How to Wear an Infinity Scarf?

how to wear an infinity scarf

Scarves serve as a staple accessory; that both men and women like to wear to elevate their look and add nuance to their outfits. This piece of clothing is crafted using different types of materials like silk, wool and cotton. You can find it in varied styles to meet multiple fashion needs. It is gender neutral and worn by men, women and children. In this article, learn how to put on an infinity scarf in varied styles. 

What Is An Infinity Scarf?

how to wear an infinity scarf

If you want to know how to wear an infinity scarf, you should also first know how to identify an infinity scarf and what makes it unique from other scarves. Firstly, it is the type of scarf that is sewn in a continuous loop. An infinity scarf forms a ring shape around the neck and can be styled in endless variations. It should ideally be 40 to 82 inches long. 

Ways to Wear an Infinity Scarf

There are several ways to tie infinity scarves. If you are trying infinity scarves, there are a few things to keep in mind. Whether they’ve looped scarves or simply oversized infinity scarves, you can wear them to add a new dimension and personality to your outfit. You can go for a single loop, shawl look, double or triple loop, belted scarf, twisted lock, over the head or do an infinity loop knot. 

Single, Double & Triple Loop(s) 

how to wear an infinity scarf

If you want to go for a look that is simple but classic, it’s this one. All you have to do is wear them in basic loops around your neck. You can have a single, double or triple loop. Make sure it’s fluffy and styled aesthetically. If you’re going for a double loop, keep one loop smaller than the other. 

Shawl Look

how to wear an infinity scarf

By managing the length of the infinity scarf, you can extend it over the shoulders to give it a shawl look. This one is especially graceful during winters. 

Infinity Loop Knot

how to wear an infinity scarf

Once you’ve mastered the double loop scarf look, you can take another leap and go for the infinity loop knot. Hence, keep the first loop smaller, and when you go for the second loop around the neck tie it into a knot from the front. This is edgy and adds charm and personality to your outfit. 

Belted Scarf

how to wear an infinity scarf

Repurpose the scarf and use it as a belt hooked to your belt. 


how to wear an infinity scarf

Be a little quirky and twist the infinity scarf around your neck. Add as many loops as you like or simply wear it over your shoulders without any loops. What you should be aware of when twisting the infinity scarf is keeping the rest of the outfit plain; especially the top you wear, it must be basic and without any prints or designs. 


how to wear an infinity scarf

Women can pull off this look and look effortlessly chic. Drape the infinity scarf over your shoulders and then take some material and put it on your head as a covering. 

Scarfs of the Season

how to wear an infinity scarf

Scarfs can be worn throughout the year; the purpose varies, of course. In summers, men and women adorn scarves as an accessory. In winters, the intention is to add layers like a leather jacket and use them as a protective shield against harsh winds. There are scarves apart from infinity scarves so let’s take a brief overview. 

Regular scarf

A regular scarf is exactly what it sounds like. You can simply drape a scarf over your shoulders and let it loose. It will keep you warm and protect your neck from cold winds. 


Snoods can be used interchangeably with infinity scarves. You can wrap it around your neck and use it as a shield on your head like a hood. This scarf, however, is made from a material that is thicker and made from wool. They are best worn in winters as the material stops the heat from escaping through your head. 


This scarf is technically a big shawl that is extremely versatile. You can use it to cover your shoulders or simply wrap it around your arms. Of course, it’s best for winters. Pashmina is simply a material that is great for a breezy winter. 

Scarfs as a Finishing Touch

how to wear an infinity scarf

As mentioned before, scarves are usually used as an accessory. This piece of clothing is perfect when used as a finishing touch; to bring the whole look together. How does an infinity scarf come into the picture? If you ever feel that your outfit is dull or uninteresting, you can simply take an infinity scarf and wrap in as many loops as you like. 

Keep in mind that the rest of the outfit should be subtle and the top should color coordinate with the scarf. If you go for a scarf that is the same color as the shirt, it might not look as nice as you’d like. 

Outfit Ideas with an Infinity Scarf

Wondering what to wear with an infinity scarf and how? Take inspiration from the outfit ideas below!


how to wear an infinity scarf

Wear a long oversize shirt in grey with black jeans. Add the first layer of a black peacoat; don’t close the front buttons and let it go loose. Wear ankle boots and add a red infinity scarf in a loop style. If you’re going somewhere, it’s best to carry a leather bag in brown.  


how to wear an infinity scarf

Go for a simple yet stylish look by wearing an infinity scarf with a womens leather jackets. Choose a t-shirt in an industrial shade like grey, choose skinny black jeans and the fall leather jacket in the same color. Add nuances and bring the whole look together by wearing a green-colored infinity scarf and a brown leather belt. 

Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing an Infinity Scarf 

how to wear an infinity scarf
  • Don’t overcomplicate the styling
  • Always opt for a color that is the opposite of the top you wear. 
  • The idea is to uplift the rest of the outfit; keep the overall outfit subtle and minimalistic.
  • The infinity scarves should be fluffy and loosely wrapped around your shoulders/neck. 


Do you twist an infinity scarf?

Yes, you can easily twist an infinity scarf. Other ways you can style is via loops, belts, hoods, etc. 

How long should an infinity scarf be?

Typically an infinity scarf should be 40 to 82 inches long.

How do you wear a Mobius scarf?

It is a type of infinity scarf that is basically knitted and styled in continuous loops. Half twist the scarf and wear it as ring-shaped loops


Thus, it can be said that infinity scarves are extremely versatile and can be worn in a variety of ways. You can adorn it in any season and carry it off effortlessly with any type of outfit. It looks great with trench coats, leather jackets, collared shirts, t-shirts, etc. This gender-neutral garment is a style staple and a great accessory. 

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