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Outfit Trend: How To Wear A Collared Shirt Under A Sweatshirt

collared shirt under sweatshirt

Some fashion trends are absolute classics. In this blog post, we will be focusing on one such combo, which you can rock in multiple ways. Learn how to wear a collared shirt under a sweatshirt, to gracefully bundle up in the cold weather.   

The fashion of wearing a sweatshirt over a collared shirt originated many decades ago. However, it is back with a bang and even better than before. Fashion evolution has given us new styles of shirts, sweatshirts and bottoms. Pairing them differently each time gives you fresh looking outfits. 

Let’s dig deeper into this unbeatable trend and find out the different ways to nail this outfit combination.

Layered Shirt Aesthetic

As the temperatures begin to drop, we look for different ways to add lightweight layers to basic outfits. Wearing long-sleeved t-shirts is a trend from the 90s which gives a chic, casual appearance. But layering a knitwear piece over your collared shirts is the perfect way to look sleek and put together. 

The question that preppy style admirers often ask is “Can you wear a crew neck sweater with a collared shirt?” 

The simple answer to this question is that there can be many different ways to nail this elegant looking combo. You need to choose the type of shirt you are wearing and pick a sweatshirt that will elevate the look. Your shirts can be casual collared shirts, like plaid, chambray, and denim shirts.

Or, you can go for formal or semi-formal shirts in solid colors or different patterns. Whichever types of both clothing items you pair, the dress shirt under sweater look is an excellent way to layer up while looking put together. 

You have many choices for pairing bottom wear with collared shirt sweatshirt outfits. For normcore looks, go with simple black jeans. Or, choose leggings in solid colors, printed flare pants, and various types of jeans and skirts to create your ensemble. You can also opt for an edgier style with faux leather leggings.  

How to Wear a Collared Shirt Under a Sweatshirt?

Donning a shirt with the collar and cuffs folded out over the sweatshirt is the standard style, with the shirt hems tucked inside or outside for a laid-back look. The folded cuffs and collar give coherence to the outfit, resulting in a refined look. You can also leave the shirt hem visible below the sweatshirt, especially if it is a long shirt.  

Another way is to choose a flat collar shirt and wear it under a turtleneck for beatnik-style looks. This will leave only the cuffs and the hem visible for a different look.

Outfits with Collared Shirts

Knowing how to wear a collar shirt with sweater will let you create various iterations of this combo. Besides the casual and formal button-down, you can opt for polo shirts beneath the sweatshirt. Different ways of pulling off the collared shirt under sweatshirt aesthetic will give you various casual and smart-casual looks. Dress shirts and properly fitted sweatshirts give business casual outfits perfect to wear to an interview

While wearing this combo, you can keep the collar of the dress shirt under sweater in or out according to the occasion. A tucked in collar with a round neck sweater looks neat and professional. You can also keep the collar of the shirt in if wearing it under a half zipped sweater. When kept out, the collar of the shirt over your sweater gives a very stylish and feminine look. 

Here are several ways to build cute collared shirt outfits with different types of sweatshirts. 

Crew Neck with Collared Shirt

Embrace the preppy style with splendid crew neck sweatshirts layered over collared shirts. Chambray shirts are perfect for a classic style that oozes elegance. Wear a coffee-colored cashmere sweatshirt over your chambray shirt. For a neutral look, wear it with off-white slim-fit jeans. Choose denim slip-on sneakers to complete this look.

Create a gorgeous black and white outfit with a white polo shirt and a black cable knit crew neck sweatshirt. Wear this combo over white jeans and round off with a black handbag. The footwear choice for this ensemble can be black loafers. 

V-neck Sweatshirt Over Collared Shirt

The true essence of preppy style is best portrayed with a V-neck sweatshirt over a button-down. If you are still new to the idea of how to style collared shirts with v-neck sweaters, try it the following way. Wear an argyle V-neck sweatshirt over a navy blue button-down shirt. To add feminine vibes to the outfit, go with a black tennis skirt. Complete this look with a black crossbody bag and black Mary Janes. 

When the weather calls for some additional layering, a single-breasted trench coat would be the right option for this look.

Go with an off-white button-down shirt under a green V-neck sweatshirt and wear it with black slim-fit jeans. Leave the shirt hem extended below the sweater. This stunning outfit can be elevated with green and white polka dot ballet flats. 

Classy Button Up Under Sweatshirt Outfits

Any button-down shirt in your wardrobe, whether it is casual or semi-formal, can be a great foundation piece for a graceful sweatshirt over shirt outfit. Our suggestion below for a holiday-inspired look with a dress shirt under sweater is a must-try. 

Opt for a red and green plaid shirt along with a red twisted knit sweatshirt. Wear blue slim-fit jeans and brown cowboy leather boots with this outfit. A tan leather tote bag will go perfectly with this look.

