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Elevate your Summer Style by Pairing Sneakers with Dresses

sneakers to wear with dresses

Dresses are simple items that can make you look absolutely stunning, all on their own. Plus, the different shapes, colors, patterns and types of dresses keep your day-to-day style fresh. The only place any elevation to a dress outfit, in terms of style; comes from footwear. With accessories not too far behind.

Traditional heels, pumps and sandals have held that spot for a long time, and it is easy to see why. They fit right in with most dresses and complement their designs to the max. Things are changing, however, and sneakers are quickly becoming the default option for dresses.

Why wear Sneakers with Dresses?

As the sneaker trend continues to disrupt the dressy footwear hierarchy, the answer to this question becomes more and more important. That said, there is no single reason to wear sneakers with your dress. Instead, there are a lot of smaller factors fueling this trend. Here are a few of the most important ones.


The first reason is also the simplest; sneakers look gorgeous with dresses. Every dress design from midi to A-line takes advantage of the sneaker design and looks better as a result. Sneakers also come in a variety of vibrant and muted colors, so you have better odds of finding the ideal match for a particular dress. 

Another looks-related contribution of sneakers comes in the form of dress outfits with jackets. This ensemble looks okay with classic heels and pumps but gets elevated to magazine-worthy with the right pair of sneakers. Lastly, wearing sneakers with dresses is also a very modern trend, thus ideal for young women who want to dress their age.


You can wear the most empowering dress from your wardrobe, but uncomfortable footwear will drain that power quickly and leave you with zero energy. Sneakers, on the other hand, are super comfortable and keep you energized no matter what. 

The difference between the comfort of sneakers and classic dress heels is on the same level as sleeping on a very nice mattress vs. rough concrete – it’s not even close. The biggest reason behind this comfort is obviously the padding that keeps your feet happy even after long days of walking or standing.

Padding is also just one part of this comfort puzzle. Sneakers cover your feet completely, spreading the pressure and preventing any resulting issues that come with strapped footwear. They even block direct sunlight so you can enjoy the hottest days of summer without getting the insteps of your feet burned.


Wearing sneakers with a dress is just plain different from what women have been doing for decades. There has always been a search for something different for dresses than heels, and we have them, and they’re great. The best part about this new approach to women’s dress fashion is that there seem to be no apparent downsides. 

Sure, certain sneaker and dress combos might look a bit off, but that can be solved completely with a basic understanding of this style. In short, sneakers are the best chance to uplift a classic aspect of women’s fashion, and it’s not even difficult to implement.

Cute Outfits to Wear with Sneakers

Here are some of the best dress and sneaker outfits to give your journey a running start.

Classic White & Sundress

Classic White & Sundress

Sundresses are iconic in women’s smart casual dress codes and an essential part of every summer wardrobe. So, the ideal sneakers are classic white low-tops with laces. The neutral design of these sneakers prevents them from attracting any unnecessary attention while being interesting enough to not detract from the outfit. 

The best part about pairing white sneakers with sundresses is that the color and pattern of the dress become irrelevant. They will work just as well white and yellow dotted dress as they will with a white and pink floral sundress.

Matching Slip Dress

Matching Slip Dress

Slip dresses are the favorite of any woman who cherishes beauty in simplicity. These dresses are often a single color with minimal detailed elements and rely on their fitted shape to complete the stunning look. Pairing these with classic heels leads to an elegance unmatched by any other dress ensemble. 

However, pairing the same dress with a pair of matching low-top sneakers will bring out a new, more youthful side of the dress. The ideal option is to wear sneakers that have the same color as the dress, just in a darker shade. So, a light blue slip dress will be paired with navy blue sneakers, for example. Alternatively, just white can work great as well, just not as good as matching colors.

Blue Knit Dress & Cream Sneakers

Blue Knit Dress & Cream Sneakers

Bring out the vibrancy of a blue sleeveless knit dress by pairing it with cream low-top sneakers. The choice of cream is important here as it is the middle ground between white (a completely neutral color) and brown (the perfect match for blue). 

Just make sure that the dress is no longer than your knees, as it would look mismatched if it got too close to the sneakers. Also, striped burgundy dresses with brown and light blue additions can look just as gorgeous in this combo, if not more.

Dress and Sneakers in Winter

Dress and Sneakers in Winter

Dresses are mostly a summer, late spring and early fall item. However, certain dresses can be outfitted for winter as well, and what better choice of footwear for these winter dress outfits than sneakers? 

A great example of such an outfit will feature a gray turtleneck pencil dress that’s around thigh-high over a pair of warm black leggings. Black high-top denim sneakers will blend perfectly in this outfit and make it all look complete. You can also wear a fluffy winter coat over the dress if the knit dress alone isn’t warm enough.

Vibrancy Top to Bottom

Vibrancy Top to Bottom

The last dress and sneaker combo on our list throws subtlety out the window and displays the power of color in a striking fashion. All you need for this look is a colorful halter mini dress and an equally colorful pair of low-top tennis sneakers. 

You can choose any color combos you want; just make sure that the sneakers are either lighter or darker than the dress; never the same shade.


How to Wear A Dress with Sneakers?

No special preparation needed for sneakers with dress combinations. Just rock your favorite dress with a pair of white low-top sneakers to start this journey. 

Can You Wear Tennis Shoes with A Dress?

Yes, you can wear tennis shoes with a dress. The best pairing of white tennis shoes is with shorter dresses in solid pastel colors.

How to Wear High-Top Sneakers with Dresses?

One of the best matchups of high-top sneakers is with trench coat style dresses in shades of brown and tan.

How to Wear Running Shoes Fashionably?

The best way to integrate running shoes into your fashion arsenal is by wearing them under jeans, athleisure outfits, smart casual, and street style clothes. They’re also a near-perfect march for colorful jumpsuits with both solid colors and funky patterns.

Final Words

Dresses are a must-have of women’s fashion that has stayed the same for quite some time now. However, things are changing, and one of the biggest trends of dress fashion history is upon us, and that is to wear sneakers under your dresses. This combo might sound a bit odd on paper, but it will enhance the dresses in your wardrobe like no other footwear or accessory. 

The best part about this trend is that it does not require any special prep work. Just take a regular pencil, A-line, or baggy dress from your wardrobe, pair it with basic white low-top sneakers, and you’re ready to rock. Plus, we haven’t even mentioned the comfort aspects of wearing sneakers instead of classic heels.

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