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A Comprehensive Guide to Skater Skirt Outfits

skater skirt outfits

Skater skirt outfits have been a part of women’s fashion for quite a long time now. To say that skirts as a whole are a mainstay of modern women’s clothing would be an understatement.

However, there are many designs of skirts out there, and not all of them hold a similar position. Most of them are trend-based, or they fit some very specific scenarios. That said, there are a handful of skirt styles that provide fantastic outfits for day-to-day use, and skater skirts are among the top of them.

Skater skirts are loved for many reasons. But, their most significant attribute has to be their versatility. A single black skater skirt is capable of starring in a flamboyant party-worthy outfit as well as a weekend neutral outfit.

The best part about this versatility is that it isn’t hard to learn. All you need is a list of compatible items, a few proven skater skirt outfits, and some general skater skirt styling guidelines to get you started.

What to Wear with Skater Skirts?

A large part of styling a skirt is all about picking the right items to wear around it, and skater skirt fashion is no different. Here’s what you need.

Tops to Wear with Skater Skirts

Skater skirt outfits are mainly casual/elevated casual, and this lineup of tops reflects that. For starters, we have fabulous crop tops and scoop necks. Both of these are a near-perfect match for the skater skirt. Crop top skater skirt outfits, in particular, look amazing thanks to the fact that skater skirts are worn at waist level.

Scoop necks, on the other hand, serve as a contrasting element to the skirt with their form-fitting minimal design. This effect is even more pronounced with full-sleeved scoop necks and patterned skater skirts.

Then we have button-ups and sweatshirts. Flared white button-ups allow you to craft skater core outfits with a posh vibe in mind. They are also the perfect top for trying exciting accessories like hats. Sweatshirts, on the other hand, are the complete opposite of button-ups.

They are the ideal top for creating cute skater skirt outfits, especially when paired with tennis skirts. (Don’t worry about the skater skirt vs tennis skirt debate as according to many experts, tennis skirts are pleated skater skirts under another name.)

Shoes to Wear with Skater Skirts

Despite their relative simplicity, skater skirts are quite attention-grabbing. They bring the focus on your waist and down towards your legs. This, in turn, puts a lot of eyes on your footwear, so wearing the right shoes will have an effect on how your skater skirt outfit looks.

If you’re in a mood for comfort clothing, then boots or sneakers are the way to go. High-top leather boots are a great matchup for leather skirt outfits, while sneakers dominate almost everything.

The choice between the two also depends on the season. Summer skater skirt outfits, for example, look fantastic with low-top colorful sneakers, while winter skater skirt outfits are better suited for fluffy boots.

Meanwhile, if you care more about style than comfort, give sandals and t-strap heels a try. If heels are not up to your taste, then flats in similar styles will work just as well.

Tights to Wear with Skater Skirts

The large majority of skater skirt outfits do not involve any legwear. However, that is the default option, and you can wear opaque leggings under almost all of them. The most popular option here is black leggings due to their understated look. Integrating them under every outfit is a breeze, and they look just at home in every single one of them.

Plus, they are the perfect compromise for wearing mini skater skirts in winter. Another stunning combo for legwear is a skater skirt and fishnet tights with their sexy yet elegant vibe.

On the contrary, if you’re going for a badass urban look, then give leather leggings a try. It will take some time to find the right skater skirt and top for these tights, but the end result would be worth the effort.

How to Style A Skater Skirt?

The core skater skirt designs are available in hundreds of unique colors, patterns, and styles. So, listing examples for all skater skirts is not a viable option. What we can do instead is discuss the top outfits for the most popular skater skirts. You can then use these proven examples to understand what skater skirt fashion is all about and how you can use this knowledge to create ensembles that are unique to you. Take a look.

Outfits with Black Skater Skirt

Outfitting a black skater skirt is easier than anything else on this list. Almost every skater skirt compatible item will work with these, no matter its color, pattern, or style. For example, you can rock a black skater skirt with a pair of black leather boots, a black printed t-shirt, and a matching black leather jacket. On the other hand, the same black skater skirt can be paired with a blue button-up and red heels for a classy look.

Jeans Skater Skirt Outfits

Jeans skater skirts are the skirt version of jeans, at least as far as styling is concerned. So, you can repurpose most of your jeans outfits as jean skirt outfits. For example, you can go as simple as a white V-neck over a blue jeans skirt with black low-top sneakers and call it a day.

Conversely, pairing a jeans skater skirt with a spotted black and white flared top, brown leather boots, and a wide brim summer that will result in an outfit straight out the cover of a fashion magazine.

Another chic look you can try is the baddie jean skirt outfit with a navy blue jean skater skirt, maroon crop top, and black leather heels. Accessorize with a matching black leather handbag to complete the look.

Floral Skater Skirt Outfits

Floral skater skirts are quite eye-catching. Black skirts with red flower patterns, in particular, are the epitome of graceful glamor. However, because these floral skirts have such an attention-grabbing presence, the ideal tops for them are plain t-shirts, button-ups, and crop tops. Flared tops can also work with a certain pattern, but you will have to spend some time finding the right combinations.

White Skater Skirt Outfit

White skater skirt outfits’ aesthetics are the complete opposite of floral ones. Instead of gathering attention, the skirt here stays understated and supports the rest of the outfit. So, the trick here is to work alongside the modest nature of a white skater skirt and pair it with contrasty tops, shoes, and accessories.

However, contrasty does not mean vibrant, e.g. a charcoal turtleneck sweater is quite the contrast for a white skater skirt, but it can be understated on its own.

Maroon Skater Skirt Outfits

In women’s fashion, maroon tends to flip-flop between awesome and awkward. Thankfully, this color is far on the awesome side of things for skater skirts. In fact, maroon helps us craft some of the finest casual skater skirt outfits out there.

All you have to do is pair it with light-colored comfortable tops and dark sneakers. A light pink hoodie, for example, is the prime top for maroon skater skirts. If it’s winter time, then brown leather jackets are the layering option that looks the best or you can look up a few women’s guide to skater coats and take your style to the next level.

FAQs – Skater Skirt Outfits

What Is A Skater Skirt?

A skater skirt is a type of A-line skirt with some unique qualities. Its waistband sits exactly at the waist while the length can vary from thigh-high to the middle of calf muscles. Skater skirts are also flared in a way that they will make a full circle when laid on a flat surface. This also takes the air out of the A-line vs skater skirt debate since one is a part of the other’s domain. Besides, “what’s a skater skirt” is not the question you should be wondering about. Rather, focus on “how to style a skater skirt?” more. 

How to Wear Skater Skirts in Winter?

The key to wearing skater skirts in winter is layering, and the skirt will be one of the outermost layers on your legs. You can wear insulating leggings and fluffy winter boots under the skirt to keep your legs warm. Additionally, woolen sweaters, leather jackets, puffer jackets, and winter blazers are all amazing matches for skater skirts.

What is the best outfit for skating?

If we’re talking practical, the best skater outfits for women are almost the same as men with loose fitting pants and t-shirts. Jeans provide ample rash protection in case you fall – making it a great choice as well. Also read women’s guide to skater jackets and integrate them into your outfits during the colder days of the year.

Final Words

Skirts are an essential part of women’s fashion. You can skip on jeans, and some other type of trousers will fill in the gap. However, there is no direct replacement for skirts, and none of them exemplify this notion better than the skater skirt.

They might not look like much at first glance, but the unique cut of skater skirts is enough to breathe new life into your closet. Not to mention the plethora of jaw-dropping outfits, fantastic skater skirt outfits with beloved tops and shoes, and their ultimate contemporary aesthetic.

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