You can also try wearing a striped button-down with a black ribbed sweatshirt. A leather pencil skirt will be the right choice for this ensemble. Black and white converse shoes and a black shoulder bag will complement this model inspired look

White Button Up Under Sweatshirt

If you are a woman with a flair for fashion, the chances are that you have more than one type of white button-down shirt hanging in your wardrobe.

A white pintuck shirt with a light blue cable knit sweatshirt is your go-to combo for a refined yet cozy look. For an elegant touch, wear it over a black midi skirt. Add black kitten heel sandals and some delicate jewelry to the mix. 

Adopt a relaxed approach towards the collared shirt aesthetic with an off-white button-down, a brown cropped sweatshirt, and baggy blue jeans. This trendy attire can be rounded off with minimalist white sneakers.

Hoodie and Dress Shirt Outfit

Are you ready to experiment wearing a button up shirt under hoodie? We can not let go of our beloved hoodies even in this style. Combining a hooded sweatshirt with a dress shirt may sound clashing, but it is perfect for breezier days. 

Try wearing a red plaid hooded sweatshirt over shirt in a light grey color. A black leather pencil skirt will accompany this outfit nicely. Adorn your feet with black leather heeled sandals.

These days, an outfit that is ruling the fashion scene is a baggy hooded sweatshirt over a collared blouse and a mini plaid skirt. Wear knee-high boots with this pairing to finish the look on a stylish note.

Sweater Vest Over Collared Shirt

The trend of sweater vests is huge these days. There are plenty of styles to choose from, and you can wear these over anything. From dresses to tops and shirts of different kinds. You can learn how to wear collared shirts with sweater vests in a variety of styles. For instance, a sweater vest with any skirt style or jeans alone is a ravishing combination.

The advantage of a sweater vest worn over a collared shirt is that the sleeves of the shirt are visible. This gives you the freedom to go with different sleeve styles. For instance, a pink bishop-sleeved shirt under a gray sweater vest will be a classic feminine outfit.  Wear gray bootcut jeans to ensure a coherent look. 

Try the combo of a black and white houndstooth vest over a blue dress shirt. Keep the shirt collar over sweater for a snazzy look. Opt for black faux leather leggings and houndstooth patterned mules with this outfit to ooze out the charm. Dangling black earrings and a matching mini tote bag will be the right accessories for this look. 

Dress Shirt Under Sweatshirt

Use your comfy sweatshirts to create uber stylish looks by wearing them over dress shirts. A cute outfit idea is to pair a pastel colored sweatshirt with a navy blue dress shirt and flare pants in a yellow or blue floral print. Round off the ensemble with navy blue or contrasting leather heeled sandals. 

Or, show your fashion sense with a baggy black sweatshirt over a pink chambray dress shirt. For a captivating look, go for a black lace midi skirt. Add a hint of class with a pink and silver statement necklace and black platform heels. 

How to Style Collared Shirts with a Cardigan?

If you are wondering how to wear a collared shirt with a cardigan, you can do so effortlessly. Not just pull over sweaters and sweatshirts, you can create stylish cardigan outfits with collared shirts.

If you want a comfortable look, go for a beige fisherman knit cardigan over a green dress shirt. Blue ankle length jeans will look nice with this combo, as the hems of your green shirt will complement it. Complete the outfit with beige flat sandals.

Another idea is to team up a black cardigan, a white dress shirt, and a brown buttoned mini skirt. The outfit exudes preppy vibes without fail. Finish it off with brown cowboy boots. 

FAQs – Collared Shirt Under Sweatshirt

How to style a blue sweater with a collar?

Collared sweaters are great pieces for your fall and winter wardrobe. If you have got a blue collared sweater, wear it over a beige shirt and black faux leather pants for a glamorous look. Or, simply wear it with a floral white and blue maxi skirt. 

How to style an oversized sweatshirt with a collar?

An oversized sweatshirt with a collar looks great when partially tucked in slim fit jeans or pencil skirts. You can also wear the oversized sweatshirt in one shoulder or style over a tank top and mom jeans. 

Are you supposed to wear a shirt under a sweatshirt?

Fashion choices with sweatshirts are unlimited. Among them is wearing a collared shirt under sweatshirt. This leaves the collars of the shirt and occasionally its cuffs and hem visible, which gives a stylish layered look.

Can you wear a polo shirt with a v neck sweater?

Back in the day, when preppy style was all the rage, girls used to wear polo shirts under V-neck sweaters. The trend is back now and gives a sophisticated, vintage inspired look. 


Our collared shirt and sweatshirt outfits suggestions will inspire you to recreate this preppy style for the fall and winter. You can unleash your creativity by going for other unique combos of shirt and sweater as well. If wearing the shirt under sweater is not enough and extra warmth is needed, you can also use a variety of coats, leather jackets and blazers over these outfits.

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