grabbed from the boys’ section will look perfect with a white a-line tennis skirt. This no-fuss pairing is the go-to ensemble for attending a daytime casual event. Match your sneakers with the shirt for a smart look.

Black Tennis Skirt Outfits

Let your style sense shine with black tennis skirts in different styles. You can go for a pleated leather skirt, black a-line skorts, or a stylish jersey skirt with a pleated hemline. Try the following ensembles with these skirts.

Black Tennis Skirt with an Oversized Sweatshirt

Team up a black a-line skirt with an oversized sweatshirt in white color. Wear black leggings and combat boots with this black and white look to give a tomboyish flavor to it. 

Tennis Skirt and a Plaid Shacket 

A simple black tennis skirt and a tube top can instantly turn into cool off duty ensemble if you layer it with a fall jacket, such as a red and black plaid shacket. Round off this look with converse sneakers and a black fanny pack. 

With a Varsity Jacket

Show the world your inclination toward men’s fashion by wearing an oversized red and white varsity jacket with a black tennis skirt and a white t-shirt. A pair of black suede high boots will add a casual chic feel to this outfit. 

Black Skirt, Grey Henley, and Black Biker Jacket

A black tennis skirt and a black biker jacket pair nicely together. Use a grey henley as a base for this outfit. Add black stockings, black high top sneakers, and silver neck chains to the mix for a true edgy style. 

Plaid Tennis Skirt Outfit

Plaid skirts in different colors look absolutely gorgeous. The epitome of tradition, plaid garments have been around for centuries, and still there is no sign of them going out of fashion. Tennis skirts in plaid patterns can be paired with several types of tops for a sensational look. 

Plaid Skirt with a Raglan T-shirt

A black sleeved raglan t-shirt is the perfect partner for a red and black plaid tennis skirt. This tomboyish style can further be dressed up using high heeled boots and a black shoulder bag. 

With a Cream Colored Cardigan

A chunky knit cardigan in cream color will look splendid when worn with a black and grey plaid tennis skirt. Tuck the cardigan inside the skirt for a neat look, and finish off this look with off white suede knee high boots and a brown beanie.

With a Full Sleeved T-shirt and Combat Boots

A full-sleeved black band t-shirt is a chic way to get dressed in a beige plaid skirt. You can get ready in this casual pairing in seconds and spend a few more in rounding it off with black slip on vans. But to elevate the style quotient, try knotting the t-shirt on the front and wear a black baseball cap.

Other Aesthetic Tennis Skirt Outfits

Need an additional dose for the tennis skirt style? Try one of the following fashion-forward looks.

With a Crewneck Top and Sweatshirt 

Opt for a loose neutral-colored t-shirt along with a beige tennis skirt and tie a grey sweatshirt around your waist for a tomboy style. Accessorize this look with black high-top sneakers and a visor cap for a sporty touch.

Collared Shirt, Sweater, and Tennis Skirt Combo

A white shirt worn under a black pullover sweater gives the perfect smart casual look with a grey yoke tennis skirt. Wear black lace-up boots with this ensemble. This combination is easy to put together yet extremely practical for the fall weather.  

Argyle Sweater Vest with Tennis Skirt

A traditional argyle sweater vest in grey and white color makes a nice pair with a grey tennis skirt. The color and print of the sweater vest portray a tomboyish look. 


Are tennis skirts in Style 2023?

Scroll down your social media handle’s feed, and you will spot a celebrity or a fashion influencer wearing a tennis skirt for sure. The trend has resurfaced recently due to the propensity of the tennis skirt of being suitable for several styles and aesthetics. Especially the white or black tennis skirts and plaid skirts are definitely going to dominate the women’s bottom wear this year. 

Are tennis skirts supposed to be short?

As seen on the playgrounds and tennis courts, pleated and yoke tennis skirts are mostly short, ending just on your upper thigh. However, a-line tennis skirts may be a bit longer, often reaching above your knees. 

Why do tennis players tuck their skirts?

To hold the second ball. Most tennis skirts worn by players have specially designed pockets in the shorts beneath them to secure the ball. Therefore, players find it easy to tuck the ball under the skirt for easy and quick access to it when required.  

How can you layer your look with a tennis skirt? 

Layering is a great way to rock the tennis skirt look with a flair. While you can wear lightweight shackets or flannels over your outfit for summer, there are multiple options for the fall/winter weather. You can layer a button-down shirt with a baggy sweater, or wear a blazer over your outfit for a polished look. 
You can also use denim jackets, bomber jackets, and corduroy jackets with your tennis skirt outfit. 

Can tennis skirts be worn off the court? 

Tennis skirt may get their name from the sport, but that shouldn’t stop you from wearing them off the court. These cute skirts look very classy and are a wardrobe mainstay for women who like to diversify their skirt collections.


Tennis skirts are gaining immense popularity, so adding one or a few more to your closet is the right thing to do to avoid the fear of missing out. It is necessary to pick up a style before creating a tennis skirt outfit, just like we laid down the basics of the tomboy style in this article. If the pairing is done right and the accessories are on point, the tennis skirt will upgrade your style while giving off a lasting impression. 

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