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Here’s How you can Wear Skirts in Winters

winter skirt outfit

When we talk about winters approaching and are not really sure about what to do and what to wear in the snow, there is such a big question mark. Yes, you do need an upgrade, but how about we skip the leggings and sweatpants and pick out something more different and stylish?   

What do you guys think about skirt outfits for winter? Yes, we know that sometimes in winters girls feel like dressing up, even if you are just running some daily errands. We read your minds, ladies, thus we are here with some cute winter skirt outfits. We have styled some of the chicest looks for you which you are going to love shopping for; there is no harm in adding a new clothing piece or two in your wardrobe, right?  

You can layer up, add different textures to your outfit and just completely experiment with what you wear. So, fasten your belts as in this article we are going to talk about how you can wear skirts in winter. 

Can You Wear Skirt Outfits for Winter?

Clothing should indeed be according to the season, like wearing thick scarves, fleece jackets, leather boots and sweatshirts. If you are a fashionista, know that you can surely wear winter skirts and dresses in winters, it is all about your styling. Choose a warm fabric if you plan on wearing skirts in winters, and design the outfit in a way that makes your look stylish but keeps you cozy at the same time.

Wearing Skirts in Winter – A Fashion Faux Pas? 

No, wearing skirts in winter is not a Fashion Faux Pas at all. You should know that fashion is all about what makes you look good. Also, if you are doing something out of the box then it makes you look bold and edgy and does not count as a fashion faux pas. However, if you pick out skirts made out of denim or some light summer wear skirts and then put a summer outfit together, then you surely are not doing the right thing. Pair outfits that make sense to you in terms of season and the event you are attending. 

How to Wear Skirts in Winter? 

Okay, so now all women know how winter skirts are really chic and give you an edgy look, but, how winter skirts. We are here with our style guide so you can know how to put up an outfit with skirts in winter. Let us go!

Formal Winter Skirt Outfit

Formal Winter Skirt Outfit

In winters you usually pick looks that are modern trendy corporate attire but you sometimes fail, because winters are all about covering and layering up, right? How about you pick out a winter skirt, and style it formally. Pick a long pleated skirt, tuck in a turtleneck and put on a statement belt to cinch your look together. Put on your best trench coat over your outfit, slide on some trendy leather boots and wear your sunglasses. There, you have a perfectly trendy formal skirt outfit for work.

Winter Midi Skirt

Winter Midi Skirt

Winter skirts for women include midi skirts too. If you are running daily errands on a cool winter morning and you feel like wearing a skirt, then a midi skirt is going to be a perfect choice. You can pair up a hoodie over a midi skirt and slide on your comfy trainers. Tie your hair in a high ponytail and wear a small satchel with your daily essentials. Here, you are good to go out. 

Winter Leather Skirt Outfit

Winter Leather Skirt Outfit

Leather outerwear is extremely alluring, and when it comes to leather skirts, they really complete an outfit and give you a desirable look. You can pick out a simple t-shirt with your leather skirt or go for a baggy hand-knitted sweater. With your leather skirt, leather boots are going to complement your entire look highly. Let your hair down, put on a red lip color, add studs to your ears. This look is edgy and perfect for night parties where you can stand out from the crowd.  

Skirt and Sweater Outfit Winter

Skirt and Sweater Outfit Winter

Some fancy parties and dates require classy looks, however, there is not a lot you can wear to such events. Don’t worry we can help you out. Take out your fancy long, fancy pencil skirt, pair it with a cropped sweater, and slide on your statement stilettos. Lastly, blow-dry your hair, tie it in a bun, pick up a matching clutch and add an infinity scarf to your neck. This entire outfit formation is going to say a lot about your advanced fashion sense. 

Winter Skirt And Leggings Outfit

Winter Skirt And Leggings Outfit

Winter skirts paired with leggings are a bold combination. For this look, you can go monochrome. Take out a grey or white winter mini skirt, and wear it over black leggings. Wear a simple t-shirt over your skirt and slide on a black denim jacket. From all the types of bags, choose the one that goes well with your look. Wear flat boots to tie your look together.   

Long Winter Skirts Outfit

Long Winter Skirts Outfit

Long skirts have their own charm thus you can even wear them in winter. If you have a long skirt in a winter fabric then you should know that you are going to feel cozy, and look fabulous at the same time. Tuck in a long sleeve t-shirt, or a v-necked sweater in your flared long skirt. If you are going to a semi-formal party, you can wear kitty heels with them. Add a cute necklace to your neck and add statement studs to your ears. If you are attending an event while the sun is out, you can always wear a cute hat to go with your outfit.  

Satin Skirt Outfit Winter

Satin Skirt Outfit Winter

Satin skirts tend to give you the grand look that you desire. If you are going out on a brunch date in winter, you can construct a tempting outfit with your satin skirt. You can pick a midi satin skirt, wear an off-shoulder sweater, which should hug you from the right places. Wear kitty heels with your outfit and accessorize a bit. Add multiple rings to your fingers, let your hair down in beach waves, and carry a clutch with it. Put on a nude lip color, wear your sunshades and you are ready for your date. 

Winter Skirts Outfit With Boots Or Without?

Winter skirt outfits with boots seem like a complete package, so yes, winter skirts with boots are an ultimate choice. Most people layer up a lot in winters, which does not give an appealing look and seems boring. However, we think that wearing the right material for specific weather is the key. 

As far as boots are concerned, they are trendy, give your clothing a modern touch, and keep you warm at the same time. Whether they be leather boots, suede boots, long boots, or short ones, they are already something that women adore and love to own, so there is nothing better than wearing boots with skirts. Also, boots give a very sleek look with skirts, thus cinching the whole attire together.  


Can you wear a skirt during winter?

Yes, we surely can wear skirts during winter. However, it is very important to wear a skirt with warm material. Pair your winter skirt with outerwear that keeps you warm and comfortable. 

How cold is too cold for a skirt?

It is never too cold to wear skirts. You can always pair skirts with tights, boots, turtlenecks, leather jackets, and whatnot. In short, you can pair skirts with any clothing piece to maintain your comfort and warmth.

How do you wear a spring skirt in the winter?

You can wear leggings underneath the spring skirt so that it keeps you warm in winter. That is the ultimate hack of wearing it in the cold. 

How do you wear leggings under a skirt?

While putting on your outfit, firstly put on the leggings and then slide your skirt over it. Suede and leather boots really compliment the leggings and skirt combo. For the rest of the attire, dress accordingly.

What can I wear instead of tights?

You can always wear leggings or pantyhose under your skirt, it depends on what you like. Or you can skip tights or leggings, and opt for long boots which come up till your thighs.


Now we are absolutely sure that you all know how you can wear skirts in winter. It is all about picking the right skirt according to winter and deciding the rest of the outerwear accordingly. Are you putting together an interview outfit? Are you thinking about what to wear to a party? Are you going out to run your daily errands? Well, if it is winter, then skirts are going to fit all events. Already planning to go to some event? Take out your winter skirt and use our style guide to dress yourself stylishly.  

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